Could Professor Dr. Ersula Ore Have Handled The Aryanzona State University Police Incident Any Differently?

Initially when I first saw the dash cam video of Professor Ersula Ore being abducted by the Police it didn’t hit me as hard as it did in each subsequent viewing afterward.

I have mixed feelings and even though many have stated in the
various blog message boards how out of line this incident was from a law enforcement point of view, it really could have been handled a lot differently by Professor Ore in a manner that would have prevented it from escalating to the point in which it did.

While you probably already know about this unfortunate incident, allow me to explain it briefly for those who don’t.

Professor Dr. Ersula Ore was walking alongside the road after leaving the sidewalk because of an obstruction that was there I believe because of aome construction that was ongoing in that particular area. As she walked along on the side of the road, a police vehicle nearly hit her as they were on their way to investigate a disabled vehicle call but stopped to ask her for I.D. after the near collision.

She claims that the officer that requested the identification spoke to her in a very disrespectful manner and continually asked him why he did but never made any attempt to produce the I.D. requested.

They officer explained why he was asking for her her I.D. but she didn’t comply with his simple request which gave him the option of taking the situation to the next level.

The video will show the officer slamming her down to the ground in a confrontation that I feel could have been avoided if both sides made an attempt to handle it differently.

You see, we know that every cop is not a bad cop who is hellbent on killing every Black person that crosses their path, but the sad fact is that too many Police Officers aré a walking racist timebomb and will use their power to alter the lives of as many Blacks as they can by getting them unnecessarily caught up in the system.

Knowing this fact, everytime a Black person is stopped by the Police in America we should already know that it’s like playing Russian Roulette and eventually the probability of encountering a rogue cop increases with every initial contact.

So in essence we need to give them absolutely no reason for them to do what they want to do with us in an unlawful manner.

If a Police Officer simply asks for some identification, give it to them.

They can be dealt with when it comes to any disrespectful communication at a later time but give them no reason to take things higher up on the force matrix.

With so many covert White Supremacy hate groups flooding the land with strong traditional ties and connections to law enforcement, I’m surprised that even more of these very common incidents are not blowing up in the media and exposed on the internet platforms.

This is definitely an everyday occurrence in America and it is bo secret that we as Black people are filling the prisons in numbers disproportionate to our population percentage in the nation.

On the other hand would this aggressive officer have treated the situation in the same manner If Professor Dr. Ersula Ore was a White woman?

Or even let me ask would most of the confrontations between Black people and law enforcement escalate. as fast as they do If it involved a White person in the same situation?

So do not think that I’m taking sides here, just understand that I believe both sides aré responsible for handling things in a way that could have helped to avoid any escalation.

Was it all a matter of perception in the beginning from Dr. Ore?

I mean, did she feel that because she was a Professor at the University that it somehow isolated her from being treated like “just any other Black person” because her title exempted and exalted her from such treatment?

While I do not know Dr. Ore personally and only heard great things about her, did she have a privileged mentality that she somehow earned a higher status in this plantation called America?

I’m simply asking questions that many are too timid to verbalize.

We know that the State of Arizona has a terrible track record when it comes to how they deal with Black people there in the agencies and it is no secret that nothing has gotten any better.

The various media outlets had no other choice but to focus on this story because it was already gaining sream in cyberspace, but then again so many other stories break on the internet yet don’t even get as much as a mention with such notable media giants such as CNN or Headline News etc.

In my humble opinion, I do believe that there aré many agendas pushed onto the collective psyche of the world and one of them is to degrade the sanctity of Black womanhood to where it is given no respect whatsoever.

…….and it’s not as though they get a ton of respect at the present time either!

Viewing this incident with Dr. Ore, although tragic, is no different in its effects on our minds than these Reality TV programs where Black women are willingly showcased only to act so foolishly regardless as to the accomplishments that they have so proudly achieved.

On one hand, the producers of these shows let it be known that the women showcased are very accomplished in their resoective fields but on the other hand take great pleasure in showing them acting like a common uneducated undignified street hoochie who has no sense or pride about herself.

While I am not equating Dr. Ore in such a manner, the fact that she didn’t produce her I.D. at the request of the Police Officer only reinforced the opinions of many whose only intimate contact with Black people is through the television programs that portray Black women as unruly even if they possess an education or are even a Professor.

…….do you see where I’m going with this?

While the exposure of this incident to the world is a goid thing to raise awareness to a common happening, I’m also looking at the collective effects that it has on the mind of the world when you observe what else is out there in the media about us to influence how others see us.

It’s almost like witnessing a man smoke a cigarette while pumping gas at the local filling station and not understanding the danger of indulging in such a simple innocent act because you haven’t put two and two together on how dangerous it is to have an open flame near such large quantities of fuel.

The bottom line is that when dealing with the unknown factors of a man’s heart who happens to be in uniform, we need to disarm them righteously by not giving them a reason to escalate a routine situation like many of the wayward desire to do and strike appropriately in a legal manner that will require lots of control to execute.

So could you imagine If the dash cam wasn’t there to record the audio and video of this incident?

And you best believe that something more would have happened If the dash cam wasn’t there especially after Dr. Ore kicked the officer.

But he was well aware that it was being recorded and it probably helped to halt him from getting even more physical with her than he already had.

This was definitely a teachable moment for all involved and I do hope that this situation heals itself and results in the charges being dropped against Professor Ore.

Do share your comments and opinions below as I would love to hear them!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,



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