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My dear Sister Netert Talaya recently posted a video of a police officer – in what appeared to be an abuse of his so called authority – choking a Black man that was obviously at this point not a threat to anyone in a choke hold while several Christian based onlookers who I’m assuming were Black called out for God to come down and help this situation immediately.

Of course, there were no magical bolts of lightning that appeared to get this cop off of this helpless man’s neck nor was there any divine intervention of any sort that stop this bloodthirsty uniformed thug from doing what he really wanted to do to him.

While at this point in our history we should not be shocked at anything that our designated terrorists do to us, what’s surprising to me is that after all that has been done and continues to transpire, we cry out to a God that looks like our terrorist to come down and do for us what we should be doing for ourselves!

Let me ask you something, would this happen in the Jewish Community? NO!

Would this happen in an affluent White Community? NO!

Would this happen in the Asian Community? NO!

Would this happen in ANY community where the citizens there are in control of their economic power, have political representation as well as the unity and participation of ALL of its residents on a unified front even if there may be slight differences of opinion? NO!

It will never happen like this time after time again in those other communities even if they have slight differences amongst them because they know that if you hurt or come after the least of them then you have to go after ALL OF THEM ’til the death!

Hell! These bloodthirsty psychopaths are coming after us to kill us anyway, why don’t we go out on our shield to send the message out that the time of wholesale killing of us is a thing of the past!

But no!We have to stand on the sidelines feeling powerless while calling on a God that was given to us that gives us absolutely no power at all!

Now wait! Understand that I never said that God didn’t have any power at all, I said that the God given to us by our oppressor didn’t have any power other than to keep us from taking the necessary action that would have the real and true God backing us up over and above any comprehension in the natural world!

But we as Black people have been masterfully separated from THAT God since we’ve arrived to the stolen shores and hold on to something that aids our oppressor in keep us in that place of subservience that he has no problem of us STAYING IN!

So don’t get mad at the fact that I’m SAYING that religion is nothing more than a noose around our necks when here on this video clip you SEE how powerless our hand me down religion has caused us to be!

When are we finally going to throw down the religion of submission and take up the spirituality that we once had that would have NEVER allowed us to stand by like a whining damn toddler with a stink diaper full crap!

If we continue to act like children we will get treated like kids.

Let us take control of our communities and rise above man’s twisted law of submission to execute divine law each and every time!

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