Dencia’s Whitenicious Skin Lightening Bleaching Cream: Self Hate In A Bottle?

Nigerian/Cameroon based Pop Star/Singer Dencia has invited plenty of worldwide controversy surrounding her new skin lightening bleaching cream named “Whitenicious“.

Dencia sounds too much like Dementia.

I just had to get that off my chest before I move on to the topic of this article, but remember that I said that! LOL!

I’ve always commented on the state of the Black mind in America on the topic of self hate.

But this is no longer a domestic issue as much as it has become a global tragedy in the present day.

I mean, Blacks who hated the color of their skin and hair along with their facial features has always been an issue in other countries also, but what causes my eyebrows to be raised higher than ever is that this state of mind has gained speed and has been picked up by our youth domestically and abroad to the joy of those who seek to profit from it.

It’s not only the bleaching of the skin that reveals the level of self hate that too many of us try to hide from the world, but also the plastic surgery, liposuction, nose jobs and parading around with these ridiculous looking blonde wigs!

Nicki Minaj: Dencia's Role Model

And for those who are befuddled as to what does this self hate thing amongst Black people mean, it comes from the bombarding of the European standards of beauty in the media worldwide that shows the lighter skinned or White women as more attractive and desirable as well as the hundreds of years of slavery where we were taught to hate ourselves and the way we looked.

Trust me, I can go into the explanation a lot deeper but that would be an entirely different article and I don’t think that I actually have to preach to the choir here in the year 2014.

But my focus today is on the creator of the skin lightening cream named “Whitenicious“, the Nigerian-Cameroonian pop star/entertainer that goes by the name Dencia.

Dencia Whitenicious Skin Lightening Cream

It seems as though Dencia is upset with the comments that the 12 Years A Slave star Lupita Nyong’o made at a speech during the Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards this past February.

She read from a letter that she received from a fan that confessed to not moving forward in lightening her skin because of the pride that Ms. Nyong’o professed in her darker complexion after struggling in her youth with an inferiority complex because of it.

She actually name checked Dencia’s product “Whitenicious” during that speech!

So of course Dencia would not want the masses of women with darker complexions to embrace it and fall in love with it because it will affect her bottom line financially if they do.

Lupita Nyong'o is so different than Dencia

It would also expose Dencia for the obvious phobias that she has with her own twisted self image and her non existent self esteem.

But after Dencia saw how Lupita was so well received in Hollywood and even more so by the world of admiring onlookers, she took to her Twitter account to go on a rant that was basically driven by insecurity and envy.

It also didn’t hurt that Dencia took Lupita’s calling her out her product in a personal way to add fuel to her already out of control emotional fires when she raged out on Twitter.

Here’s what Dencia stated on Twitter:

“Every year the Oscars use 1 black scape goat 2 fool blacks 2 support them,this is ur year,next year another black person get over urselves”

Instead of being so hateful she needs to take the time to learn how to spell!

(Note: I had to copy & paste the above tweet from another blog because when I went to Dencia’s actual Twitter page timeline, that particular tweet didn’t exist anymore. Evidently she has SOME measure of sense than to smash the very Hollywood power structure that she would LOVE to be a part of!)

Dencia Whitenicious

But she didn’t remove the tweet that you see below that was posted on the very same day – March 1, 2014 – that the one above was that was later removed.

Now to further add an interesting twist to this tale, last week Ms. Nyong’o signed a deal with Lancome to become that companies first Black representative and ambassador.

This adds even more fuel to Dencia’s hate of Lupita, read her Tweet response to the lucrative Lancome deal.

Lancome Blanc Expert Dencia

The Lancome skin lightening product that Dencia is referring to is Lancome’s Blanc Expert, which is described by the company as “the latest brightening technology designed to regulate melanin production and awaken the luminosity of the skin.”

To be honest, I believe that Dencia is pissed that Lupita is backed by what she perceives is the competition, but while both of those products promise similar results, Dencia is more being slammed for representing herself in her ads for Whitenicious to be much lighter than she actually is.

Which speaks more through the visuals that her product is merely to remove and banish those dark spots.


But by the way she portrayed it in the ad, she is basically saying that SHE IS one big dark spot because she probably took a bath in it!

But we all know the magic of Photoshop and the wonders that the program can accomplish where an internal organ/ brain cell killing chemically laced cream can’t.

Check out the clip below and read into her arrogant self hating body language.

She is an attention starved narcissistic wanna-be, who after experiencing her 15 minutes of fame, thinks that she is a legend but only in her own mind.

White means pure? Did Dencia really say this in the year 2014? What has she been smoking?

It’s a shame that ANY company would seek to exploit the self hate that these particular types of women possess instead of encouraging every woman to love the skin that their in.

As far as Black Women are concerned, they are beautiful no matter what slice of the color spectrum that their complexion resides in.

And while their are many women of European lineage that are utterly beautiful also, I think that it’s a shame that the powers that be in the beauty industry, music and entertainment industry and media platforms continue to subtly push the mentality that lighter is better and dark is bad.

…….and you will discover that many men feel the same way too! As in the case below of Reggae recording star Vybz.

Vybz is just like Dencia

It will take a sustained effort to conquer this demon but as I look over the horizon in the Black community, I feel that we are fighting a battle whose troops are still immersed in the twisted thinking that we are inferior in our personal brand of beauty.

…….unfortunately for many of us, Black inferiority for many of us is so ingrained into the deepest fibers of our being.

This benefits Dencia, the figurehead of all things wrong in the entertainment world and a person who is in dire need of psychological help who is whoring herself to profit off of the unsubstantiated insecurities of her star struck Black Sisters.

I would have expected so much more from a woman who comes from the Motherland but you have obviously been sucking from the poisoned nipple of American Culture.

How can one live in the Motherland and turn out just as backward as those who were weened on this oppressive mind controlling system in Amerikkka?

After seeing how this world and the people in it are carrying on, I can truthfully say that nothing in this life shocks me anymore.

…….and it appears that it’s not going to get better any time soon.

We have got to pray VERY HARD!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Unshockable Brother,



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