The Day That Becky The Ghetto Snowbunny Got Her Black Card Revoked!

As I drive my bus deep in the netherworld of this place generally accepted as the ‘hood, many special hybrids and morphs of humankind dwell under the cover of night and at times surface to the reality that we call reality.

But when you delve into this world as frequently as I do, you will truly understand that the word reality is truly a relative term.

When one lives in the ‘hood, there is nothing called normal, as normal is that temporary covering that the residents of the ‘hood grab merely to get by the day in their dealings from nine to five or rather any venture that they take into the world outside of their kingdom.

Downtown Lynx Bus Terminal In Orlando Florida

It’s quite a job to have when you can drive around all day into the evening to witness a very wide swatch and cross section of what life is to so many different people from an even wider collection of diverse backgrounds, including Becky.

With such a delicious daily gumbo of conflicting and chaotic characters in my midst, it’s just a matter of time before the explosions begin, because absolutely no one who has boarded my bus in the hopes of getting back home to their beloved ‘hood is a stranger to the hardships of life whether they are self induced or circumstantial.

Take this one forever stressed White chick that always boards my bus with a huge attitude as she struggles with a huge stroller and the even bigger load of her young children who appear to be in the throes of bi-polar pre-training as their “Mother” curses for every little thing while handing them the pancreas damaging ghetto sugar snacks to fuel their next very public tantrum.

White Trash

Whew! Long sentence indeed! But this individual’s reality could not have been explained any other way.

Well, she always seems to get dropped off by another woman of snow-bunny persuasion who seems all to happy to drop the load of her friend at the bus stop. This should have been the first indication to me that this passenger was a burden to all who she came in contact with.

Now let’s get to the meat of the experience…….

I lowered the bus as a courtesy to make the task of boarding it a little easier but quickly realized that the bus for the most part was packed to the hilt up front. So I instructed her in a kind voice that it would be best for her to board the bus through the rear door as there was a better chance of attaining some measure of comfort by the kind heart of a stranger who just might allow her to have a seat.

But as soon as my instruction to her left my lips, she questioned me in a voice that didn’t seem too pleased that I suggest she take the back door as the best plan of attack to get her and her now hyperactive children on my bus.

Football Team

It hit me that she was the type of individual who would blame everyone else but herself for the sorry state of affairs that she found herself in with her life.

So as always, when I encounter this type of woman no matter WHAT her race I slowly pull away the covering of the gentleman that I’ve tried to be to these types so many times unsuccessfully. Seems like these women only love the beat-downs and S.T.D’s that come with a roughneck of a saggin’ pants clown who doesn’t even know how to fill out a deposit slip in the local bank if his life depended on it.

…….and not to get off of the topic, but I’ve always wondered why I got the hoochie mama hate treatment whenever I would tolerate their ignorant “ebonically driven” attempts at communication to treat them like real ladies. But let me tell you now Brothers, IT DOESN’T WORK!

The more you treat them like a Queen is the more they will throw you under the bus! The reason? Well, once they have been touched by a loser of a male – notice that I didn’t say man – they now have become indoctrinated into a way of living that can’t accept any authentically good treatment because it reminds them how far off of the mark they are so they reject it like a man whose body went into shock out of rejecting a wrongly prescribed heart medicine.

Don’t waste your time.

Now once again, my theory had proved correct in the case of this arrogant Becky who just might run up against a real Black woman to get her temporary Sista Card revoked and denied for life. It’s funny, because the intuition that I held within on her life and rude awakening in the near future was actually a prelude to what would transpire in a few short moments.

White Woman Black Man

Let me backtrack to touch on a few points and perspectives that I’ve learned about the Ghetto Snowbunny and her very much superiority complex in the land of the ‘hood.

First of all, the Ghetto Snowbunny is definitely a reject from the white privileged world that she could never be a part of because of her being sauteed for a lifetime in the ignorant watered down low level of all things niggardly and ‘hood – that she thinks is true blackness but is not – so she opts to be the next best thing and that is being a big White fish in a little niggardly pond.

How does this play out? Well, if you didn’t know allow me to tell you that the same dynamics that go on in the brainwashed mind of “some” educated (Indoctrinated to tell you the truth) slightly more affluent Negroes are the same scenarios that are played out in the downtrodden areas of the cities across America.

