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Samuel L. Jackson has always seemed to be a straight up man to me who speaks what’s on his mind regardless as to who is around that might disagree.

He has played many roles in his wide ranging career in Hollywood and is one of the hardest working men in the industry right now.

So when I heard his comments toward the Bill Cosby rape allegations I felt as though I may have heard more coming from him than what was interpreted by the masses who’ve allowed what I thought were some well crafted and well rehearsed words that basically threw Bill Cosby under the bus in a masked way.

The way in which he spoke his assessment of the Cosby situation was one to say to his Mainstream following “that you won’t get any trouble out of me” as long as “you allow me to thrive in your house!”

Where Samuel L. Jackson’s words a way to distance himself from Bill Cosby’s troubles and to make him appear to be a non-controversial “safe Negro” by the same “powers that be” who are going after “Dr. Huxtable?”

Please leave your opinions and perspectives in the comment area below.

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  • BabyGurl says:

    LMAO!!!!! I always said he was Guilty(Sorry)!!!!
    I;ve heard things about Bill Cosby for years
    I’ was with Samuel on this one.

  • tubester4567 says:

    omg wake up, I was a fan of cosby but after 40+ women have come forward both black and white, Cosby is done. I think some black folks find it hard to believe that a black guy could exploit people like this. This is what happens when you have money and fame. Some people will abuse it, and rich/famous people get away with stuff in this culture. Cosby got away with this shit because he is rich and famous.

  • Crystal Smith says:

    Hollywood, is a trip. I don’t wanna spread, what I heard, but on these Illuninati, video’s. One of them tho mentioned that Samuel Jackson, had to sleep with the director of I think it was Star Wars, correct me if it was that one or one of those Empire Strike Back, whichever one it was years ago. They were saying that’s the only way he got that leading role in that film. What your saying makes me think about th rather it’s true or not. I seen on Illuninati video’s that, in that industry, men have to sleep with men, and women have to sleep with women. Otherwise, they won’t let you have part of their riches, unless, you follow Satan. They also said most of them have to marry, someone in the industry, because most of them are following Satan, and if you date someone, not in the industry, their afraid, that they may convert, you to believing in God. Their job, is to keep you lost in darkness. I like the light. I used to want to be a singer, years, ago, but not at the price they have to pay. I care more about what God thinks of me, than the world, and Satan. He can only send you to hell. It’s hell enough here. Your a good brother, I love, the way you talk. It’s good to know everyone isn’t lost. Keep it up Lance! Peace!

  • Kevin Hawkins says:

    So Lance; in your final analysis are you saying that these women have no bases to come forward?.. regardless of any stature of limitation?And your statement about President Obama… “what has he done”… what has Congress not done to stop Obama”s national program initiative’s. Black men in power… No different that what Bill Cosby is doing. There is nothing in the Cosby industry that affects or effects how America continues, There are too many other power forces that would say; Who cares? Phylicia Rashaad, Whoopi Goldberg, and a few others have spoken in Cosby’s behalf; gingerly I would add.As for Samuel L. Jackson has a right to his opinion… Yet his statement might be the catalyst to propell the evils of illuminide.And the beats go on.

  • A Charles says:

    good video LanceI agree with you

  • Dolla Phat says:
  • Ramona Carver says:

    Those vultures want 2 exhaust his bank account because he has 2 much money. Trust me this is a ploy from the powers that be who can’t stand the fact that a n***** has this much money. So what do they do? They kill his character via a witch hunt!

  • Ramona Carver says:

    He doesn’t want 2 lose his Caucasian audience so it’s easier 2 sell Bill out. If he had said I don’t believe Bill did it, that would have been the demise of his career.

  • Ramona says:

    You hit the nail on the head as usual. I guess I detected what you did. But it’s good though I ain’t mad at Samuel, it’s good 2 know who is 4 you & who is against you. I don’t need no coward soldiers in my army. I need someone who can stand the test of time & who ain’t afraid 2 stand against the opposition. Its a good thing I’m not rich & famous because I would shut the entertainment business down with my take on Cosby. They would probably exile me to the land of Patmos!

  • Bethany C. Williams says:

    Did Samuel L. Jackson Throw Bill Cosby Under The Bus? – The LanceScurv Show:

  • Bethany C. Williams says:

    Did Samuel L. Jackson Throw Bill Cosby Under The Bus? – The LanceScurv Show:

  • >