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…….A Congregation Of Enablers?

Yes indeed! I couldn’t explain it any other way because for a man like Creflo Dollar to get up in front of HIS FOLLOWERS and say the things he did shows me that they are more into the man than into Jesus Christ Himself!

He then rants and raves about how the devil has come after him through the criticism that he received after posting a GoFundMe page requesting that he was to receive donations on to reach his 65 million dollar goal to purchase a Gulfstream G650 Luxury Jet.

He claimed that no one will ever stop him from dreaming, I don’t think anyone in their right mind would ever try to stop anyone from dreaming but when that dream is manifest off of the sweat of someone elses sacrifice without you yourself making any efforts then that’s definitely a problem!

So if this man felt that he was right in creating this GoFundMe page in the first place then WHY did he take it down?

He knew he was out of line in the first place to try to pimp the flock to the limits because Jesus doesn’t need anyone to buy a jet to spread the word of God especially when their are so many needy people in the world today that could be helped with 65 millions dollars!

Why didn’t he ask for money to help the people?

Creflo Dollar needs to start taking off his shoes and opening up his bags for the T.S.A. just like the rest of us!

I’m quite sure we haven’t heard the last of his antics…….his ego and enablers just won’t allow him to sit down and shut up!

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  • Bum Head says:

    Well, I told you. Creflo dollar is going to get his airplane, it was
    approved by the board.

  • Rocky B says:

    awesome show man

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    I don’t know how these “pimp” pastors live with themselves. But then again
    do I really even want to?

  • Lisa Johnson says:

    Lance, when you touch that fool,knock his teeth out!!!! I cannot stand
    Creflo Dollar! He is horrible and he makes me mad!

  • leilani dupree says:

    you speak the truth,I feel like he should sell some of his property to get
    the jet,i’m sure he has that much in assets!

  • Bum Head says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion…if you can’t get a job…PREACH!!!

  • Michael Lee says:

    As a Christian I agree with you 100%. Really appreciate your transparency
    and viewpoints!

  • 1joemorgan says:

    It makes me wonder if TD Jakes is the same as Creflo

  • Juanita Mitchell says:


  • >