In this country White skin has its advantages and if the Snowbunny can’t get her props amongst the affluent White or even the higher income Blacks, she will take a step down to being that prime White chick who will give her pussy away at bargain basement prices in order to secure a unique top spot amongst the Black hoochies who can’t compete with her White skin that they try so hard to attain through the repeated use of dangerous bleaching creams and chemicals.

I mean, with the Black ‘hood chicks frying and dyeing their hair to death like they do, they are only telling the ignorant Black man of the ‘hood that they want to be something else other than what they are so why not go to the real thing like the neighborHOOD Becky?

Becky doesn’t have to straighten her hair because it already grows out that way. Becky doesn’t have to lighten her skin because it is already the palest thing IN the ‘hood that doesn’t happen to carry a gun and a badge.

Becky is that White woman that these brainwashed brothers always wanted deep down not because of any fault of their own but because they’ve been indoctrinated with the thought of Becky’s beauty by the media blitz on their minds through billboards, print ads and television commercials telling them subconsciously that this was the epitome of good looks and sexuality. You see, this for many Black men has been the case because of the forbidden fruit syndrome caused by slavery in America.

Barking Kitten

You absolutely did NOT even THINK about having sex with a White woman because that meant an immediate death by your slave-master or the Ku Klux Klan. If you saw a White woman in public you better not even LOOK like you have a wayward thought on your mind, the best course of action would have been to turn you head and look the other way because a certain death was sure to follow!

So now in the current day, what was forbidden was now available in abundance in the worst ‘hoods of America and the Brothers who pursue this woman most of the time doesn’t do so because of the quality and content of her character, but for the satisfaction of a fetish and a way to have a ghetto token while being a bum at the same time. Doesn’t get any better than this for these twisted souls but this is what I’ve observed.

But there is one thing that you have to understand about life in the inner cities that happen to be downtrodden and seem to work along on a set of law and statutes that make absolutely no sense in the normal world…….

…….in the ‘hood what is good is bad and what is bad is good.

Ignorance is preferred over education.

Vulgarity is desired over civility.

Criminality is celebrated well above one who goes after a college degree.

Thug Life

Reckless behavior and living in the now is the order of the day over living to build a future and investing what one has earned today into that not too distant time of rest and relaxation.

The delicious tomorrows that we hope for and work hard toward do not exist in the mind of many who call the ‘hood their home, it’s all about today.

Wear a condom during sex? Are you crazy? I’m going to paste as much baby seed up in that pussy as much and as deep as I can because I might not be alive tomorrow and if I am I just might be on lock-down!

Budget? For what? As I make the money I’m going to spend it because ain’t nobody else going to get my stash of cash if I’m killed out here hustlin’!

So the Ghetto Snowbunny is the recipient of all of the attention that she could never get if she were to venture off into a different world with much more civil rules. She is the beneficiary of all great things that come from a dysfunctional slice of society and begins to feel as though she is the Queen of the ‘hood to the point where she is now a Sista! And by that I mean a Black Sista!

Now this is when the phenomenon of the Ghetto Snowbunny gets annoying, the Black people in the ‘hood have absolutely NO problem with a White Chick speaking like a Sista and having a little watered down soul, hell, they don’t even mind it when they have a slew of mulatto babies running around from a Brother or a few. But never EVER feel as though you are a real Black woman because you plopped out a couple of kids for a Black man or even have a Black man on your arm.


That’s when it gets testy because what I witnessed on the bus was that severely annoyed Becky match words with a Sista in the back of the bus as though she was going to out ‘Hood the Sista who was born and raised there!

Now we all know that there are many White people who were born and raised around Blacks in this country and I do not fault them for the traits that they possess because of the fact that they grew up in that environment. But no matter how much a kitten is raised around the dogs they will never be able to bark, they can only purr. And from what I’m seeing these days is a lot of White women who come at me as I drive my bus in a way that a Sista would but with them they act as though the added feature of their Whiteness is some kind of plus.

Black Woman

A person is a person. Period. I’ve dealt with women of ALL races and nationalities and it wasn’t based on some kind of interracial porn inspired fetish although their have been times in my past when I went there after establishing a real connection to the person. Don’t get me wrong, I am an old freak who had some crazier younger days and I won’t sit up here and try to lie to you to appear holier than thou.

