Corporate Servitude Will Never Encourage A Free Independent Spirit To Achieve!

It simply amazes me how defeated some of the most intelligent people I know can act when it comes to having the belief in themselves to forge forward with a dream that they claim to truly possess.

Well allow me to correct the prior paragraph and remove the word intelligent and replace it with the word educated/indoctrinated.

So many of our potentially brilliant minds are arrested and rendered impotent with doubts and the fear that they cannot achieve anything of substance on their own independently of their corporate slave masters and that is truly sad indeed.

I’ve actually had individuals that have a closer proximity to me in life than most attempt to convince me that I could not achieve on my own what I had in my heart to manifest because I was Simply too old to get a mortgage and that no bank would loan me the money that I needed to bring to fruition what I already built in my mind for so long.

I couldnt believe how they tried so hard to defeat my relentless drive to move about the earth like them to being just another cookie cutter example of mediocrity that was fucked hard in the ass by the powers that be and tossed to the side like a used snot rag after anointing every available dry spot with thick green mucus!

Harsh words indeed but truer words have never been spoken.

His words spoken to me in such a poisoned manner with the intent of altering my intended trajectory of success – to become another middle aged has been whose only bright spot in life was to wash his pain away with a never ending barrage of booze and porn – let me know that it was definitely time to do some major house cleaning before executing my máster plan.

But how could I really be surprised when I really took the time to think about how they were raised to be a subservient Negro who wouldn’t ever daré to think out of the corporate box or even acknowledge that there was a world that even existed outside of the box?

So I guess that my enthusiasm was a revelation (And eye opener!) to him that the life that he has lived was a lie and that he really did sell himself short by giving his all to a system that had probably at most given him 13 cents on the dollar for dropping blood for the cause of another who couldn’t care less if his dreams came true or not.

The biggest lie that the corporate entities convince their employees to believe wholeheartedly is that there is absolutely no value in their individuality and special abilities.

They make their puppets believe that they need them to survive as they will never achieve success in the world unless they trade their unique traits in for the universal cookie cutter look that everyone else has in the organization.

These corporate leeches of the soul succeed in taking away the seeds of independent ambition that God has placed in every man and woman to navigate to the highest level of an exhilarating life.

So it makes sense that they – who have been gutted like a freshly caught fish who is being prepared for the frying pan of a life of mediocrity – would attempt to quell the ambition in in you that would force him to see how much of a coward he has been to give up the connection to the divine that makes this life a thrilling ride of unexpected victories and new plateaus of achievement.

Don’t believe their lies because My God has placed within you and I the abilities to singlehandedly move mountains if we only stay connected to Him and not put our trust in a system that sets itself up to appear to be a substitute god besides God.

So I’m using my life as an example at this very moment and utilizing the divine principles put forth in scripture to move into a level of financial independence that no mere company could offer me as I have signed the dotted line in their tentative conditional offers of employment so many countless times in the past.

So the trickle down theory of corporately generated fear is a concept that truly works to cause an individual to never move forward beyond the dictates of the desires of a company as a whole to develop into what God intended for them to be.

So when I look outside of my front window to see the  view of the beautiful lake that I would have never enjoyed had I listened to those who told me that I should never move to Florida, I just laugh and wonder what that same fear has done for them except to keep them stuck in their stagnant and depressing reality.

If I thought like them, where would I be now?

So when I wake up to a gourmet breakfast every morning – personally prepared by my exclusive cook of a Wife – I ask myself were would I have been if had allowed the discouraging words of an unequally yolked ex-wife keep me in an abusive relationship that would have caused me to either lose my sanity or freedom when a new reality of peace, tranquility and Heaven on earth awaited me as a reward for having the courage to let go!

If I listened to her, where would I be now?

So when I can take my Wife shopping to bring a smile on her face by purchasing her another handbag just because, it makes me think back to those who told me that I would never recuperate from the rough financial former period of dissolved matrimonial transition.

I surely wouldn’t be living the life that I have now if I had listened to them and embraced a defeated and compromised existence.

So boldly dare to dream and brazenly fly high like the birds of the air who haven’t a clue where their next meal is coming from but instinctively know and trust in the righteous order that will always take care of them without worry or grief.

Never allow any seductive corporate tongue to short circuit the spiritual connection to your higher power to render you useless in manifesting your own purpose in life to leave you like a used lifeless husk after draining you of the life force that belongs only to you.

There are enough people that look back on their lives with a strong sense of regret who have subscribed to the negativity that has left their world as a damnable tangled ball confusión and broken dreams.

Clear these entities out of your life if you ever want to reach your goals because their toxicity that will most likely rub off on you will spoil any chance of receiving what God has for you in abundance.

Always emember that the defeated well trained corporate puppets will never inspire you to live independant of the plantation of oppressed mediocrity.

…….it’s their job to force the round peg that you are into the square hole of their uncompromising system.

It’s up to you to see how much valuable you are on the open market to yourself than to sell yourself short for the retirement check that still wouldn’t be enough to sustain your lifestyle as it is now.

Life is meant to be lived and not traded off for a 401K of a pyramid scheme that could bever bring you everlasting joy!

Motivate independently and let the happiness flow through!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Totally Free Brother,



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