The Day The Circus Came To O-Town To Get Those Dollars For Creflo!

As bad as times have become, how do you still get those Dollars Creflo? Damn, Jesus is big business these days and maybe I’m in the wrong profession!

I can’t believe that we’re in the year 2013 and those suffering in this society from the poverty, racism, sickness, poor ecological etiquette, unemployment, high government taxes and restrictions are still living in a world in an even worse condition that caused legendary singer Marvin Gaye to sing “Mercy Mercy Me” and “What’s Going On?”

It’s true, have we gotten any better over the last few decades since that era has passed?

Why are we stagnating as a people and as a human family?

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On

We seem to be blinded by the so called modern day advancements that we now possess and the technological baubles, rubies and pearls that have been tossed at our feet to keep us from truly seeing what the powers that be want for us.

It is of my opinion that the “powers that be” want total control over our minds and will utilize any means that they can to cause us to be a docile people without the ability to think freely to challenge the ever growing stronghold of their demonic agenda.

One effective way that I feel that these powers in high places keep a hold over the people is through a compromised educational system, a tainted church and the poison laced hijacked culture and the addictive pastime called entertainment.

Let me touch on the church end of things…….

We as a people who is supposed to have so much sense and reasoning skills still fall victim to a hierarchy that keeps us down and is not raising up the spiritual warriors that will be effective to bring down these strongholds that are keeping us ignorant to what is truly transpiring in the world around us.

We damn near worship these satanically ordained rock star pimp preachers and miss the boat on gaining any true spiritual insight or strength because of the glossy packaging that they arrive in.

Rock Star Preachers

We think that because these politically paid off pastors have so much in the material department that they must be doing something right and that they have a direct hotline to God Himself!

So most of us only come to church because we want the hook-up on getting that new house or car or even a new relationship with an undercover  freak of a drop dead gorgeous sex partner that we can walk down the aisle in the name of the Lord when it’s really about the lust for all things worldly.

So who better than to try to get next to than TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Paula White, IV Hilliard and the whole crew of Celebrity Pimps who most worship at the expense of losing their true spiritual path.

I listened to the comments for weeks on my bus as the drumbeat grew for the arrival of Mega Pimp Preacher Creflo Dollar in Orlando Florida on October 11, 2013.


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, poor people who were scratching their last two nickels together were telling others how they were going to give their last money to Creflo’s Ministry because they new that when they give to the man of God that their “seed” would grow and come back a thousand fold!

The only seeds growing for most women are the seeds that these preachers deposit in their womb after a hot sex session which was written off as merely “Pastor laying his hands on me!” Well if that’s all it was then how did his zipper get pulled down, penis pulled out to be pushed deep inside of you? I know that you didn’t even think to pray during this sinful act although you both probably called out the name of Jesus as you both approached that sinfully sweet orgasm!


But then again I’ve heard atheist’s call out God’s name when the dick and pussy gets good to them!

But anyway, back to my point, these preachers roll into town like the traveling circus and these grown ass adults get happy like a kid who will get on all of the rides while eating all of the popcorn and ice cream that they can consume.

The real thought in their mind is that God Himself is coming to town and this is their chance to get a direct line straight to the Lord!

How sick! Especially when you realize that we ALL have a direct line to God Himself if we maintain a good account with Him and not merely call on Him when we are in trouble and need some help.

Minister Akbar Muhammad

But all the while when preparing for this so called man of God to arrive to Orlando Florida there was another man who slipped into the Sunshine State for a real cause that went unnoticed by the mainstream media and never got the reverence that he deserves for a lifetimes worth of tireless work to uplift his people that are still suffering under an ingrained system of White oppression.

The Nation Of Islam’s Minister Akbar Abdul Muhammad arrived to speak to the small town of Fort Pierce Florida on what must be done to combat the scourge of killings like that of local resident James Anderson that have overtaken the delicate balance of a civil society there.

From what I heard at the October 12, 2013 lecture – which was the day after the Creflo Dollar Circus rolled into O-Town – Ft. Pierce alone had 113 murders in the last 6 month period!

So now why are we more concerned about a pimp preacher coming to Orlando for a “Change Experience” (Does this mean change as in money, if not then what does it really mean?) when an entire city is going through the nightmare of a change experience, losing it’s people to senseless murders at every turn?

We’ve really got to get our priorities straight if we are really to consider ourselves the people of God that we seem to profess to the world in every breath.

If we really were the people of God we wouldn’t HAVE the breath to say it because we would be out of breath from actually doing God’s work and not indulging in the cultural slave rituals that have absolutely nothing to do with the One Supreme God!

But since our modern day slave masters do not approve for us anything other than the strained sliced and diced Christianity that has caused us to become a docile people at best, a man like Minister Akbar is discredited because he comes in the unauthorized package of being a Muslim and we like fools reject him out of a fear of those who we feel supply us with the good lives that we think we have.

Shit happens to us all day every day and all we can do is to say that we should prey about it?


Let’s get together to plan a righteous course of action so we can PREY on it aggressively to rid ourselves of the conditions that we’ve accepted as normalcy for too long. No one else will make the change that we need in our communities especially when they arrive to town only to get the hard earned change that we work hard for.

You see, while we are dying senselessly for no reason someone is living in a manner that makes a lot of cents for them. No concern about the dying yet hypnotized communities from which they effortlessly leech from as long as the cash is rolling in to prop up their lavish lifestyle. No concern. Only selfishness. Case Closed.


Yet, if we had our heads on straight we could dry up these bloodsuckers and rid ourselves of them forever. But we have become an even more foolish people because when a man like Minister Akbar shows up to shed light on a terrible situation the media refuses to cover his efforts on their networks because his true character is not in line with the lies that they portray of him and the honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

The sad part about that is that we believe all of the garbage that the media puts out merely because they have the money to make it attractive to our inherent low self esteem and self hate only flocking to the approved agents of deception that they condone.

Trained puppies and monkeys we are as when the so called mainstream media says jump we ask “how high?”

Jumping Through Hoops

So this is why it was my duty to make the two hour trek down to Ft. Pierce to grab the footage of Minister Akbar Muhammad so that it wouldn’t be relegated to a few grainy low quality i-Phone clips that for the most part might never even make it to the internet.

Some of us will see the light and even more will follow through if the footage is shared. Otherwise his lecture would not exist and be overshadowed by the O-Town Circus of the Creflo Dollar bandwagon and money train.

The sad part of it all is that when Creflo left O-Town the conditions that were here before his arrival will remain the same if not even worse. Oh how much better would we all have been if we listened to a person who addresses the problems (Challenges) and solutions that we need to make an effective change as opposed to being told to pray on it while we fill the offering plates as we are preyed on monetarily?


A part of me wants to believe that the majority of us are waking up but from what I see on the ground everyday in the streets where I am employed I say that we have regressed. So understand that everyone can’t be saved but for those of us who are the warriors in this battle of spiritual warfare, let us save our Brothers in the struggle because at the end of the day a compromised man will never lead the masses to complete freedom against the very oppressor who makes his fleecing of the flock an act on the level of legal gambling.

So continue to roll your dice on the false Lord of these dime a dozen prosperity preachers while the real General in this army goes unheard by most. I bet you one thing, you will wish one day that you had listened because only a real word will give you the life that the One Supreme God promised!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother On His Post,




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