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Yes! Fox News is in FULL EFFECT in the Black Community as those who possess that self hating gene of coons suck from the words of Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity like believers do in the name of Jesus Christ Himself!

You have to understand that this this called Coon has been with us in the Black Holocaust ever since the last ounce of Black Pride was beat out of that first slave that submitted to absorbing that poisonous indoctrination into the deepest recesses of his spirit.

It lingers on today in a ghost-like fashion hard to detect because those who are the modern day Uncle Toms pride themselves on infiltrating movements to destroy them for those who they deem their omnipotent superiors!

These knee-grows are very dangerous people indeed because when they detect ANY gathering of positivity for the advancement of our people in the midst of oppression, they will quickly spring into action to stop it by their poisonous words of doubt and divisiveness much to the delight of their modern day plantation owner.

So be very careful to whom you speak to because that covert coon might be that one who is the closest to you just WAITING for the perfect opportune time to show their true self hating colors!

You have been warned!

Coons Graphic

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