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My dear Sister Netert Talaya recently posted a video of a police officer – in what appeared to be an abuse of his so called authority – choking a Black man that was obviously at this point not a threat to anyone in a choke hold while several Christian based onlookers who I’m assuming were Black called out for God to come down and help this situation immediately.

Of course, there were no magical bolts of lightning that appeared to get this cop off of this helpless man’s neck nor was there any divine intervention of any sort that stop this bloodthirsty uniformed thug from doing what he really wanted to do to him.

While at this point in our history we should not be shocked at anything that our designated terrorists do to us, what’s surprising to me is that after all that has been done and continues to transpire, we cry out to a God that looks like our terrorist to come down and do for us what we should be doing for ourselves!

Let me ask you something, would this happen in the Jewish Community? NO!

Would this happen in an affluent White Community? NO!

Would this happen in the Asian Community? NO!

Would this happen in ANY community where the citizens there are in control of their economic power, have political representation as well as the unity and participation of ALL of its residents on a unified front even if there may be slight differences of opinion? NO!

It will never happen like this time after time again in those other communities even if they have slight differences amongst them because they know that if you hurt or come after the least of them then you have to go after ALL OF THEM ’til the death!

Hell! These bloodthirsty psychopaths are coming after us to kill us anyway, why don’t we go out on our shield to send the message out that the time of wholesale killing of us is a thing of the past!

But no!We have to stand on the sidelines feeling powerless while calling on a God that was given to us that gives us absolutely no power at all!

Now wait! Understand that I never said that God didn’t have any power at all, I said that the God given to us by our oppressor didn’t have any power other than to keep us from taking the necessary action that would have the real and true God backing us up over and above any comprehension in the natural world!

But we as Black people have been masterfully separated from THAT God since we’ve arrived to the stolen shores and hold on to something that aids our oppressor in keep us in that place of subservience that he has no problem of us STAYING IN!

So don’t get mad at the fact that I’m SAYING that religion is nothing more than a noose around our necks when here on this video clip you SEE how powerless our hand me down religion has caused us to be!

When are we finally going to throw down the religion of submission and take up the spirituality that we once had that would have NEVER allowed us to stand by like a whining damn toddler with a stink diaper full crap!

If we continue to act like children we will get treated like kids.

Let us take control of our communities and rise above man’s twisted law of submission to execute divine law each and every time!

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  • kallah6979 says:


  • Shawn Cox says:

    Don’t you know that the civil rights movement took place in the church. Men
    and women prayed and then they marched for us to have the rights that we
    have today. Christianity was not forced on us read Acts chapter 2 verse 10.
    The first people that were filled with the Holy Spirit lived in Africa. God
    is not to blame for the problems that our society has. What is going on
    with the situations with black men being killed is of the devil. Quit
    blaming God. It is time for us to do what 2Chronicle 7 :14 says “If my
    people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek
    my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I
    will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” I have read and studied
    other religions such as Islam, Buddhism and my life was still a mess. There
    was no power in those religions. It was not until I tried Jesus that my
    life turned around.

  • Bryan Keith says:


  • Bryan Keith says:


  • Bryan Keith says:


  • Mz Feisty says:

    I believe in the power of pray because I have prayed for things and it
    happened and still is happening. But even in the bible it says that faith
    without works is dead. So I take that meaning as while I’m praying, I’m
    also doing. If I’m praying for God to protect me from my enemies, thats
    fine, but don’t get it twisted, because if I have to use my gun to protect
    me and mine then I will.

  • TheKendroShow says:

    I have to disagree with her about the part of the Europeans giving Africans
    Christianity. Christianity was in Africa, Ethiopia and Coptic Christianity
    in Egypt to be specific, way before it got to Europe, Rome in specific
    (which they turned into Catholicism). And even before that there were Black
    people in the Mediterranean area who were Christians and being persecuted
    by the Romans in the first century AD during the Roman rule. It’s the same
    with Islam and other religions: all founded by Black people. Now this
    Europeanized Christianity which is modern Christianity has been
    misconstrued and twisted and forced on Africans through colonization. I
    think what has turned into modern religion is the most problematic more so
    than ancient religion which seemed to be more spiritual. Source: From
    Babylon to Timbuktu. I highly recommend that book.

  • Eva Johnson says:

    Great show Lance. I took notes.

  • 1984bandito says:

    Truth is Truth is like Math and Science. Melanin Has Those Properties. WHAT

  • Donell Clemons says:

    Best show yet.

  • Spoken Poet says:

    I loved the show as usual, I am also a Israelite from the most high and I
    don’t go for that religious BS and I refuse to profit these so called
    pastors,Bishops, and Preachers who only want us to fatten their pockets and
    tell us to keep praying instead of taking some of that profit and helping
    the damn communities that they are constantly robbing from. Sorry to say
    but I do not go to church anymore I just pray and read the KJV bible and I
    will give my 10% to my people where I can see the help that is needed.

