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It’s only natural law that anything pushed beyond the limits of its patience will push back and do so with even more force.
We witnessed a deadly attack by one young man on the Dallas Police Department during a Black Lives Matter protest which killed 5 and wounded 11 at the time of this writing.
Many experienced observers swore up an down that one man was incapable of doing such damage all by himself before realizing that not only was it possible, but this in fact was the reality.
Now Micah Xavier Johnson is dead after being killed by a bomb squad robot after the negotiations with police failed and we will never get the opportunity to probe his mind to see how he arrived to the place in his mind that caused him to take action.

But is “that place” somewhere that many Black men have ventured but simply never resorted to killing as an option to the way they are constantly made to feel by the police here in the United States?

Are many Black Men feeling that reflecting back to our aggressors in uniform is an option that appears to make the most sense especially for those who feel that life in America will never change for us as the feeling of hopelessness grows everyday.

You’d be hard pressed to find a Black Man in America who doesn’t have a police harassment story to tell and it would be shocking if it weren’t several. Many refuse to see it but it is a way of life for us that leaves us with an anger that boils over every time we see yet another one of our Brother’s lives snuffed out for no reason whatsoever.

It just doesn’t seem to matter when one of us is killed so many just might be thinking that if there is a funeral service going on in the Black neighborhood there might as well be several more on the “other” side of town because it appears that these evil beasts only understand one language and one language only…….AN EYE FOR AN EYE!

What the Police have to understand is that we as Black men live under the shadow of death everyday as we move about this country only because the twisted racist mentality possessed by too many people in denial dictates the hoops that we have to jump through unnecessarily.

…….It’s so amusing in a sense to now watch the bullies run in fear and move about nervously.

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