But what most of the Ghetto Snow-bunnies fail to realize is that they act that way but they still have choices. They can still pack it up and give up their so called ‘hood allegiance and turn Lily White on you in a heartbeat to explore the benefits that their skin receives in this country. So when she attempts to act as though she is experience the pain of a real Black woman to the core she is a damn liar!

Sure, she may have lifelong friends that cause her the deepest pain when and if they pass on to the afterlife, but to feel the pain of discrimination, racism and being shut out merely because of who they are simply does not exist. And if they do feel anything near that it is a voluntary thing that is not mandatory!

You can have as many Black men lay down with you to produce a football team of mixed children but at the end of the day you are still White.

White Chick In The Hotel

Blackness is not something that you earn through association, it is something that you are born with. All of the trips to the tanning salon as well as the countless Botox shots to the lips will never make you a certified bonafide Sister! You can practice all you want but it’s the same as a man having a sex change operation and expecting to have children through a natural childbirth. It just ain’t happening! so get over it!

Now back to the bus story…….

Becky Snowbunny – after a little struggle with her Hummer sized stroller – finally got into the back of the bus but without a few “under the breath” comments from her because it appeared that those who were already seated didn’t move fast enough to give her a seat. again, her superiority complex mixed with her sense of entitlement fueled her arrogance at a time where everyone on my bus was tired also and wanted to go home just like her.

But remember, Becky always comes first! so to hell with those who were already there.

So to keep the so to be forgotten sense of peace, a young man offered her his seat and she took it still harboring a major attitude if you could have seen the look on her face.

While I couldn’t hear every single exchange because my main focus was to move that 40 foot bus along safely because it was packed to the hilt, my concentration was broken when I heard our friendly neighborhood Snowbunny arguing with a Black woman who was getting the best of her in a very heated verbal exchange that seemed as though it was heading toward a physical showdown!

The Black woman finally shut her down completely by saying that she won’t go to jail if she were arrested but she would end up going back to “Lakeside” – Orlando’s premiere mental institution – as opposed to going to jail like Becky would. It was actually hilarious and had most of the passengers tickled.

While it did go on longer before and after that punchline was delivered, Becky continued after her “crazy” opponent exited the bus. She claimed that the Lakeside chick showed no class in cursing in front of her children like that and threatening her in such a frightening manner. But if can recall the day before our Snowbunny had cursed out her children’s father on her cellphone while riding the bus saying that he was good for nothing and never did anything for her!

The funny thing is that she spoke out after she was shut down saying that all she had to do was make one call to her Baby Daddy and he would arrive in record time with a fearless crew of armed thugs ready to vaporize any aggressors with their arsenal of various high powered assault weapons. Excuse me Miss, there are these people called Cops who look for the thugs who try to turn a neighborhood into the Wild Wild West……! LOL!

Black Thugs

But anyway I realized that she had to “save face” because she just got her honorary Ghetto Snowbunny/Black card revoked in a very public and embarrassing way.

But what causes these women to go all out in a display of ignorance that only causes them to be ridiculed and only serves to confuse the children that they have who can’t help but to absorb the dysfunctional ways that will continue on down through their generations as a curse of gross ignorance?

Some of us embrace the worst that society has to offer and we pay a dear price for it in the end. Ignorance and animal-like behavior has absolutely nothing to do with being Black but sadly many others as well as some of us believe this lie.

no matter what color you are or who you identify with, never embrace the worst that human nature has to offer on a degraded level. Always strive to be the best that you can be because God never made Niggers nor did he make Wiggers. That my friend is the by product of someone’s oppressive imagination and until we continually break done this low mentality with true culture, knowledge and spiritual awareness, we will never escape its deadly clutches and witness scenarios like I did on my bus and even far worst.

Take a look in the mirror and look into your eyes and ask yourself are you really manifesting the seeds of greatness that your Creator has planted deep inside of you? Or are you merely a clown-like puppet who mimics the degrading images that we see blasted into our subconscious mind every day on the computer and cable television stations?

Many times if we are honest we will have to admit that we have not, but whenever we live in a society where one brags about having frequent flyer miles in a mental ward or having children with a blood thirsty thug then its far passed the time for self reflection and time for a drastic change!

If we don’t I would hate to see where we find ourselves as a people in the next decade.

Maybe a museum exhibit showing a people on the brink of extinction as well as the Snowbunnies who love them?

I cringe at the thought but time will tell.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your “Tired Of The ‘Hood Mentality” Brother,



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