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I recently had the honor and pleasure to speak with an exceptional woman of accomplishment, Ms. C.L. Sweatt, who wears a multitude of hats which include being a Freelance Writer, the owner of Sweatt House Publishing, Military Frontline Analyst and a Disaster Frontline Supervisor.

This conversation not only spoke of her various positions that she’s held in her professional career, but also of the human experiences and her methods of motivation to be empowered to accomplish what she has in a very short time.

C.L. Sweat Graphic

Contact information for Ms. C.L. Sweatt:

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/c-l-sweatt/47/272/1

Twitter: http://twitter.com/MCS_1Stop

Company Website: http://www.mcs-universal.biz/

RSS Feed: http://www.examiner.com/foreign-affairs-in-chicago/constance-anderson-sweatt

Personal Website: http://www.clsweatt.com/

The BlogTalk Radio Show Link: A Conversation With C.L. Sweatt

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