Dear Trump Supporters: Are You Happy Now That WW3 Might Be At Our Doorstep? – The LanceScurv Show

Donald Trump ordered military strikes against Syria along with the aid of France and the United Kingdom. WW3 is potentially staring us in the face. For those who have supported your beloved Number 45 I ask, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?

If World War Three is finally here, how are you going to feel when YOUR loved one’s are carted off to die for the Corporate Interests that care not about the lives of the common man and woman the world over as well as here in America.

Remember George Bush’s weapons of mass destruction that they never found in Iran? We’ll be very prepared to be bombarded with the so called Mainstream Media’s lies again that work in conjunction with the U.S. Government to keep the people misinformed and distracted from the greed driven intentions of this Luciferian World Order that has been in effect for so long moving undetected as we go about our lives catering to our lower desires.

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