Did Nick Gordon Kill Both Whitney & Bobbi? – The LanceScurv Show

Why isn’t anyone inquiring about what role Nick Gordon played in the deaths of both Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown?

He was present at the time of both of their deaths and they died in an eerily similar fashion.

Any detective worth his weight in donuts could figure out that there simply had to be a connection between the two deaths with him being a suspect simply because of his proximity to both.

So why is he not detained and questioned as a person of interest?

Is Nick Gordon on the payroll of Clive Davis?

If there is an Illuminati then somebody has to do the dirty work now don’t they?

Since Nick and Bobbi did drugs together with her obviously footing the bill to get the goodies, then it shouldn’t be so hard to get him to name his price as a heroin addict to carry out these two very public blood sacrifices.

It will be very interesting to see how this sad saga will play out!

Please leave your opinions, perspectives and viewpoints in the comment area below and let us begin a very necessary dialogue on this topic.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

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Nick Gordon Graphic

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  • Yetta Bell says:

    I think Nock Gordon did have a had in both deaths.

  • Nora McCabe says:

    I am bigger fans, believe Nick G. did

  • paul pitre says:

    I think that these things have to be investigated I feel something very
    evil went down here,
    whitneys death and now Bobbie something very wrong

  • linda mckay says:

    he wont money to he did love her you dont hart one you love god blessing
    her he did in she leave no moneys

  • linda mckay says:

    yes he did boths of them god blessing familys with love

  • Maryam Petrov says:

    He didnt kill whitney that was a pure illuminati whack job down to the
    numerology was on key her age the day even her hotel number that was a
    clean illuminati hit
    BK? It was sloppy not a whack job he prob beat her so bad he wanted to make
    it look like a suicide BK never took a bath she was afraid of tubs im sure
    he beat her bad and filled that tub up and put her head under then panicked
    took her out and now 6 months later she will pass he is scum look at his
    face hes evil as shit pat houston is happy money goes to them but nick
    killed her im sure

  • mama j says:

    Yes, just the fact they both died in the exact same way and Nick Gordon was there both times. Not to mention Bobbi Kristina had almost drowned in the bathtub the day before her mother was found dead and he was also there for that. In fact he called the hotel’s security to get them to help him get her out of the bathtub which he probably put BK in there hoping she would drown then, but she didn’t. I think his plan was to kill them both not necessarily in any order so he could control the one and get his hands on Whitney’s money. He’s a whack job for sure.

  • Louise Mcneely says:
  • Louise Mcneely says:

    yes i think he did it .. but i dont think he did it alone someone must have
    helped him

  • inanna Stanford says:

    Coincidences like this don’t happen. so why isn’t both incidences being
    opened back up and investigated?

  • James Del Margo says:

    Your thoughts are the same as mine. I am not a lawyer but Nick is guilty. I
    believe he will try to kill himself when the heat gets too hot. I believe
    he killed both Whitney and Bobbi Kristina. I HOPE HE HANGS – BY THE BALLS.

  • Venice Queenan says:

    Oh I definitely believe that simple ass nick Gordon had something to do
    with both Whitney and Bobbi Christina’s drowning. I think he’s so freaking
    delusional that probably snuffing out the two of them in the same exact
    manor would be a big payday of Whitney and Bobbi Christina’s money. That
    damn fool is a cold junkie/drug addict. And when I seen him on Dr. Phil
    show a few weeks ago, I was totally convinced nick Gordon is guilty of
    something horiffic.

  • Janie Young says:

    Max lomas stayements should be taken more serious something is off beat about what happened to whitney n bobbi what a shame to let it slide i pray that some one woll step up max lomas pointed us in a direction that should b looked at more aggressively ifont believe for one moment hat bobbi tryed to take her life n they should b cautious as to who is allowed near her it doesnt fit for a suicide nwithall the hefolks there idont belive an intruder entered unnoticed beside s f max had to let the cable guy in that means the doors were like locked it doesnt take colombo to figure this

  • Diana Bates says:

