To Defeat Our Enemy We Must First Conquer Ourselves!

What Black People have got to understand is that we have more power in this world than the oppressor wants us to realize. That is why he has tried so hard to get us to embrace a synthetic culture as a cheap replacement from our own so that we can remain in defeat.

Our own?

Yes. And it’s not what you think. This is why he has tried so hard to keep our culture from us behind the windowless walls, hidden scrolls and secret handshakes that he has in place right under our Reality TV loving noses.

But ooooh when we finally awaken to make the imposter take off the divine garment that he has been masquerading around in while we were fast asleep…….

That’s why they kill us so easily. Like a spoiled child who doesn’t want to return the toys that never did belong to him…….

……..give it up Satan! It’s time to go back to your rightful place in hell……..!


But you know what?

But that will never go back to his rightful place in hell as long as we refuse to forever banish the synthetic cheap placeholder of a toxic mentality and decadent culture that we’ve grown to love so much over what we need to return to so badly.

How foolish does it look to see that we have the power to overthrow all oppression in our world in this lifetime yet we fail as a people collectively to activate it by aggressively applying ourselves to resist the devil and his ways?

What am I talking about?

Well let me break it down to you in plain English if it happened to go over your heads…….


We’ve got to get our heads out of the mind controlling and very addictive mass media machine.

While we feel as though we are adults and watching a little television for a innocent laugh or aimlessly surfing the internet is a harmless endeavor, it is actually desensitizing us to the very things in our communities that we should be focusing on to abolish.

We have become so hungry for a thrill that the very obvious danger signs in our world have been reduced to mere entertainment.

And the other non benefit of absorbing these images of buffoonery that are broadcast over the airwaves and throughout cyberspace is that the entire world is watching them also! And you wonder why we as Black people never gain the respect of others we all they see projected of us is that we are thugs, hoochie mama, baby daddies, baby mamas, ‘hood rats, illiterate, lazy, pleasure seeking and lovers of all things decadent.



We definitely have regressed from being a very physical people collectively to becoming one who is ridden with preventable health conditions that should not be there in the epidemic proportions that they are.

The high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and other ailments have been proven to be preventable if we would only manage our diets and exercise properly. But too many of us become very uncomfortable when the discussion arises on how we need to refuse to consume these synthetic chemical laced foods in favor of the real and true nutrition that God intended for us to eat.

So many Black people will tell you how much they love God but will turn around to disobey the divine dietary laws that have been put forth for us to obey so that we can live long and fruitful lives.

But we are no different than Eve in the Garden of Eden being seduced to consume things that we have no business eating. Afterward we then want to drop down and pray to God to ask Him why did this physical ailment happen when in actuality it had nothing to do with Him but rather your degree of disobedience to what He told you not to do in the first place.

Now let me say that all sickness is not the result of dietary disobedience, we cannot control breathing this bad air or drinking the toxic waters. Also there are genetic issues that give some of us a greater propensity for sickness over others. I understand this and have the greatest sympathy for those who must endure the pain and discomfort of those types of ailments.


But far too many of us do ourselves in with aging ourselves prematurely when it didn’t even have to be that way long before our time.


Do you see an elephant sucking the breast of a bear?

So why is it that we expect to gain spiritual clarity when constantly seeking out a truth in a false religion that was given to us by a wicked people who never wanted us to ascend to the level of living abundantly and possessing the fully functional spiritual antennas that will keep us a step ahead of all oppression?


With all of the religion in the world and houses of worship amongst us, why is it that there is still so much killing, hate, separation, rape, evil, hunger, greed and all out madness from sea to shining sea?

Evidently our religions are failing us greatly and we have become to blind to see this as we repetitiously go through our ineffective and impotent rituals hoping one day that “our change will come!”

Our change will come when you throw away that religion of the oppressor to restore what you were before he got his demonic hands on you causing you to hate everything that you were righteously to love all things that you have become in transgression to the true divine laws.

YOU are the church! You are the Mosque! You are the Temple but we have been duped into believing that the physical so called House Of God has some sort of power when in fact it can be torn down swiftly to be replaced be a McDonald’s or a WalMart in a heartbeat!


So when you see yourselves as the church and your bodies as a divine encasement for the Holy Spirit, we will fall into line because we will then know that we all have the potential to be fully sanctified instead of worshiping a damn brick and mortar structure.

The spirit of God is to dwell in the church that is US!

So in closing, for any machinery to work at its optimum, all parts need to be working properly onto themselves so that they can work perfectly as a collective unit.

If we as individuals crave justice in a racist society and to live well as our God intended us to, then we need to strive to be the best we can be before we can even begin to bring ourselves to the collective table for a revolution to overthrow the oppression of us all.

It doesn’t mean that we all have to have the same religion.

It doesn’t mean that we all have to have the same culture from our various nationalities.

It doesn’t mean that we have to have the same political views.


We must understand that our oppressor cares not about our petty differences when he moves in on any one of us to gun us down, lock us up, poison our food supply and give us the worst that this society has to offer of the services that our tax dollars pay for just like anyone else.

HE doesn’t care about our differences when he’s killing us so why should we?

We ARE family no matter what slave master’s name we carry! Do not worry about our small differences when our focus should be on the restoration of our minds, bodies and souls so that we can take back what is rightfully ours and that is the REAL LIVES that most of us have NEVER experienced!

…….and the time to make it happen is NOW!

We first must start with ourselves, self discipline and mastery of ourselves is the key!

…….more on that later.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Heated Brother,



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