The Day That Don Lemon Came Out Of The Closet As A Black Man!

I like Don Lemon.

I always have. To me, he was that guy growing up who was genuinely cool with everyone and can remain who he was without having to compromise his own personal viewpoints on various issues.

That’s what I get from his television persona and to me it has always been a trait that has been refreshing and very much needed in the present state of this world.

On the other hand in contrast to how I feel about Don Lemon and what makes him a rare find is the fact that I personally know so many others who have similar persona’s like Don but only exude that because they truly seek to be cool with everyone without ever taking a strong stance on any issue.

Those types are annoying to me because they will even bend their external viewpoints in discussion depending who they’re around and what the topic is. They cloak their chameleon-like ways under the guise of being diverse but being diverse does not mean that one must flip flop their personal stances depending on what direction the wind blows.

You have to watch those types for they are deadly, those are potential ship jumpers and those types will NEVER keep things real with you. Not only will they never keep it “one hundred” with you but they will abandon you when you need them the most because if their other “allegiances” are present when some drama goes down, they will shun you and tell you that they never said what you know they said in the past and show you a coldness that you never thought you would see from them.

…….this is why there are many who are wondering -like they don’t really understand why, HA! – why they haven’t heard from me or why I just seemed to cut off from them.

I don’t have the time in my old age to babysit a chameleon so when I see someone who is real I must give them their proper respect whether I know them personally or or not.

This is why I have an even deeper respect for CNN’s Don Lemon, the man truly has balls!

As the Jordan Davis case played out on television this past February 15, 2014, Don Lemon was very upset about the way the case was playing out and was not about to keep his mouth shut about how he felt.

Now I don’t know how the diverse masses of people felt as they watch CNN and saw this other side of Don Lemon that they haven’t ever saw before, but I think it was refreshing once again to see a man on television speak his mind and display his righteous anger in a very intelligent manner.

What makes it even better to me on a personal level is that his anger most likely wouldn’t be taken the wrong way by mainstream America – not that I would stop expressing my anger whether they took it in a negative way – because they know for a fact that he is speaking the truth!

But why is it that the message boards, blogs and websites haven’t attack Don Lemon for his outspoken expressions on national television while trashing another Black man for saying damn near the equivalent on other similar matters?

Does it have something to do with the fact that Don Lemon has put some of our own Black people on blast because of the buffoonery that we do with the sagging pants and utter rape of the English language among other things? Did this endear Don Lemon to mainstream White America?

Or is it the fact that he might get a pass because of his coming out of the closet? While that fact shouldn’t have anything to do with his very much real stance on a very real issue, I feel subconsciously that it does.

Why? Well because it may play a role in him being a less threatening “messenger” of the truth as opposed to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan saying the very same thing on some similar issues.

Why would him being gay make him less threatening to White America?

Well, put it this way, me as a straight male who is known for telling it like it is, I have the “ass busting” persona that many White Americans feel threatened from.

Don Lemon

Many who have been at the opposing end of one of my rants or who have debated me feel my passion so strong that I might just haul off and kick their ass for them disagreeing.

It’s a wonderful perception coming from them because they are right on point, while I might not favor taking the road of violence, I don’t back down or get intimidate and am ready to rumble on a moments notice 24/7!

…….but what a minute! We shouldn’t allow our distinguished brother Don Lemon’s television persona fool us because he just might be the one to throw down in a scuffle even faster than me! I wouldn’t try him.

But I also feel that by the popular practice of grooming our news anchors to be a trusted part of our day has helped Don Lemon the well spoken well dressed gay Black man become more easily assimilated into the living rooms of White America.

Therefore they must take his expressions of frustration and anger on the Jordan Davis case as they easily and happily soaked up his rant on the wayward Black people who live here in America also.

So while I feel that Don Lemon is the genuine article and that his personal persona is pretty much what we see on the television, it will be interesting to see how he will be treated by the CNN producers because of them possibly thinking that he may have “crossed the line.”

I sure the hell hope not! As a matter of fact they BETTER not!


I mean, we ALL know the unwritten rules of television whether we speak them out loud or not.

You NEVER talk about Jews in a negative light either directly or by some type of insinuation, especially if you are not Jewish yourself!

You NEVER speak negatively about anyone in the LGBTQ Community unless you happen to BE a part of that community in which Don Lemon would get a pass for it because of his coming out.

And you never get caught saying the N-word – Nigger – or any equivalent put down such as “Nappy Headed Hoes”, but history has taught us that even those who are caught saying that word or any similar slander to Black people never face their full weight of their projected penalties and will resurface in another well paid position in the media like Don Imus or have their products right back on the shelves such as Paula Dean.

Don Imus

So the powers that be better not do a damn thing to Don Lemon for speaking his mind on that day because he has been a role model of dignity ever since we were introduced to him on a larger scale. Truth is truth and depending on how his expressions are received by the movers, shakers and decision makers at CNN will determine how I respect THEM as a major news network.

…….so the ball is in their court and if they show any disdain for how my brother Don Lemon expressed his righteous anger as he should have during the coverage of the trial, then I will withdraw any support of CNN and refuse to ever watch another minute of what they offer again in life!

…….Because this shows me that the message is still clear that Black anger is not acceptable in America in 2014 just as it has not been acceptable at any other part of our history.

We as a people have suffered some of the most barbaric treatment in history along with the Native Americans who are almost all but non existent when you realize how many hundreds of millions were slaughtered here on their own land because of the demonic greed of another.


And I think that to see a Black man express his anger on such a powerful platform for all to see in a civil manner is a very healthy thing for the downtrodden to see.

It was great to see him boldly speak on the indisputable truths that many others who call themselves our leaders refuse to acknowledge. It was a healthy thing because historically too many of us as a people have internalized the pains of oppression in on ourselves to result in the dysfunctional behavior that we display in the current time and over the years.

Self hate, addictions, malfunctions, delusions and just plain ol’ brokenness. It can also manifest as spiritual wickedness and sickness in the form of the high blood pressure from being under a constant state of duress in a racist society.

The list goes on and on…….

So stand up proud and speak your mind brother Don Lemon as a Black man who is upset at the state of affairs and routine lynchings that transpire amongst us in our world in a silent manner everyday in America.

You see,  I can see that you truly understand that when we as Blacks are shot and killed by the hateful of those who are White, they do not care whether we are Baptist, Methodist, Muslim, Gay, Straight, a Drug User or a Nerd. They kill us because of the high melanin packaging that we were so very blessed to be placed into.

I also will respect you as a Gay man even though my personal stance on it may differ than yours, because I, like yourself believe in the “Mind Your Business” law.

But at the end of the day that doesn’t matter because we all have differences and my thing is that you haven’t forgotten that no matter what other cause you may stand for in your personal walk through this gift of a life, that you haven’t forgotten that you are a Black man first and foremost as you have risked it all to stand up for what is right!

My hat is off to you my Brother Don Lemon and no matter what you do behind closed doors I have the utmost love for you for what you are as a MAN!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brutally Honest Brother,



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