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Bullying is routed and originates from the same general feelings of insecurity and jealousy, but our Black children have unique issues that drive them in addition of the common causes of bullying.

The texture of our hair and the complexion of our skin is still a fiery issue in the Black Community and one that seems to be a never ending concern as the level of self hate appears to be on the rise.

It’s a fact that the European standard of beauty that was forced on us during our captivity here in America as slaves has really done a number on how we feel about ourselves and how we treat each other.

This is even more evident in our young children and teens, the lighter complected kids often move in separate circles than their darker skinned peers.

Who perpetuates this deadly twisted mentally sick trend, where are the children getting this mentality from and why are the incidents of these kids bullying each other based on the color of their skin and/or the texture of their hair increasing with each passing year?

Today I address the bullying done by the darker complected girls toward the lighter ones.

While it sickens me to have to address this in the year 2014, someone has to do it!

Please leave your responses in the comment section so we can continue to make some sense of this to find some solutions to this ever growing problem.

Skin Wars - Bullying

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