Delusional Single Parents Who Misinterpret Kindness For Love! – Jessica Bordelon On LanceScurv

Author Jessica Bordelon addresses a unique phenomenon in single parents that is rarely addressed when the issue of relationships enter our conversational scope.

It’s about those single parents who misconstrue the attention that a friend or acquaintance may provide to their child to thinking that it might mean that they are interested in them – the parent – as a potential mate.

While most can understand that to show any decent appropriate attention to one’s child most definitely feels good, many might not understand that some may mentally cross the blurred line of reality and really get their hopes up very high when in fact all that friend wanted to do was to do something positive for that child in a respectful manner.

While we cannot say that we’ve taken and statistics or studies on this, I believe that it might be safe to say that there might be the possibility that this may happen more in the case of the single Mother who has a young child and feels good experiencing the bond that she yearns for but doesn’t have at the present time.

This is more common than we think and we would love to hear from others who may have experienced this or witnessed it firsthand in their personal lives.

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