Dick Gregory Transitions: Not A Time To Mourn But A Call To Arms!

The passing of comedian activist nutritionist Dick Gregory will be one of those times that I will never forget where I was when I found out. I was with my Wife and received a text message from my dear Sister Shelley who always happens to always be on point when it comes to keeping me up on things as they happen in live time.

It felt like a body blow when I read that text because although Dick Gregory was 84 at the time of his passing, he was so very active on the interview and lecture circuit. Maybe I’m wrong from my limited perspective but I never saw him slowing down in his schedule as he put in some serious work and held a measured pace of output that most people one-quarter his age couldn’t keep up with!

He was a man who new the importance of utilizing time to the utmost and also had to know that what he had to share was of extreme importance to the world.

I know that unless a person commits suicide that we all never know when that time will come to transition over to the next level of our existence. But something tells me in my soul that Dick Gregory knew that the time was drawing near and he had to truly forcus even more so to complete his work on this planet.

Age doesn’t necessarily bring wisdom but at 84 years old Dick Gregory was a man whose wisdom was truly beyond his chronological years on this earth. There are plenty of fools who hung around on this earth who never affected anything or anyone around them in a positive manner and Dick

Gregory isn’t one of them.

Can we really imagine what it is like to live the life of servitude that this gift from the Creator Himself has a pristine undisputed track record for?

Yet he never proclaimed any title or status, all he had to do was open his mouth and you knew that this man was powerful and had something of great value to share.

He spoke truth and lived it boldly in every facet of his life.

How many of these Pimp Preachers can claim the same status that is free from the stain of scandal?

Oftentimes while listening in on his interviews I couldn’t help but wonder how he feels when he sees how the world has evolved into what it is today especially when it comes to Black people overall.

Yes, there are many conscious Sisters and Brothers out here doing quite well but their presence has been drowned out when compared to the engineered defeat of a people who do not know where their blip is on the radar screen of the war on US!

The sagging pants, the incoherent examples of the English language, the dirty low down whorish substandards of many of our Sisters, the amplified self hate and the effeminization of our men to name a few gave him no choice but to speak out in a potent manner to our people because with all of the technological advances that we have been inundated with, we have regressed as Black people and the descent into the decadent abyss of animalistic behavior appears to have no end in sight!

Dick Gregory RIP -

Dick Gregory wouldn’t have angered anyone if he decided to sit down somewhere to get quiet never to get involved in the move to empower our people because he did more than most from several decades ago.

But he decided to push on and knew that he had a righteous mission to use his visibility and unique comedic style to bring attention to the issues that most never wanted to acknowledge.

I find it to be very intriguing that Dick Gregory’s time on this earth expired as the tensions have risen to levels higher than it has ever been with the many divisions in the country as well as the world.

This is what really righteously frightens me and quickens my steps to ascend higher consciousness when I think about the timing of his passing because the playtime is over and it is in my opinion a call to arms as the baton has been passed to us to continue the fight.

Too much time has been wasted and with the passing of Dick Gregory, the Solar Eclipse that we are now mere hours from witnessing, the release of the dark matter by CERN last year, the amplified madness of hate, racism, division, killings, spiritual wickedness and downright rejection of all things pleasing to the eyes of the Creator while we bow our heads to our Smart/Dumb Phones let’s me know that we are ripe for the taking if we remain in the state of perpetual stagnation that has been our credo as a people.

We had a recent movie titled “GET OUT” and you can’t tell me that it wasn’t a message to us as a people as we are on the brink of a Civil War as well as World War Three looms over us more so then any other time in recent history.

We all cannot be saved because most won’t reject their pseudo connection to the Oppressor that they have a classic case of Stockholm Syndrome for.

We love our enemy so much that we would rather kill our own culture and spirituality in order reduce and compromise our high frequencies in order to appear pleasing to them.

Thank God that we’ve had the example of Dick Gregory before us who spoke truth to power and never gave up on being an example not only on the high stage but more so in the trenches with the common man because he never forgot his humble beginnings and where he came from!

Rest In Peace Brother Dick Gregory, your time here on this planet was a job well done and we could never thank you enough for your lifetime sacrifice to enlighten us.

Just to name a few, please let Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad Ali, Dr. Francis Cress Welsing and the countless other revolutionaries who you’ve worked with in the past that we miss them in the same manner that we miss you and that I personally pledge to spend the rest of my life living in your example of standing up for what’s right and to walk in truth whether it is popular at the time or not!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,

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