Beatrice Noel
August 8, 2021

Paul Kagame, Secret Agent at the Service of the BloodThirsty Imperialists

You may say that I am a naïve idealist but personally, I do not have the desire or the courage to hurt others, unless I am threatened. At some point, you will inevitably see that whatever you do has consequences, and those consequences will catch up, and before you know it, there will be no more excuses, no more passes, no more times.
Like any other imperialist government, the U.S. Government never disappoints in its perpetual reputation of bringing chaos and destruction everywhere it goes. Haiti’s president, Jovenel Moise, is not the first, nor the last head of state to have been or will be killed, for we, the U.S. Government, are in the business of executing head of states: Juvenal Habyarimana, and Cyprien Ntaryamira, Saddam Hussain, Muamar Gaddafi, Jovenel Moise, and probably dozens more that we are not even aware of, for now. This is not a free world, there is no American Dream, for this land of devils does not distinguish between bystanding sovereign governments or its own people when it comes to its Gargantuan appetite.

From that machine of destruction that is called America, a young officer, named Paul Kagame, was bred to be as bloodthirsty and ruthless as his masters. Just like the murderess officers of the Rwanda Patriotic Front, Kagame was trained in Uganda, and then by the U.S> Army, in Forth Leavenworth, Kansas.

I found out that he was absolutely not the Hero that the West and most Africans tend to portray him. The more you research the truth, the more Kagame seems not only a Machiavellian tyrant but also a very petty person. Kagame was trained in Uganda and by the U.S. Army in Fort Leavenworth, in Kansas. Paul Kagame was trained C.I.A. agent. And in 1990, when the American Government felt that Congo president, Mobutu Sese Seko, was no longer of use to them. Copper and Cobalt extraction have slowed down drastically. Hence, President Mobutu Sese Seko became a liability for the U.S. Government, mostly because of all the atrocities he committed. He was unpredictable and very corrupt. They wanted to change the administration. They devised a plot to not only get rid of him but also of all the Hutu peasants who were living at the time in the Northeast side of Congo, where were located the massive mines of coltan.

General Kagame, at the time, began by terrorizing the Rwandan Hutu peasants with the help of the Ugandan Tutsis, the RPF. Desperate, all those Hutus headed straight for Kigali, mounting refugee camps. By the 1994, the tension between Hutus and Tutsis across the country was palpable. Something sinister was imminently about to happen. The United Nations leadership at the time was aware of it. In January 1994, Colonel Luc Machard, the second in command of the peacekeepers, was approached by an individual named Jon Pierre. Jon Pierre, was a leader in the National Republican Movement for Democracy and Development at the time, and member of the Interahamwe, a Hutu militia formed in the 1990. He told Machard that the Hutu Militia planned to divide Kigali City into a certain number of areas, and each area would be manned by 10 or maybe more armed men. Some would be armed with firearms, some with other kind of tools like machetes. Their mission was to kill as much Tutsis as possible.

As he got this information, Colonel Machard reported to General Dallaire but he claimed that New York U.N. headquarters never sent any authorization to stop the Hutus. He stated that General Dallaire was also denied a maximum of 5000 personnel on the ground and was only granted 2500 U.N. peacekeepers. The U.N. were completely blindsided when the assassination of President Habyarimana happened. For 27 years, they along with France were accused of having doing nothing to stop the massacre but the truth is that the U.N. blue helmets were told to stand down and to not interfere, meaning the U.S. Government wanted the genocide to happen. The United States of America wanted the massacre of 1 million Tutsis in Kigali, million more Hutus across Rwanda, and 7 million more in Democratic Republic of Congo.

For weeks, Kagame had his Ugandan RPF Technicians infiltrating the Hutus rebels, inciting them to attack the Kigali Tutsi. Then on April 6th, 1994, backed by the Bill Clinton Administration, Kagame did the unthinkable abomination. He ordered his militia to shoot down the plane of the Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana, killing him along with the Burundian president, Cyprien Ntaryamira, with the entire French crew that were traveling back from Arusha, Tanzania. Now, nothing will hold the Hutus back. Now the instigated massacre of 1 million Tutsi bystanders were butchered without guilt or mercy. What kind of black man would be willing to butcher his own people, his own tribe? Only Paul Kagame’s skin is black because he is not one of us. Even after the massacre ended in July, he still had the RPF terrorize the surviving Tutsis without mercy, to make sure that they would never account of what truly happened. Journalist Judy Rever, in her book, In Praise of Blood, revealed that she had found this information in a confidential report by the International Criminal Court which was investigating the most gruesome crime committed in 1994.

