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For anyone delving into the cyber-world of the internet, it can be a virtual wonderland of a place where it appears that just about anything is possible!

Women who are lonely but afraid of the dating scene can safely get the attention that they starve for without any risk to their well-being.

Men whose best years are decades behind them can further lose themselves in their denial of reality to once again become that virile young man regardless as to what their Viagra-ated penises, ever growing waistline and swelling breast cup size indicates.

Broke people can suddenly portray themselves to be to be rich.

Dumb people can steal the brilliant work of others to copy & paste their way into the cerebral adulation often reserved for the scholarly amongst us.

So just like that old Army jingle that states that you can “Be All That You Can Be“, the masses of fraudulent entities have adopted that statement and added more to it to say that you can “Be All That You Never Were” at the expense of someone else’s sense of being naive.

Yes, just as this place called the internet could appear to be that amazing terrain of endless possibilities for the manifestation of our own self realization, it can also be a place of great opportunity for the shysters, the hustlers, the whores and the haters.

Just the same way that every highly touted well visited city has a sordid red light district to accompany that rated “G” family friendly downtown area that’s only mentioned in whispers and on the back pages of that alternative local newspaper, the cyber-world is infested with entities that you would not ever want to cross paths with on a sunny day in the well populated public place!

Check out this monologue from LanceScurv as he goes in on what happens on the internet, the insecure people online, staying motivated, dealing with internet trolls and haters, surviving personals attacks and improving year and year.



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