Cuban History, Assata Shakur & Fidel Castro By Dr. Vibert Muhammad – The LanceScurv Show

UCF History Professor Dr. Vibert Muhammad breaks down Cuban history in a manner that is quite informative and refreshing.
He speaks on the current issue of the U.S/Cuban relations, what it means to our honorable Warrior/Queen Assata Shakur and what Fidel Castro told him personally about how he views his beloved Cuba.

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  • beama999 says:

    Stop believing in American Media and it’s propaganda. Do your own homework!

  • Андрей Омельчук says:

    Выиграйте пиком бруда, мипо, лансер, чаос кнайт, нага протв шейкера, акса, свена, сенд кинга и магнуса. Будет весело

  • BlackCuban says:

    Actually, Pit Bull is an American-Cuban–he has never been to Cuba and only learned about the island through his parents. One good thing he studied the works of the Cuban revolutionary Jose Marti who featured heavily in the literature of Ebor City–Tampa/an Afro-Cuban area that was formed during the early 20th century; there is also a statue of Marti in Central Park New York. Of course, as a Cuban you should know this history. Back to Pit Bull–his parents are some of the ones who hated Castro because they lost their upper level status after the revolution. Last point–Pit Bull has a very tight relationship with African-American music scene.

  • BlackCuban says:

    No, salsa was started in NYC with Puerto Ricans and African Americans it grew out of the Afro-Cubanas who played in clubs in Manhattan during the 1940s and 1950s. You might want to view the video “The Palladium.” No doubt–Cuba was migrated by many people–Spanish, English, Portuguese; however, the root of its population after the extermination of the Caribs and other Native Americans are the Africans. Think about this–the United States is a multi ethnic state–however, the cultural roots, and structure of our society is European–specifically, English. Thus, we are a Western/European nation regardless of the number of Blacks, Latinos, and Asians who live here. Your argument is based on emotional rethoric as oppose to fact. In reference to music, you might want to read a bit more on the History and Legacy of African Music in the Caribbean and Latin America. To bother you one more time–did you realize that The Tango also has its roots in African culture?

  • BlackCuban says:

    Quimica–I have traveled to Cuba over 6 times in the last 10 years for extended visits. In addition, I have family members who are Afro-Cubans. For your multiculturalism–can you tell us why every Cuban who plays major league baseball look like they are from the Southside of Chicago or Harlem? Just an observation.

  • BlackCuban says:

    Indeed, Cuba is an African country; that is, by culture, attitude, religion, and the history of its Black population that is the majority of its citizens. Apparently, many of you have been conditioned to the definitions of white Americans and white Cubans of what Cuba is and its history. The Professor is absolutely right! In fact, Castro identifies himself as being an Afro-Latino. Have any of you considered the reasons why Castro had such a relationship of positive goodwill with African states? Did you know that Castro was working with Quaddafi in the creation of a United States of Africa that would also include the Caribbean states? We must research and study before throwing stones at the message.In reference of Cuba producing it’s own food; Muhammad again is correct. Simply put, if they were not able to develop a viable agricultural system the American embargo would have worked! In logic, with the strains of the USA surrounding the island and the weakness of Russia economically over the past twenty years; where is Cuba importing its food? From no one–they produce their own.The issue of dance is simply the case of background discussion in reference to their Black culture. Merigue was really created in Haiti coming from Yoruba cultural dance. In Cuba it was reproduced as the manbo; salsa as a note was started in NYC by African-Americans and Puerto Ricans in the late 1960s. The point, is that the benchmarks of Africa are on Cuban culture.Yes, Castro traveled to Mexico and Argentina for partnerships. However, Che a doctor from Argentina had a more radical view of staging revolution throughout Latin America. That is another story in which the good professor can discuss.Viva Cuba!!

  • Quimica R says:

    thats complete BULLSHIT about cuba feeding itself, then why do cubans in mexico complain about poverty and beg for countries like mexico, colombia and venezuela and argentina for support in food and drinks???

  • Quimica R says:

    this guy is leaving alot of history behind, he doesnt even talk about fidel first going to mexico, he doesnt talk about him going to chile or argentina???? geeezzzzz or relations with che guevara??? this guy sounds retarded

  • Quimica R says:

    cuba isnt a african nation… cuba is multiracial and ethnic country, their afro, native, euro, arab, asian etc.. i been to cuba i seen different types as well.. yess their afro but also others as well, why ignore the indigenous people of cuba, why??? merengue wasnt in cuba, merengue came from DR, salsa is fusion it was based by son music, son music came from europe, same with danzon as well.. but later afro cubans use it and put their own into to created into salsa, it was fusion elements yesss afro as well as euro and bit of native as well

  • Kevin Hawkins says:

    The whole point of normalizing relations is that it gives the U.S. a greater opportunity to have influence with the Cuban government. Everything must change… nothing stays the same. We must stay ahead of intellectual oppression.

  • Black Cherubim says:

    I’m know a little about Cuban American history. I know they used blacks in American to help them fight Cuba because white Americans believed blacks could better handle the hot climate and disease in the hot Cuban environment.

  • LanceScurv says:
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