Curiosity Lands Safely On Mars While Rage Thrives Dangerously On The Planet Earth!

I woke up this morning to hear the news of NASA’s SUV-sized probe landing successfully on Mars that actually arrived there for a two year mission to see if the basic components of life are present on the planet.

This is a giant step forward not just for the scientific community but for everyone in the world because if anything is found there that can prove life at one time existed there on is actually there now no matter how simple or basic it may be will cease the argument altogether that there is no life anywhere else in the universe except on Earth itself.

Curiousity Mars Mission

Many are greatly anticipating these eventual findings whether it is positive or negative because at least they will put to rest that nagging question about Mars but understand that Mars is NOT the entire universe.

Isn’t it amazing how mankind has developed their sciences to the point where they can send a contraption so far away with a precision seen no where before in history to accomplish such a feat?

If there was actually any intelligent life on Mars or anywhere else in God’s creation would they greet us with open arms because of our advanced scientific prowess or would they reject us for our barbaric treatment of one another that is prove positive of the life that we lead on this earth?

Which forces me to ask this question: What is the point of spending so much money to discover life on another planet when we can’t even get our own lives together here on the planet Earth to live as one under God and in peace?

We look for Heaven and Utopia everywhere else but could have it here on Earth as it is in Heaven but we are just too damn stupid to submit to the rules and divine laws that were placed here in scripture that would guide us to the kind of life that we all wish that we could have here.

But as a people we will put more money than we could count on the dream of finding something out there that we should really be looking for from within and that is the God in all of us.

We can amaze humanity time and time again with our technological advances yet we cannot incite that same humanity from within on a large scale to bring about a collective joy and peace that would have us so saturated with satisfaction that we wouldn’t even waste the time to even think about life on another planet because we would have it so abundantly right here on Earth.

But with all that we have the capability to do it seems that while a planet that is so many millions of miles away that we can’t even view in detail with the naked eye is more of an attainable goal to explore and conquer than the negativity and venom that we have for those that we can see and touch everyday with our treatment of them.

Yes, while scientists and engineers jumped for joy at the success in conquering the difficult maneuvers that it took to accomplished a feat that just a few short years ago would have been deemed impossible to pull off, here in Oak Creek, Wisconsin we have yet another senseless act that was apparently hate driven on a peace loving charitable community of people who have done nothing more other than add to the quality of life here in America as an example of what a close knit edifying community could be.

Sikh Temple Shootings

So how can we as a society explain the random hate driven shootings that are happening with a frightening regularity like the one in Aurora Colorado and the latest one in in Oak Creek yet feel so good about putting a piece of machinery on another planet to probe the soil there yet don’t have enough sense to probe our own selves from within to straighten out what will be festering up amongst us for sure in the immediate future. This will not be the last mass shooting in the United States and one can even guarantee that the dynamics of the next one will be the same.

Let me tell you, this country and actually the entire world is feeling the effects of an oppressive world system as they are dumbed down and intoxicated to ignore the obvious pain, red flags and danger signals that are staring us right in our face every day God sends. Some of us just do not know how to cope with stresses and when you compound that with hate it can be a very dangerous toxic cocktail to consume indeed.

No one knows right now exactly what was going on in the head of forty year old Wade Michael Page when he committed these heinous acts, but one thing is for sure is that as an Army Veteran he definitely couldn’t have been an idiot.

With a “9-11” tattoo on his right arm and one who is into the far Right Wing music of punk rock band “End Apathy”, it is safe to say that – although it is an early speculation – that he is a White Supremacist. I would. But I live amongst so many for so long it is merely business as usual.

Wade Michael Page

You see, like a body toxic from the consumption of bad food that is void of nutrition that tries so hard to rid itself of its poisons through foul smelling bowel movements, stuff in the corners of ones eyes upon awakening and with the indication of bad breath, our country is manifesting these events with a steady regularity because our indulgence in the mindset of hate, division, racism, status, greed, sexism and exploitation to name a few. And as long as we refuse to remove these transgressions of the spirit out of our daily lives, these things will continue to happen and I look for many more in the months to come because it just seems as though we will never learn our lesson. Continue to eat the candy but do not get upset when the pimples continue to erupt on your face.

We can applaud our accomplishments and victories on another planet yet we seem to drop the ball every time when it comes to conquering the toxic spiritual ailments that lurk with ourselves to rid the world of what happened to those Sikh’s in their temple because of what us Black people have known ever since we reached these shores of America against our will.

I challenge the “so called” mainstream media to call this latest incident of rage and blind hate for what it is – domestic terrorism. But once again I will probably be disappointed and not get my wish because SOME of us will always want to paint someone ELSE as a terrorist and not themselves. Because to call themselves a terrorist in THIS instance would force them to have to go back in their history books and rewrite every single last one of them because they have terrorized nations and empires for centuries where ever they have gone.

This place is looking more and more unattractive to me as the years roll by and I would rather pass on in a peaceful fashion somewhere else than deal with the stress of dying at the hands of someone who I know has always wanted my existence to be brought to an end only because of the color of my skin.

It’s one thing to die because YOU have your own sickness but it is unacceptable to die of a sickness that has absolutely nothing to do with you.

Racism is YOUR sickness! Not mine!

…….maybe we can spend a few million dollars here on planet Earth to get the message out on the sad reality of something that we have always know all of our lives. Come out of her my people!

Separation or annihilation?

The choice is yours.

…….I’m getting my bags packed as we speak. American life is NOT what it is cracked up to be especially when compared to the big world that we live in.

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Sandra Brown
August 9, 2012 6:30 PM

This is so so true, I'm packing up too!

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