She claims that from 1996 to 2008, the United States’ Government had been supplying forces, including child soldiers to Kagame and General Yoweri Museveni, to invade the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Based on the U.S. House of Representatives hearings before the Committee on International Relations about the Democratic Republic of the Congo, on July 16, 1997, Paul Kagame’s militias invaded Congo-Zaïre, killing Hutu refugees in Eastern Congo-Zaïre, which resulted in deaths that the International Rescue Committee estimated to be as high as 7 million Hutus. And as he depleted Congo’s Eastern population, Kagame’s militias exploited the timber, gold, coltan and mineral resources to export to Western countries like the United States. Congo’s wealth in natural resources, natural gas and oil is worth $24 trillion and Kagame along with the RPF, for the last 27 years, have never stopped plundering the Democratic Republic of the Congo since his first raids in 1996. He succeeded this endeavor by creating proxy militias like the M23, fueling constant wars in DRC.

The U.N. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNOHCHR) had issued a report on the Congo, affirming that the Kagame’s government was responsible for the most serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law in Congo. The majority of Rwandan population was Hutu at the time. The majority… And as the world was focused on the genocide of the Tutsis, bloodthirsty General Kagame was slaughtering innocent Hutus by the millions. Based on the interview of Crisis Specialist, PhD. in Political Science, Dr. Charles Onana, he stated that there were 5 investigations in total, trying to bring light to both genocides: Leading French investigating magistrate Jean-Louis Bruguière, the Spanish Justice, the Belgian Advocate Department, the International Criminal Tribunal. And each time, the investigators faced enormously of pressure, mainly from the United States, to dismiss the investigation along with the arrest warrants. As he stated: “It is unacceptable to say that no one knows what happened in Kigali.” When on April 6th, 1994, the plane that was transporting of president Juvenal Habyarimana, the leader of the Hutus, crashed in Kigali along with its French crew, the United Nations peacekeepers were present, he said. Colonel Luc Machard, who was second-in-command to General Dellaire for the United Nation Assistance Mission of Rwanda (UNAMIR), was overseeing weapons management for both the RPF and the Hutu militias. There is no way that they wouldn’t have been aware of what was going to happen.

Rever revealed that while the United Nations committee from the International Court was investigating the crimes committed by the RPF, that committee had collected 40 testimonies which the majority was from the RPF infiltrators who had deserted. Tutsis who were closed to Kagame to Kagame denounced what happened. From the U.N. confidential report she received in 2015, she discovered the well-orchestrated and planned massacre of the Hutus. The goal was to eliminate a good portion to the majority of them. She interviewed several of the RPF deserters and they all admitted that it was true: the emphasis was on exterminating all the Hutus. The International Criminal Court committee interviewed over 500 witnesses composed of Tutsis and Hutus. Rever, herself, had been cultivating relationship with hundreds of Rwandans over the years before having access to the report and it only reinforced all the rumors and information that she had gathered over the years: the plan was to exterminate the Hutus. All of them. General Kagame had gradually all the Hutu political leaders, businessmen, lawyers, and teachers killed. And then, he had his Ugandan Tutsis began killing the Hutu peasants.

A letter was written by 57 refugees across the African continent and Western countries, where they revealed that the Rwandan Patriotic Front has been harassing and murdering Tutsis for the last 27 years; that the Rwandan Tutsis were being victimized by their militias. Even after the gruesome slaughter of 1 million of them, the same RPF’s who infiltrated the Hutu rebels continued to terrorize the surviving Tutsis to silence them. That’s why they are unable to speak out of the atrocities committed by the RPF. In Bisisero, the RPF militias along with the Hutus have orchestrated the massacre of the Tutsis. And even after July 1994, the Bisisero Tutsis were still being killed. The Tutsi women were being terrorized and raped by men from their own tribe. It was not only to silence them but mostly to create a state of terror in order to control the local Tutsis while they were arresting thousands of Hutus, Rever said.

