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“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” Friedrich Nietzsche

Democracy signifies a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.

But it is to wonder if governments are truly governed by the people. Perhaps, in the beginning, at the foundation of a new nation, the government is more likely ruled directly by the people, but gradually as more elected officials are placed in power, and as the nation’s financial establishment grows hungrier for more wealth, I believe that we the people lose that power of governance. The United States, after vanquishing Britain, was governed, at the beginning by 13 states: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island. For each new amendment added to the Constitution, for each law selected, all 13 states representatives had to meet and come to a consensus for the people they represented. But inevitably, the more the young American nation grew in territories and wealth, the more the people, blindsided by hype of politics, became isolated from their direct influence on the government. More rules, more laws, more establishments were created, and more officials were elected, rendering the power of the people surely meaningless.

On November 17 th , 1803, the leaders of all the free tribes in Haiti gathered before General Jean Jacques Dessalines to ponder on how they will be rid once and for all of their white masters.

And General Dessalines declared to the tribes “The day you will have victory will be the day where you will be no longer afraid of dying for your own liberty. That day, I won’t need to lead. You will fight and march towards your own freedom.” And that is exactly what happened on November 18 th , the day of the last breath of the French occupancy of Ayiti, at the Battle of Vertières. All the tribes united on their own as one nation, unafraid and determined, waiting for Dessalines to lead them to victory. That day, the people decided. That day, the people ruled as masters of Ayiti, the land of free black people. Ayiti became a Republic and at the end of year 1804, in order to give the world, the impression of a governed nation, the people voted for General Dessalines to become the first Haitian emperor.

The following year, on May 20th, the first Haitian Constitution was published: The Constitution of 1805 (Webster University). And in it was stipulated that:
– Slavery was forever abolished.
– The Citizens of Ayiti were brothers at home and that equality in the eyes of the law was
incontestably acknowledged.
– Any black person landing there were automatically free and a citizen of Ayiti.
– And no white man had the right to buy property there or walk as master on that land.

The intent was to make Ayiti a haven for all black people escaping slavery, oppressing havoc, or chaos (Bello, Sovereign Haiti). They could come to Ayiti and become free black citizens. It would be comprehensible that American officials hearing of this would be quite disturbed and concerned about a black nation of free slaves inviting all black people and maroon slaves to join their nation right next door to a country with a population of 4 million African slaves ( Therefore, the elected president at the time, Thomas Jefferson, decided to impose an economic embargo on the young Haitian Republic, forcing the nation of free black slaves to pay in a period of almost 60 years, a hefty five hundred million dollars in gold for reparation to France. A financial punishment that Haitian nation never recovered from. Do you believe that

President Jefferson, a particularly cruel slave owner himself, consulted the American people’s opinion on the decision of imposing the embargo on Ayiti? We sincerely doubt that, because between 1774 and 1804, slavery was abolished in all the northern states (Takaki, pg. 99).

Although, from the 1830’s until the Civil War happened, some African slaves were being converted either into urban slaves or dirt-cheap labor, working in the new factories in the South
(Takaki, pg. 109).

Activism is the doctrine or practice of vigorous action or involvement as a means of achieving political or other goals, by demonstrations or protests. In the 1830’s, Americans grew used to the inevitable emancipation of the African slaves. The most vocal of black activists were Frederic Douglas and Martin Delany (Takaki, pg. 113). Other free slaves took the matter of freeing their kin into their own hands by either fighting back, like Nat Turner, or actively participating in the Underground Railroad, like Harriet Tubman. Almost 2 centuries later, with all the world’s technological advancements and comfort, things have not really changed much. Americans deprived of their freedom are no longer considered as slave. However, their free hard labor is still exploited by the Correctional System.

After their Emancipation in 1865, with the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments, black people eventually have gained their actual freedom and constitutional rights in 1875, even though, they have to enjoy true liberty, for you can only experience that when you have financial comfort. And to this day, white American households wealth is 13 times the median of black households, and only 4% of black Americans can be considered wealthy among the top earning households (Kochhar). That is why, in order to close that financial gap, black and white activists alike revendicate for a form of reparation from the U.S. government to the black community.

However, we know in the state Former President Trump left the country, that may never be realized. And there is also the gap between sexes. With all its Freedom of Expression and technological dominance, the United States ubiquitously titled Leader of the democratic Free World has yet to elect a woman president. When Haiti, a country devoid of peace ort democracy, had put one, Ertha Pascal-Trouillot, in office more than 30 years ago (Francois). India and Pakistan which are the most misogynist countries where women get disfigured with acid simply for rejecting a man, have several times been governed by female leaders (Yeasmeen).

