Those Deceptive Well Paid Government Agents Masquerading As Black Leaders!

This government is very shrewd in their stronghold on Black America, they play us so easy like the pawns on a chess board.

They know that as long as we remain blind to what is really happening in the world around us that they can pretty much manipulate us into the positions that they want us to occupy.

As I look over the history of my life and the world around me in the time that I’ve walked this earth, I’ve noticed something quite different in the climate of the countless Black communities in America that I’ve had the honor to blend into with the people.

Overall, although I hate to say it I must, we are collectively falling asleep at the wheel because we feel as though we have made progress because of the illusions shot our way via the television and internet.

Al Sharpton

You wouldn’t believe the amount of Black people who feel that we have come of age as a people because there are so many Reality TV Shows that are flooding the airwaves with the Black faces that stop us in our tracks to do nothing but sit in front of the screen like sedated zombies.

“Black people are truly making progress and moving up in the world” you will hear many say. Why? Because they see this illusion of wealth displayed by the few who were allowed to slip through the cracks which doesn’t show the disproportionate amount of poverty, joblessness, illiteracy and incarceration rates to name a few of the issues that are ever growing in our midst.

So as long as we can get our daily dose of the Nene Leakes or Tamar & Vince buffoonery, we’re good with life.

We do not see the forest for the trees and as we move about the earth with these images and jokes in our mind, we are handicapped and are impotent to absorb what needs to be done in our own communities.

We are a powerful people whose very presence in this world benefits everyone else except our own damn selves.


The trick is that we have got to be brain dead enough to not wake up to the shackles that are around our limbs but awake enough to heed the call of the oppressor to do his bidding.

Well you and I know that when you are having your teeth worked on in a major way, the dentist shoots you up with a pain killer that numbs you to the strong pain signals shooting to your brain while he does his work.

This makes it very easy for you to endure the agonizing pain that is there while it makes it easy to go on in unnoticed to extract the tooth without you really knowing the exact second that it’s pulled.

Well why do you think before every major change in the Black community when the slow burn of gentrification is going down, there will be more powerful drugs in abundance available in the streets to numb you from the pain of having your neighborhood taken right from under you.

Jesse Jackson

Many of us will get high to escape the pain of not being able to produce the funds to maintain a life in these neighborhoods that we’ve grown up in by keeping a well paying job or being in business for ourselves to be able to afford the ever increasing rents that push us out from living there anymore.

Well if these so called Black leaders where really on our side when the aforementioned scenario goes down, then why are they so silent when it’s time to speak truth to power and defend the regular blue collar person on the street who merely wants a fair wage for a hard days work and to pursue the illusion of the American Dream?

Where do they hide when it is time to speak about having a real revolution in the Black community?

And let me remind you that real revolution is not about marching to the door steps of the very oppressors that suck the blood from your community with their covert tricks.

Real revolution is about waking up ALL of the people to coming into the knowledge that their lives can and will make a difference if they would just stand up and become the captains of their own destiny!

Too many of us as Black folks have this things called a savior’s complex, many of us sit back on our asses waiting for some great leader to fly over the horizon in grand fashion with the soul purpose of helping us all single handedly to make it to the promised land.

The Promised land?

Yes,this is what they have been waiting forever since Martin was killed by the very government who gave us these controlled “placeholder” leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson Ben Jealous

Oops! Did I say that?

Yes the hell I did! And while those two are the more visible examples of government controlled agents who masquerade as Black leaders, they are on every level of society that you can think of.

They are on the national, regional, state, city, county and district level. They are granted the luxurious amenities similar to their master’s wealth and a lot more freedom over the average Black man.

They will have a very uncommonly frequent direct access to the media to stay in your face with their useless chatter to make you feel as though they are legitimately standing up for your concerns.

But at the end of the day, nothing of note really gets done.

But you have to ask yourself, if they are a leader for Black people then who made them that?

Was there some kind of an election for Black leaders that we may have missed?

And if their was an election for Black leaders that went down, who were the candidates and what were the issues brought in their debates to best serve our interests as a community?

Black People Voting

Let me bust your bubble if you didn’t see it coming or even figured it out……there ARE no elections in the Black community for Black leaders.

The decision as to who becomes that mythical Black leader in our community is made behind tightly closed doors away from the public eye by people who seek to exploit us.

Anyone who all of a sudden is touting themselves as a Black leader and weren’t initially backed by THE PEOPLE must be a well prepared well dressed government agent in disguise!

How do I know this?

Well, while a leader of any community simply can’t attend to every miniscule need of the people directly, you will find that certain leaders will never touch certain issues that challenge the very hand that put them in that position.

As much as many individuals want to knock the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, not one of these government agents posing as leaders EVER proposed an economic program that can lead many impoverished Blacks out of being poor.


Elijah Muhammad had us in businesses of our own that brought us the cash that we needed to feed our families without the run around that came from working on the oppressors jobs that always kept us Just Over Broke – which stands for J.O.B.

Hear you are as a grown man with a family to feed and provide for, a mortgage, a car payment, food, clothing, healthcare, personal items, phone, lights and heat. Yet you are expected to be happy when that yearly review for your raise comes up and you are supposed to make due with just .25 cents?

Yet you are expected to clap and jump for joy for the damn company when they make million after million from the back breaking mind bending work that you’ve done for them?

Where are the leaders that are supposed to lead you down the road of economic equality? I’ll tell you where they are, they are in bed with those very same companies that exploit the very downtrodden people who your government subsidized Black leader is supposed to empower.

So don’t look for these cardboard cutouts cookie cutter mass produced Black Leaders to do anything for you when you are supposed to do for yourself.

These leaders are not trying to build a community, their job is to make sure it stays right where it is, as the mighty sleeping giant who is intoxicated with the hedonistic buffoonery that will never have him thinking for himself and wake up to the dire straits that he and his people are in.

Why doesn’t your well publicized Black leader demand that we put our finances together – even if it’s mere pennies – to get some land of our own from which to base our businesses on?

No! He or she will never do that because it is their job to keep you renting land from someone else who is guaranteed to exploit you.

We have to understand that decade after decade has passed by and things remain the same at best but for the most part has reached a state of deterioration that cannot be ignored anymore.

Detroit Black Ghetto

We must step up to the plate collectively and singularly to take back the control of our families, finances, education and land.

Stop depending on these ventriloquist dummies who sit on the lap of the oppressor and allow him to lip synch his orders through his Black puppet in order to control the movement of the Black community as he sees fit.

Al Sharpton isn’t going to do it for you no matter how star struck you are of him and his slick words. Look around to see who is truly out in the field to enlighten those of us who haven’t a clue as to what to do to make things better but are too busy putting our last bit of cash into the pockets of the pimp preacher so that he can lock arms and happily square dance straight to the bank with your money!

Remember, YOU are the leader of your life who will make the changes slowly, surefooted and consistently over the long haul.

A real leader has no time for photo ops or autograph signings when the main goal is the true liberation of our people…….

…….by any means necessary!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

The Brother Who Isn’t Afraid To Call Them Out,



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