The Dad Who Beat Down Child Molester Raymond Frolander Should Get The Father Of The Year Award!

On July 18,2014 in Daytona Beach Florida, a father of a child under 12 years old arrives home to find family member Raymond Frolander – who was left in custodial authority over his son – in the act of molesting his child and had to physical restrain him until the authorities arrived.

The result of his detaining him is in the photo below and I am actually quite impressed with how he handled the situation as well as he did!

As you can see, this is the handiwork of a man that should hands down be granted the Father Of The Year Award over and above anyone else who is up for the honor.

Do I advocate violence?

Raymond Frolander - Molester

Well put it this way, I will advocate a Father defending his young defenseless child in this same very manner before I support housing and feeding the predatory monster who felt comfortable enough to even think that he could get away with such a travesty.

But according to a few individuals who thought that the Father’s treatment of this 18 year old bastard was a bit much, I say to them that they are suspect because those are the very same type of people who would rather ignore the signs of child abuse in their family and turn the other way as though everything were fine.

Not to minimize the horrific crimes that Raymond Frolander committed on this child from the age of 8 years old until the present (In which he was still under 12 at the time his abuser was caught), but what about the families who have a hint about what is going on yet want to continue on as though they are one big happy healthy family?

Now I do not know the extreme details in this particular case, so don’t take it that I’m suggesting that the victims family knew about this, I’m just saying that there are many situations out here that fit that particular aforementioned description and I say that those parties are just as guilty for knowing and not investigating or saying a damn word.

Silenced - Child Abusers

But back to the story, I truly commend the victim’s Father for doing what he did to Raymond Frolander.

The victim’s Father whether you can comprehend it or not is a hero.

He’s a hero because the very act of bringing such a swift justice to the abuse once realized has helped so many other victims who weren’t as fortunate to have someone in their lives to stand up for them.

It help them because they can see that although they may not have had a powerful guardian to stand over them in such a protective stance, this will still bring a small rush of good feelings because their personal healing can take an entire lifetime. The realization of this incident just might make it a little easier for them to make it through the day.

This victim’s Father is everyone’s personal Rocky story letting them know that all is never lost.

Rocky 4 - Child Abuse

If we had more men on point like this is our communities then a lot of these crimes of abuse would not even be committed because the predators would be too frightened of the possible consequences of their actions.

I also believe that the punishment – once proven beyond the shadow of a doubt – should result not only in the lifetime incarceration of these low lives, but should be accompanied by the complete castration of their penis and testicles so that they can have something to think about for the rest of their lives in prison.

…….and I dare you or anyone to tell me that this suggestion is too harsh because in actuality this particular crime should really result in the immediate death of the perpetrator.

Why do I say this?

No matter how much therapy, how much love, how much time goes by, this kid is going to remember as well as be affected by what happened to him for the rest of his life.

For this to happen to him at ANY age much less beginning at the age of 8 years old, it will murder a part of his essence as his innocence had been taken forever and a normal childhood will elude him and never come to pass.

Child molestation, baby rape, child abuse, whatever you wish to call it, it destroys something in that child that they can never get back unless by the mighty healing hand of God Himself.

So anyone as far as I’m concerned that abuses a child in such a manner is worthy of death. So to castrate them and imprison them for life is merely a slap on the wrist in comparison.

Too many of these predators understand that the laws here in America are too lenient and that they really don’t have much to concern themselves with when thinking of the repercussions that will come as a result of their hideous actions.

Say what you want about the Muslim countries who will chop off the hand of a thief, but over there justice is swift and executed in public as everyone is clear as to what will happen if they decide to steal another persons possessions.

Muslim Justice - Child Abusers

This is what we definitely need here in the United States of America, we have criminals whose evil acts affect the lives of their victims forever and seem to get off with lighter sentences to turn around in many cases to do it all over again.

…….and it’s not just the baby rapists who have this same type of spirit.

Include those in the Banking industry and the Corporate Vultures who prey on the hard working men and women of this country by stealing their money who simply want a piece of happiness before death from the peace of mind of a retirement that they’ve worked so hard for.

So while the Raymond Frolander’s of the world can catch a 5 Star Ass Whipping Deluxe (with the huge side order of fries!) as they should, we need to bring swift justice to any faction of our society that has been entrusted with any semblance of power over our lives because the damage that is done is almost always irreparable!

So I think that it’s a great thing for all who have some type of unGodly desire tucked away in the deepest recesses of their heart to see the great work of a Father who loves his son and will administer justice quickly in a manner that I don’t think anyone in their right mind would disagree with.

The images that we need to begin to see in similar fashion plastered across all media outlets would be those Pastors who molest children, who seduce the wives in troubled marriages and who hustle the few pennies from the elderly who trust their every holy rolling utterance.

Eddie Long - Child Molester

We need to see the arrogant politicians who are no more than high class hustlers who feel untouchable as they offer kickbacks to their corporate buddies, manipulate entire neighborhoods in their covert gentrification operations all in the name of serving the people who they battled hard at election time to garner their votes. Let’s see some of them beat down too!

I could go on forever but let’s see some of the bosses on these jobs beat down for all to see after breaking their contracts with their employees to avoid paying them their raises for years without even as much as an explanation.

Yet these arrogant CEO’s prance about the earth in a manner that lets you know that they could care less about the diligent work year in and year out that you’ve given in blood, sweat and tears to build their company.

Let’s have a nice photo of them on the level of Raymond Frolander to place right next to his so that the world can see that justice hasn’t died!

If justice were truly served across the board and on ALL levels in this country, the emergency rooms across America would be packed beyond capacity and the world would truly then be a wonderful place to live!

And yes, and let’s not forget the wonderful portrait of justice painted on the face of Raymond Frolander who now deserves the 2014 Father Of The Year Award!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

The Man Who Ain’t Afraid To Say It,




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