Technology has not rendered the world better for the common guy. In some cases, technology is same the weapon the American government uses to oppress its master, the people. F.B.I. Director, J. Edgar Hoover, while his 37 years in office, has used all technological means to harass and persecute anyone, activist or not, colored or not, gay or not, that revendicated equal rights for all. He was known for wiretapping the phones of activists for Civil Rights, and for installing cameras in male public toilets to catch gay men in the act (McKee). Last year, while the nationwide protests for the death of George Floyd (May he rest in Peace), activists and demonstrators would strangely find their phone intermittently not working. They weren’t working because they were being spied on by local law enforcement using a IMSI Catcher, a technological device that mimics cellphone towers in order to have access to the logs and emails of the intended target (Libby).

That is how activists are treated in the country that screams democracy the loudest in the world. Although, on the flipped side of the coin, that same Stingray technology was also instrumental in capturing the hundreds of insurgents participating in the riot of January 6 th , 2021 at the Capitol (Harrington). Besides using the pictures and videos posted on social media platforms, the F.B.I. used the data “dumps” from the cellphone towers and were able to map all that were present at the Capitol Riot (Klippenstein).

The apparent conundrum in that embarrassing moment for our nation’s leaders is that for the first time in the American political history, we have terrorists white Supremacists who are fervent President Trump and Q Anon zealots who truly believed that they were activists defending the Democracy of White America from alleged evil and pedophiliac public officials.

They were ready to commit the treasonous action of kidnapping and murdering the Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence. And to be perfectly honest, we know those rioters probably won’t even experience a fourth of the punishment black people have experienced for centuries in this country. Their entitlement is so persistent that they will never realize how gravely they have wounded the United States political position in the world. For now, on, when the United States will revendicate Democracy and advocate Civil Rights, the world will simply have to point out to the Insurrection of January 6 th , 2021. When the United States government will threaten to sanction China, Russia or Iran for Human Rights abuses and lack of democratic values, they can now remind the U.S. of the Insurrection of the January 6 th . Iraq, Syria, Libya, China, North Korea, Somalia, Afghanistan, Russia, Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela and Bolivia have all felt the American democratic boot on their necks for more than two decades. And now, the world who has witnessed American Democracy in its witness shall put America in its place because in its own midst, the recognition of democracy is in peril.

In reality, we are witnessing the end of an imperialist empire. Because we are at the zenith of the debauchery, the degradation of family values and the abuses of human rights in this country. That was exactly the historical reality of Sodom and Gomorrah before they met their end. It begins with a sharp devalue of the country’s currency. Our dollar now is worth less than a Euro, a Chinese Yen, or an Indian Lakh. The Roman Empire, at its last breath, was no longer circulating silver and copper coins, but was using instead currency made of steel. When the French Aristocracy met its ends in 1791, France was financially and morally bankrupted. The French people was dying of famine, oppressed by a decadent monarchy, completely indifferent of their suffering. We are experiencing in the United States a historical sharp rise of homelessness that we have ever experienced. Hardworking Americans with paying jobs are finding themselves incapable of affording a decent place to stay. People die of hunger here in the United States every day while Congresswoman Pelosi is flaunting her freezer filled with ice
cream on social media.

Aside the monetary decline and the absence of human decency, grow the lewd gossips. Sodom is infamously associated with homosexuality and the first thing that comes into mind when the Roman Empire is mentioned, are their historical debauchery and perverted pleasures. Marie Antoinette was falsely accused of sexually battering her own children and the Romanovs didn’t escape the same slander. Isn’t it what’s happening right now with Q Anon, spreading disgusting rumors of sexual perversity about the Democrat socialites? Aren’t we experiencing the worse economic disaster that the United States have ever witnessed only 12 years after the Great Recession? Haven’t we chosen for the leader of our country the worst human being with the most deplorable moral values that you could ever pick as president of the United States? A man who is accused by at least three dozen women with visual witnesses and physical evidence of sexually battering them. That is an abominable blow to decency and human values.

Thirteen days after the Insurrection of January 6 th , Black Lives Matter demonstrators on Martin Luther King’s day protested peacefully in front of City Hall Park in New York. And unlike the privileged rioters who were cordially escorted out from the U.S. Capitol, those peaceful protesters were treated with much aggressiveness and violence from the police (Donnelly). They didn’t try to enter City Hall and they didn’t destroy or looted private properties. Yet, they were welcomed with an overwhelming show of police force. They were cornered, then taunted, pushed, shoved, tackled and dragged from the sidewalk (Mansfield). It is to wonder what makes their Freedom of Expression so different from that of the white rioters vindicating former President Donald Trump false claims of the 2020 presidential election results?

I grew up in an extremely misogynist and homophobic country where I was taunted and sexually harassed daily; a country where I witnesses little boys being murdered by merchants just because they stole a piece of bread. Thus, I truly appreciate the democracy here in the United States and my rights to express myself and denounce abuses against the destitute. As one woman, I doubt I will ever change anything. However, as a multitude, I have yet to see real change from all the activism here. There is no longer such a thing as democracy here in the United States. For with the help of technology, our society have replaced it by the good old feudal system, where we, the working class (the serves) are to work indefinitely until we die for a group of ridiculously rich and inconsiderate people (the aristocracy) who, yet again, have robbed us from our right to dignity.

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