The 1998 war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo produced some of the world’s worst human rights atrocities and drew in six neighboring countries: Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda, the Republic of Congo, Tanzania, and Sudan. All with the support of the U.S. Government, which supplied weapons, rebels and children soldiers to fan constant proxy militias such as the M23 that have helped him cover up his plundering of the country. Rwanda nowadays is a major exporter of coltan (ore used in the manufacture of mobile phones, PlayStation and military electronics), although Rwanda itself has no coltan reserves. Tanking Mining and American Mineral Field are the principal organizations that helped remove Mobutu from power. And even before the coup, those mining companies organized a trip in Lubumbashi in the South of Congo, where their businessmen met with Robert Sanders, Director of National Security Council. While all of this was happening, the Kagame’s militias were killing Hutus in Mbandaka, on the West of Congo. The Americans knew about all of this.

There was also the complicity of the French company, Bolloré Group who were exporting Coltan from Kigali (Rwanda). It was named by the United Nations as one of the organizations that were exploiting resources while they were fanning the massacre in Congo. And despite the conclusion of a peace agreement and subsequent withdrawal of foreign forces since 2003, Kagame’s RPF still create a hostile source of instability to the governments of Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi, and to continue its interference in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Even today, Kagame’s financial networks are still existent with Bollore and American Mineral Field.

In 2007, President Sarkozy and his Foreign Minister, Bernard Kouchner, wanted to repair relations with Kigali by nullifying the arrest warrants that were issued by France for the culprits responsible for the assassination of President Habyarimana. So, on October 31st, 2009, French Anti-Terrorism Magistrate Bruguière signed 9 arrest warrants for the culprits of genocide, based on the finding of strong evidence. There was also an inquiry by a commission set up by the Rwandan government and involved independent British forensic ballistics experts who concluded in 2010 that the surface-to-air missiles that brought down the Falcon 50 plane had in fact originated from areas occupied by Habyarimana’s own units. And there was the ‘Mutsinzi Report’ which drawing from several international reports, pointed the finger at Habyarimana’s Akazu (‘inner circle’) which was composed of extremist politicians and military officers who were against the Arusha Peace Accords signed between their government and the RPF.

On February 25th, 2010, Nicolas Sarkozy went to Rwanda, promising to prosecute and bring the orchestrators to justice. Right behind him was standing the prime suspect of an attack against the French crew of the deceased President Habyarimana, General James Kabarebe, former Minister of Defense of Rwanda at the time. His name was on the warrant by Magistrate Jean-Louis Bruguière. In 2012, when Bruguière was removed from the investigation, his successors, Marc Trévidic and Nathalie Poux dismissed the case. And in 2018, again, French judges Jean-Marc Herbaut and Nathalie Poux, dismissed the investigation. Finally, on July 3rd, 2020, the case was dismissed by the Appeal Court of Paris, by concluding that the deceased President Habyarimana was killed by extremists from his own inner-circle, forcing Paul Kagame to take power in 1994. Even though, Journalist Jean-François Dupaquier had 10 years ago revealed grave manipulation of evidence in Bruguière’s attempt to implicate top Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) officers in the downing of the French plane.

The International Court was put in charge of investigating all the events throughout year 1994 in Rwanda and its mandate was to investigate all the actors implicated in the genocide from Rwanda and Congo. However, Dr. Onana stated that he met Carla Del Ponte, the Chief Prosecutor of two United Nations International Criminal Law Tribunal at the time, and she admitted to him in her office, while her assistant was present, that Kagame told her that she didn’t come to Rwanda to investigate the RPF Tutsi Rebelles culpable also of crime against humanity. When Dr. Onana published his book in 2005 with the facts, besides Switzerland, no other Western government commented about the book. France, the United States and England who are as much accomplices to the atrocities committed in Rwanda didn’t want the International Criminal Court or even the French Tribunal to prosecute their asset, Paul Kagame. This is the crux of the problem. And Kagame’s militias have been established in Democratic Republic of Congo to pillage the natural resources, and the coltan (which is a component used to make cellular phones).

The UN investigations was not only greatly undermined by the US Government, the charges against Kagame were dropped. Carla Del Ponte, the Chief Prosecutor of two United Nations International Criminal Law Tribunal, was removed and replaced. And U.S. Government forced the United Nations to leave the criminal investigation of the RPF to local Rwandan authorities in Kigali.