    Bubby Christian Brown they went out to some club do you know how young people are partying and having a good time it all the time the death was following her what about the other people that was in the house they know what happened and what went on that part of the plot to you need to ask more questions we’re really happy to have and they know more what happened in that house and why the other man took off running and her boyfriend I never did like him cuz he looked at kind of weird to me and he know what happened he kilter and all the truth shall come to the light can’t hide it no more its over with its just surface but I feel sorry for her that poor girl she went through hell she had all the most no good people around her she ain’t have nobody on our side Bobbi Brown should took hold of thBaby girl I hope you understand what I’m saying but I’m a little bit upset about this situation if you’re human you will feel it too n***** you hang out we will no good he’s a threat to society that’s why doctor feel sick why don’t you go look man be a man and tell what it really happened to Bobbi Kristina Brown you so much as lube did you kill the mama to I’m putting the offer out there be real

  • Carol Haywood says:

    Need to be investigated lie detector.test something about that nick reminds me of a crazy person

  • Mark Furrer says:

    whitney was kicking him out ….he killed her and was trying to hard to keep everyone away from chrissy..she was kicking him out and she took a bath too. i know I’m physic and see that devil

  • Anne M says:

    He placed himself at Whitneys death scene, he was also present when Bobbi K
    was found 24 hours before her mother died, supposedly fallen sleep in a

    Now 3 years later, shes dead like her mom, and her comes Nick with some
    faulty CPR skills Im sure hes never been to a class to become certified to

  • Sandra Chriss says:

    fowl play in both women, they were murdered truth will come out

  • Penny Maes says:

    I think nick Gordon played a huge part in both whittney and Bobbi

  • kallah6979 says:

    When it ALL comes downs to this case, THE White secret society is killing Bobbi Kristina . Do you all see these white jewish guys now surrounds this Bobbi Kristina case?

  • wanda conely says:

    Nick never shedded a tear on the Dr. Phil show.He fake cried and acted like an idiot.Somebody need to check out the friend Maxwell Lomas who was there and supposedly took her out of the tub.He could be Nick’s boyfriend/lover.

  • lone wolf says:

    I think the Houston murder Whitney and Nick copy and did Bobbi K !

  • GabbyRae Talker says:

    My gut tells me Nick Gordon did it! Took out Whitney Houston and her daughter. Would they please give him a lie detector test already.

  • James Poole says:


  • Aljahron Artis says:

    Yes he did

  • Me. I am WhitneyHouston Eternal love fan♥ says:

    Yes I do believe the bastard did do something to Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina he set both of them up I never believe Whitney Houston death was an accident and watching that Dr Phil interview with Nick Gordon he’s guilty as hell he knows he did something to them and now his guilt is eating him alive so now he tried to use drugs to cover up but the guilt is still there and it will never go away until he really tell the truth

  • JSummerBreeze .S. says:

    Yes i believe so. I don’t have time right now to state the reasons that I suspect this theory , but will come back later. Also I’m pretty sure lomas was supplying Whitney with certain drugs aswell as BK. .

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    I think Nick Gordon is suspect and should be investigated. As a matter of fact, I’m looking at a CNN video on the sidebar here asking the question: “Who is Nick Gordon?” Nothing good can ever come out of anyone being a heroin addict like Nick Gordon and this sad and hurtful tragedy is case in point. Godspeed to Bobbi Kristina and well wishes to all of her family and truest of friends.

  • Sherrie says:

    I had a gut feeling he killed and then staged both to make it look like a drowning! I hope it comes to light. Just make me sick.

  • Obaseyi Oyetunji says:

    Did Nick Gordon Kill Both Whitney & Bobbi? – The LanceScurv Show:

  • Whitney Fan says:

    Yes I believe he did kill whitney! Something is not right with Nick and I believe Whitney was fooled by this little brat. He murdered Whitney thinking she put him in her will but once he found out that she didn’t he planned to then murder Krissy. He waited three years to strike again. I hope his plan failed. I pray Krissi doesn’t have a will because she would have probably put Nick down as her beneficiary.

  • cateyes2929 says:

    Like your video by the way, too short tho 🙂

  • cateyes2929 says:

    I have ill feelings of this Nick Gordon character, something isn’t right, I picked up on it a long time ago when the Houston’s did they’re reality show. I believe there is a lot more to this story then we know, and I’m pretty positive Bobby Brown knows alot about that incident. I don’t blame Bobby at all for not letting that boy around his daughter. He and the police knows something.

  • The Ascending Mind says:

    Who’s gonna do the investigation? This is bigger than many know and want to admit.

  • LanceScurv says:
  • >