Deep Into The Mind Of The Homewrecker And Her Well Prepared Plate Of Seduction To Destroy A Happy Home!

“Homewreckers arrive in many forms, not just that sexy seductress but also the Mother-In-Law, the girlfriend, that next door neighbor…….”

That was a Tweet that I posted earlier on Twitter and I continued to really let the words flow through my mind on what a Homewrecker is. After several hours of thinking about it and bringing up some good points, I had to do justice by that Tweet and go in a little deeper on the subject of the Homewrecker.

We’ve all known of a Homewrecking situation or have actually had to deal with one who was either successfully or with devastating results.


What I’ve found with those who are deemed to be Homewreckers is that many people speak of them with a subtle sense of powerlessness as though they can’t stop them from doing what they’re known to do.

They don’t seem to consciously deal with the Home-wrecker with an impending sense of doom but many simply don’t go in on the Homewrecker before they wreck the home as they should in an aggressive manner.

The real problem is that we have to stop this type of thinking where we see the Homewrecker as some omnipotent all powerful seductress that has these magic powers to captivate a man to do her bidding to make him leave his happy home, his dedicated faithful wife and lovely kids in some sort of a Zombified state.


Now let me get an understanding with you that Homewreckers can be male or female, but for the sake of the first part of this writing I am speaking on the more popular aspect of the woman targets a particular man (From her vast list of potential prospects) to topple a peaceful home life.

Granted, if that man had no issues at home and/or within, then the Homewrecker couldn’t do a damn thing to catch his eye.

But we are all human and even with a wonderful home life just waiting for him after he leaves work, even the most dedicated husbands, fiance’ or boyfriend in a happy fulfilling committed relationship – with just a slight crack in the armor – can slip and fall into that ever present Pink Hole that doesn’t belong to him.

What would perceived as a mild argument or a minor ongoing disagreement on something that for the most part would be considered to be trivial.


This is all the Home-wrecker would need to give her slimy paws a firm grip on the mind of that unaware man subconsciously. She would never approach him in a manner that would alert him to her ultimate motivations, as she usually enters his world in a low key supportive manner at first.

She is like that innocent looking e-mail that we sometimes randomly receive that upon opening unleashes the most vicious attack of computer viruses rendering the equipment useless.

To compare her to this is mild actually because when she attacks the central nervous system of your entire world she plays for keeps.

But too many men are too dumb to see this because at first she totally convinces her prey through deception that she is on his side and sees the world exactly the way he sees it. There is no stronger attractant for a man than to see that a the perceived kindred spirit of a woman possessing a passion for his ideology over and above what he has observed in any other woman in his life past and present.

This is more powerful than any erotic attempt to intoxicate his mind, this is surely deeper because it appeals to his very foundation as a man which permeates deeper than any sex game a woman can play. Remember that.


So already without laying a hand on this mans body she has aligned herself with his very essence and anyone who comes against her is in fact coming against him and will feel the full wrath of his protection of her bar none! Ain’t that some deep s**t?

So this Homewrecker is just as shrewd as the termites that have been destroying the very framework of a wood frame home without any detection of the oncoming problems by the outside world. Right under the wife’s nose the Homewrecker operates and has already devoured much of what doesn’t belong to her.

So once the passive sexual offerings are placed in the path of this carnally intoxicated man, he feels that HE is the one that made the decision to cross the line to enjoy the deadly fruits of her womanhood. So even at this point, the Homewrecker has worked her game on him where he now believes that SHE is still innocent and that he is the predator.

So by him seeing her as innocent he has exalted her over and above him character wise so when it is time for any guilt trips to be felt, he will be the first in line to accept the consequences of his out of control lust because in his mind “he made the move on HER!”

This is the place mentally where she wants him to be because while he is caught up in the explosive and spontaneous sexually gratification constantly being inflicted on him, she can now go deeper in his subconscious mind by turning his perception of his wife into something negative and something that he must rid his life of.

Homewrecker Graphic Photo

This is truly a demonic situation if I ever saw one. But the sad part is that this so called innocent husband is still trying to play along at home as if everything is just fine and is slowly being ripped apart and in denial about it.

