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There are conversations, and there are CONVERSATIONS!

Here is a gem of a verbal mind and spirit exchange between two individuals who are divinely attuned to a higher frequency and had no qualms on expressing their deepest thoughts and abstract concepts for the world to hear!

It is with great pleasure that I introduce my dear friend Brother Itamis to the unique corner of cyberspace that I’ve occupied for quite a number of years now.

I’ve come across many individuals who’ve brought many wonderful attributes to the web but Brother Itamis by far is one who lacks not in any of the categories of wisdom, experience, education, personality and engagement.

He is a pleasure to speak with at anytime on any topic and to simply exchange with him is a guaranteed journey into the inner universe that we all possess as he always leaves you feeling refreshed and motivated to tackle any challenge in your path.

This conversation was held in the wee hours of the morning and although the pull of fatigue was felt by the both of us after a time, it was hard for us to let this exchange go because of the edifying qualities that were sowed as we went along.

This blending of energies will most definitely continue as this cannot be the only time that we share such a wonderful chat with the people who are deep and perceptive enough to understand it.

Please leave your personal thoughts and perspectives in the comment area below and let us continue the conversation until next time.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,




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