Darnell Dockett: A Pedophile Pervert Revealed By An Instagram Freudian Slip? – The LanceScurv Show

Why would a high profile American Football Star and public figure like Darnell Dockett make such an asinine “suspect” comment about an underage minor hinting of a sexual attraction through insinuation on such a public forum such as Instagram?

Does this man have any sense?

…….and even if he’s a confirmed idiot does his statement give the world a peek into what he really is in secret behind closed doors?

While I’m not saying that Darnell Dockett is a man who prowls the streets after the school release their students offering them candy in exchange “for a ride home” after a short detour, but I have to question what might he do in the presence of an underage girl if alone and a twisted opportunity presented itself to take advantage of the situation to do more.

While we might not ever know what that answer may be, the fact of the matter is that too many of us overlook the red flags that pop up in our face that we only see after something unfortunate has happened.

Sad but true.

Even if this was a light joke that in the end meant nothing but still was highly inappropriate, the fact that Darnell Dockett would feel comfortable enough to say such a thing publicly about the president’s daughter makes me question society as a whole.

What do you think about this?

Was it a light-hearted joke or an indication to something more devious and perverse about the character of Darnell Dockett?

Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment area below, we definitely would love to hear them! God bless.

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  • Samuel Villa says:

    Oooo shut the fuck up

  • Madara Uchiha says:

    Hello, Sir…This is a very great tutorial…but can you tell me that how did you move that camera ?

  • Madara Uchiha says:

    Hello, Sir…This is a very great tutorial…but can you tell me that how did you move that camera ?

  • TheAithWONDER says:

    Obama needs to step this animal. I have no doubt he’s molested somebody’s
    child. This world is overly populated with pedophile, perverts and sexual
    deviants. This is why I let it be known I keep my gun LOADED especially
    about my daughters. I’m not gonna play with you. They deserve their
    innocence and to grow up healthy as possible UNMOLESTED!

  • claire2010ization says:

    I totally agree with you Lance. If he can so blatantly talk about this in
    the open. There is no telling what he may be doing in secret. Being that I
    am a victim of sexual child abuse, I find his actions very repulsive. And
    yes our bodies may have been created to give birth as early as 11, doesn’t
    mean you are mentally mature to handle such relations at that age.

  • Linda Johnson says:

    Malia is a beautiful young woman, she has been in the public eye for six
    years, so since she was REALLY young. It seems perverted to look at her
    that way. It feels like she will always be that little girl in my mind! I’m
    proud of the way she and Sasha handle themselves. I would never see them
    doing like the Bush girls did and sneak into bars. That dumbass GOP woman
    shouldn’t talk shit about “showing some class” Smdh!

  • Nisinique says:

    All I kno is my Daddy wud have Step To Ole Boy..IJS..

  • * Diamondgirl08 says:

    Hope your not getting sick Lance….feel better. Don’t know what to say
    about Darnell “Chicken head” Dockett..been hit in the head too many
    times…he needs to find something better to do with his time besides
    looking at underaged girls butts..sicko!

  • The Realest Blackman on YouTube says:

    Once she is 18, she is fair game. That is the “U.S.” law. In some
    states, you can have sex with females under 18. However, males and
    females can start reproducing offspring as early as 11 years old.
    Whomever, created us created that for a reason. I don’t advocate having
    sex with kids or whatever BUT yet a human being can reproduce as early as
    11 in some cases. Man always tries to talk about GOD but yet God created
    us to where we can reproduce by the age of 11 but we cannot start having
    sex until we are older by European rules. Humans are a walking
    Unfortunately, we are animals. We keep forgetting about that. Men,
    especially, are sexual beast ready to pounce on almost any damn thing with
    a vagina. A lot of men would have sex with their own damn daughters if it
    was not against the law.
    Mr. Dockett was being a man and being a NIGGA too. Whites have trained us
    to be this hyper sexual beast/Simp. Why should we be surprised about what
    Mr. Dockett said. Remember, they had R. Kelly on video but never took him
    to court.

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