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Samuel L. Jackson has always seemed to be a straight up man to me who speaks what’s on his mind regardless as to who is around that might disagree.

He has played many roles in his wide ranging career in Hollywood and is one of the hardest working men in the industry right now.

So when I heard his comments toward the Bill Cosby rape allegations I felt as though I may have heard more coming from him than what was interpreted by the masses who’ve allowed what I thought were some well crafted and well rehearsed words that basically threw Bill Cosby under the bus in a masked way.

The way in which he spoke his assessment of the Cosby situation was one to say to his Mainstream following “that you won’t get any trouble out of me” as long as “you allow me to thrive in your house!”

Where Samuel L. Jackson’s words a way to distance himself from Bill Cosby’s troubles and to make him appear to be a non-controversial “safe Negro” by the same “powers that be” who are going after “Dr. Huxtable?”

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