Over 1/2 million women were raped while the 1997 conflict between Hutus and Tutsis from Rwanda throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo. Nobel Prize winner Dr. Denis Mukwege who had for years tried to help those victims and speaking out wherever of the atrocities committed by Kagame, has been constant victim of threats suspected coming from Kagame’s militias. He has been routing for having an International Criminal Court to adjudicate the atrocities committed in Congo. Dr. Mukwege’s work is very important, but he has been receiving very alarming threats, mainly from General James Kabarebe, former Minister of Defense of Rwanda and a longtime security advisor to Rwandan president Paul Kagame. And because of Dr. Mukwege’s initiatives there is now a European Union Parliament requesting from the United Nations to form an International Criminal Court in Congo.

Dr. Paul Rusesabagina, who is also a fierce critic of Kagame, is a Belgian Rwandan politician, and a U.S. permanent resident. He is mostly known for his character in the movie Hotel Rwanda. He mysteriously got kidnapped by the orders of Kagame in Dubai, and he is now imprisoned in Rwanda, for having been complicit with the DFLR (Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda crimes) of genocide. He is charged with 13 terror-related offenses including: financing terrorists, complicity in murder, and forming a rebel group. If convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in prison. Her daughter claimed that Kagame has been feeling resentment towards her father since the production of the movie “Hotel Rwanda.” Now, some of the victim Tutsis that were hiding at his alleged hotel, have claimed to never hear about him until the movie came out. But the truth is, based on Rever’s interview, that Kagame had started a smear campaign against Dr. Rusesabagina since 2004, after the release of the movie to crush any hope of political ambitions. Dr. Rusesabagina had started contradicting the official Rwanda story of what happened. He even tried to have the United Nation investigate again the RPF for their and that made him a target. Nobody can challenge Kagame. He consistently got rid of his opponents by means of imprisonment, dispossession, and assassination. Most likely, Dr. Rusesabagina was fed to Kagame by the U.S. Government.

When President Habyarimana plane was shot, U.N. peacekeepers were present and witnessed what happened. Magistrate Trevedic, successor to Bruguière, neither examined the peacekeepers or the command present while the attack. He even dismissed every single inquiry for counter-expert examination because he claimed to have been in possession of the acoustic evidence proving where the missile was launched. But how can you possibly do an expert analysis of the acoustic of a missile that was shot in Rwanda when you are 6000 km (4000 miles) away, in Loiret, France? Loiret is a city built on a plain while Kigali is a mountainous city. The acoustic would be drastically different to do an analysis.

Dr. Onana finally stated that the United States was deeply involved by going a step further to pressuring Germany, Britain and other European governments to impede the Spanish Tribunal from serving the arrest warrants for President Kagame’s close allies. The American Ambassador of Spain at the time, Eduardo Aguirre, pressured the Spanish Foreign Minister to stop the Spanish Tribunal from pursuing suspects that were close to Kagame. In 2008, The Spanish National Court indicted 40 Rwandan officers on charges of mass murder, crimes against humanity, terrorism, genocide against Rwandans, Congolese and Spanish citizens in the aftermath of the 1994 Rwanda genocide. Spanish judge Fernando Andreu of the National Court had sufficient evidence to implicate current Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

The British Substitute Prosecutor went to see the Spanish magistrate at the time, Andres Meireles, to sign documents stating that the charges against RPF members have been dropped. Meireles refused to sign them. The Spanish arrest warrant was for Rwanda’s intelligence chief, General Emmanuel Karenzi Karake, key figure in the regime of President Paul Kagame, on terrorism charges related to alleged crimes during the 1994 Rwanda conflict. Karake was one of the main commanders of the armed wing of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), the Tutsi rebel group that ended the Rwandan genocide in 1994 and has been in power ever since. The Spanish investigation covered allegations of genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and terrorism in Rwanda in the 1994 through 1997, focusing on “crimes of terrorism” in the case of the nine Spaniards killed with President Habyarimana.

The arrest warrant against Kagame, causing tensions between Rwanda and the United Nations. Karake was extradited to London in June 2008. And on August 10th, the case was dismissed following a hearing at London’s Westminster Magistrates Court, leaving him free to return home. Judge Meireles only heard of this from the news and was prematurely removed from the U.N. Peacekeeping investigation.

Nowadays, the world is watching President Biden bullying Russia and China. He is eyeballing Iran and Israel is already making a move, creating allies in Saudi Arabia and Africa. We, the people, have power over the rich corrupt politicians. Alone, we are weak but together we can take them down. We can be masters of our own destiny and change the legacy of the United States.

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