Covert Government Sponsored Surveillance: A Former Insider Speaks Out! – The LanceScurv Show

“Covert Government Sponsored Surveillance”– this may sound to most like a line straight out of the blockbuster movie “Men In Black”, but in fact this is a blood curdling reality for an unseen majority of people who go unnoticed by a distracted world who don’t realize that privacy is a thing of a far and distant past.

Most who are existing under the umbrella of the happily distracted will even tell anyone within earshot that this type of concept is only a thing that thrives in the imaginations of those Hollywood creators who have the ability to make a fantasy appear real on the screen.

To them, anything else is pure quackery.

But this is exactly what those covert powers that be want the masses to think as they would believe that what’s in a movie is all fantasy not knowing that Hollywood works together with the government to season the minds of the people to not even question what is truly going on behind the closed doors government and THEIR shadow leaders.

Most who know anything concrete about the dirty dealings of our elected so called leaders are so fearful of these governmental Luciferian entities that they for the most part refuse to speak on them to reveal the truth.

They have been severely brainwashed and fear satan more than they trust and love in God’s promise over their lives if they would simply turn away from that world totally.

Others are so caught up in the “gifts” and the “status” that they’ve sold their souls out to that they simply cannot see that there is another more fulfilling way to live and will go all out against anyone who tries to put any common sense in their heads because they are so sold out to their basic lower desires.

So we have to truly thank our guest Carisa for stepping up to the plate to describe the worlds within our world in a manner that will illustrate how deep it runs while in hidden in plain sight.

This will be the first of many conversations detailing the inner workings of shadow government that is closely connected to practicing satanists who feel that all of those in their bloodline must remain in control of the wealth, power and control in a world that appears hellbent on giving them what they want.

Remember, agents, informants, snitches, fallen angels, the CIA or whatever group, agency or entity is watching you, know that they could be that ice cream man, that school crossing guard, the deacon in the church, a friend that your known for decades as well as a close family member.

No one is exempt and this is why you should pay close attention to what Carisa has taken the time to reveal to us.

Please make a point of leaving your perspectives, thoughts and similar experiences in the comment area below.

God bless you and do stay alert!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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Cosmo Ausareous
Cosmo Ausareous
April 19, 2015 4:00 AM

tried to call in and leave a voice mail message to the show Lance, but of course my phone network is busy, which of course is just a coincidence of chance lmao yea right!

Cosmo Ausareous
Cosmo Ausareous
April 19, 2015 2:40 AM

To Fellow T.I.’s (Targeted Individual’s) read my 7 golden rules to surviving Organized Stalking 1st: You want to stop attempting to confide in ANYONE! You have to assume that everyone is either in on your harassment already, or can be turned against you (bribed or intimidated) to get in on your harassment, which 95% of the population is susceptible too. This includes EVERYONE, friends &family.The 95% Has no Balls or Ovaries! 2nd: This brings us directly to #2 which is facing the cold hard truth that you only have you and your higher powers (God/Divine Mother/Ancestors/Spirit Guides etc) to rely upon. No one else. So YOU NEED TO SPIRITUALIZE YOURSELF. This means start studying spiritual wisdom, NOT religion, were not talking beliefs, we are talking science, Truth. Preferably Eastern teachings Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism etc.3rd: Get your physical health & diet right. Right Now!4th: Cut away mate’s (girlfriends) or Become EXTREMELY suspicious &vigilant about them. As you can see from Deseries video they use them against you. Im speaking from experience, however I never allowed any such disrespectful or psychotic behavior from them because I always stayed conscious & vigilant.5th: Sell as many s your possessions as possible, if you dont they’re gonna steal em anyway and use this to anger you. Either get rid of the materials now or they will, You choose! This will also clear your mind from the bullshit matrix and start to let you see whats important in life.6th: Stop all Drug & alcohol use ASAP. This should in reality be # 3, this is very important.7th: Develop beneficial hobbies, habits & art forms. i.e. drawing, painting, sculpting, working out, hiking, poetry, writing etc.Without obeying these 7 Golden Rules your going to have a hell of a time making it through their sick psychotic harassment psychological games. They feed off of your fear and neurotic thinking. These golden rules will help you to rid yourself of both of these. My email is :[email protected] Call me Cosmo, im a 11 year 24/7er T.I. veteran. (24/7er meaning ive been targeted every single day 24 hours per day) Peace & tranquility The Universe is Yours

March 30, 2015 11:43 PM

Real truth.

March 25, 2015 6:04 PM

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you. You are courageous to host and Share. Jesus is coming soon. Seek his face!

Keith Collins
Keith Collins
March 15, 2015 7:54 PM

Covert Government Sponsored Surveillance: A Former Insider Speaks Out! -…:

Carisa Love
Carisa Love
March 7, 2015 11:55 AM

Covert Government Sponsored Surveillance: A Former Insider Speaks Out! -…:

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