He finds his mind totally gone when he is at home, completely distracted and finding himself so caught up in his passion for her forbidden pleasures. He will find every fault with his loving Wife who by now senses that there is a big problem in the marriage/relationship.

She bends in every possible manner to accommodate the ever increasing demands that after a time have crossed the line into complete insult to her character.

The Homewrecker allows her remote controlled power over this mans life to work on its own while she sits back eagerly awaiting his late night phone calls to her as she has placed herself in his life as an emotional safe haven for a situation that she initiated.


It’s almost comparable to a country covertly causing conflict (The United States Of America LOVES to do this!) between two neighboring nations and then offering to sell them the necessary weaponry to protect themselves in an inevitable war. Simply an evil means of wicked manipulation indeed!

Deep down this man knows that he is wrong but is too caught up in maintaining the drug like relationship to let go now and never thinks of the consequences of pain and suffering that will reverberate outwardly into the life’s of his Wife and children. He’s too far gone to even think that far as the only thing that can bring him peace in his mind is the next shot of whatever sexual fetish that the Homewrecker provides so well along with the verbal supplementation that fortifies her already mighty grip on his mind body and soul.

With the Homewrecker it is so much more than sex that took his mind over even though it is the most obvious thing for an observer standing on the outside looking in.

The Home-wrecker has become so much more to him in ways that haven’t been ventured in to. No, I’m not at all or ever blaming the Wife for pushing him away, although in some situations that is truly the case.

The scenario that I am touching on now is the one where it IS a peaceful happy home with minor issues that are not a threat to the basic foundation of the marriage union.

Broken Marriage

You see, if that home life was terrible or that marriage was on its way out the Homewrecker wouldn’t even be attracted to that man if that was the case.

The Homewrecker WANTS a happy home to destroy!

The Homewrecker gets her biggest rush and sense of satisfaction from devouring an already beautiful union!

…….and what that unaware victim of a man doesn’t know is that it is not necessarily HIM that she is attracted to, but the damn near perfect appearance of his life!

Happy Black Family

This is why the Home-wrecker is not some stranger or someone who has no clue as to how good this mans life is. Flings might come and go for that married/so called committed player who is on the hunt for a new prospect of a sexual playmate for a time, will NEVER get the time of day for a Homewrecker because her rush comes from the fact that she can break up a happy home which in turn temporarily feeds her bottomless void of low self esteem until it is time to move on to the next prey.

So Home-wreckers usually are very stable, likable and almost charismatic people who will be approached by many a good man but simply feels that she is not good enough to be someone’s number one, but loves being number two and the process of getting to be number one and then totally abandoning the situation when she gets there only to start the process over again with the next husband/family.

So men who have a great balance of power, status, respect and notoriety literally make this devious woman cream her panties at the thought of being desirable to a man like this. It’s not even about the sex with her and many times it’s not even about the money.

She holds a deep rooted resentment toward the thought of ANY woman having it that good with such a good man in her life and wants to prove to herself that there are no good men on the planet. So the moment she decides and discovers that you are a good man, she will slowly work you over because “how DARE you display to me what I can’t stand to know exists?”


See, if the Homewrecker knows that there are good men in the world then she has to rethink her entire perception of love, marriage and relationships. She usually has a deep resentment toward any aspect of two people coming together because she either has experienced a great disappointment in this area personally or by witnessing this at home growing up.

But remember, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the Home-wrecker is a woman who uses sex to her benefit as that is usually the smallest part of her influence on his mind, but sex is the well times seasoning that she uses to enhance her well prepared plate of seduction on his life.

In my next blog article I will continue to delve even deeper into the dynamics of the Home-wrecker and go into the many other types of Home-wreckers that there are.

Leave your comments below as I am truly interested in what you have to say on this topic!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Perceptive Brother With A Fully Operational Third Eye,



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June 15, 2020 8:32 AM

Very interesting take from a male’s perspective on the psychology of a home-wrecker. Best one I have read thus far. Thank you!

February 10, 2015 2:06 PM

I read this and don’t like to admit I can see the signs happening to me with my gf, its a good article and has made me think..

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