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This is a situation in families that is not as uncommon as you might think!

Don’t be thrown off by the focus of this show topic because of the title, I am not attempting to allude to any incestuous connection between a daughter and her Father on a physical level. That’s tragic enough. I’m speaking of the power plays within a household where the daughter has somewhat replaced her Mother’s position as the Wife in the family, snubbing her nose at her Mother every chance that she gets because of her power over her father on an emotional level.

The young daughter in this household maintains an animosity toward her Mother whose origins are unknown. Aside from what seems like a brief moment in time when everything seemed to be going in the family just fine, it’s almost as if the daughter always hated her Mother with a passion and appeared envious of the relationship that her Mother had with her Father.


This couldn’t happen all by itself as this young brat of a child is enabled without fail by a Father who soaks up the extra attention from his daughter that seems to be based on some type of revenge because of the time that the often busy Wife doesn’t seem to give him anymore.

But this present pseudo monster of an arrogant narcissistic brat that was once Daddy’s Little Girl seems to pick up on the rift and divide between her parents to be able to fill the gaps in a very inappropriate way.

She plays both parents to get what she wants and makes sure that both of them are in a constant state of war over her rebellious ways as they simply cannot agree on the punishment that she should receive. The Mother feels that whatever her husband suggest is not hard enough and the Father feels that whatever she suggests is too harsh.

Emotional Mistress

This is not merely something that can be rectified with just a family discussion, the rebellion and power plays of this little girl has caused even more of a problem in the ability to be intimate with each other as husband and Wife.

To get back at the Wife for whatever imagined infraction that he feels that she violated, he will often spend more time with his daughter showering her with gifts and exclusive time while the Wife feels left out and under appreciated.

She then might be driven to have an affair out of the need of feeling like a stranger in her own home as well as exploring with substances to escape the emptiness that just should not be there after achieving the obvious trappings of success while harboring the secret pain of emotional exhaustion inside with absolutely NO relief in sight.

Other family members and friends may suspect that a little more is going on that should be as the appearance of the union between Father and Daughter is now crossing the line of being appropriate now that she is developing and puberty is now obviously working on her young figure.

There is no need or excuse for a scantily clad daughter to be parading around the house in front of Father and being so touchy while in that state. Again, he never corrects the improper actions of her ways and acts as though everything is just fine while his Wife feels even more powerless with a catty daughter who knows that she has become Daddy’s emotional mistress!

Parents Fighting

But what is at the root of this twisted scenario? How can a daughter gain so much power over the Father in her Mothers presence?

Is there more to this relationship between the Father and Daughter than meets the eye?

Why is the little girl holding so much anger and venom toward her Mother?

Why is the father too weak to correct his Daughter and make her do what’s right?

When will the Mother say enough is enough and put her foot down regardless to the consequences that are sure to transpire after forcefully claiming her throne back?

We have plenty of questions to answer as this type of power play in the households in this modern society is a mushrooming phenomenon that MUST STOP!

As always, we will get down to the meat of this subject BOLD, RAW & UNCUT!


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