  • Truthshallsetu3 says:

    We are the Israelites of the bible. Our Heavenly Father never gave us what
    we were brainwashed with during slavery. We have commandments and laws
    under Christ to keep. The Christian pastor and Imam will only lie to you.
    Seek the truth on your own, millions of U.S have woken up. We are under the
    curses told to us through Moses in Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26. Christ
    will come back to save us but we must have faith in the Most High God (KJV
    Holy Bible).

    Ps: Colossians 3:8King James Version (KJV)

    8 But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy,
    filthy communication out of your mouth.

    Yes, Ms Talaya your filthy language is against New Testament law.

  • Benjamin Lang says:

    From history all the way to the present the only people that benefit from
    christianity are the ones that have profited from it..I can’t get down with
    movement teaching me that I am a docile sheep with no mind of my own..It
    makes absolutely no sense to love some one and show mercy toward some one
    that wants to kill me and imprison me. It teach us to appreciate misery
    and be thankful for it…I was thought about the question you asked about
    if it was our one of our kids being choked out by a cop would they still
    pray to God for help..I wouldn’t but I know some sheep that probably
    would..It pisses me off because I see us killing each other over so easily
    but will not fight for each other..

  • Ick Icky says:

    IMO, the problem is our people have accepted the endless propaganda(seen
    thru all forms of media) that our lives mean nothing. They are afraid to
    intervene because I believe deep down they believe if they stand up to do
    something they as well as the black person they wanted to help will both
    die in vain and life will go on without any changes. To me this mentality
    is the result of:

    *-* Constant images of ignorant, criminal, and criminalized blacks being
    the subject of news stories.

    *-* Music that suggests its nothing to kill another black person, women are
    nothing but bitches/hoes, you’re always hurting me and Im an angel(some
    R&B), waste every bit of money we can on the latest white owned goods to
    APPEAR like we are someone so we can look down on those who dont have like
    we have been looked down on.

    *-* Telling anyone who will listen how black men aren’t shit and vice versa.

    *-* Praising anything ghetto or hood as if its something to aspire to be

    *-* Television and movies that often show blacks being 2cd tier to whites
    or always in need of their help. If we are shown with intelligence then
    we’re not as strong…there’s always some kind of minimizing. Black men die
    1st or quickly in films, or get the worst of a fight/death scene, or always
    have negative circumstances surrounding them(watch for it in films also be
    mindful of the dialogue that is spoken sometimes from or to their

    My point is that all of this takes a toll on the mind, particularly the
    subconscious eventually leaving black people to grow these “planted seeds”
    in reality. We begin to have a hard time valuing each other as individuals.
    You can find proof of this in the fact that black people will harm each
    other before they harm whites. Why? because they know and have been
    conditioned to believe they aren’t as valued so they have a better chance
    of escaping repercussions by harming their own. The justice system helps to
    enable this behavior by giving harsher sentences when victims are white or
    being more lenient to white defendants in regards to blacks. this is why
    rioters will only act out in their own neighborhoods, but never take their
    anger to white communities. Further proof can be found in derogatory
    statements we make about each other like, “I dont want to buy nothing from
    that black store, their stuff might be *_____*(insert negative comment)” or
    Im not going to get *______*(black person) to do *_____*, because I dont
    trust they are going to do *_______* right”. To a degree, some of these
    things may be warranted due to many of us absorbing those seeds I mentioned
    earlier, but its not about us being incapable but more or less being
    unaware that we have bought into propaganda that we are allowing to shape
    our reality. These same seeds are planted in the minds of whites causing
    them to think and behave in a particular way as well.

    When you are unaware of this kind of “poisoning” you are left to constantly
    repeat the cycle. We have to correct this poisoning first, so that our
    people wont be compelled to continue acting on it. When they begin to truly
    value each other, know and understand why they are more than what they are
    digesting day in and day out, they wont have a problem standing up or
    possibly dying for each other because they will truly understand that
    that’s what it takes sometimes to see a better tomorrow and they will
    honestly have a hope and passion to see that tomorrow. When you dont really
    believe in something, you’ll talk a good game, but you aren’t going to
    really risk your life for that something(unless your provoked by having no
    other way out). Some kind of way we have to start developing and promoting
    that vision of a better tomorrow, because I really believe the reason
    people aren’t doing anything more than talking is because they either don’t
    believe there is a better tomorrow or they don’t have the
    will/heart/passion to create it and those “seeds” of self destruction and
    defeatism are the cause. Peace and love, family.

  • A Charles says:

    Great show guys

  • >