To die in vain is a terrible thing because it means that your cause ends the moment that you take your last breath. If those of us could only realize that we would die in vain then most of us would abandon the investment of time and the resources that it takes to keep the roll rolling with our particular mission. We would also question those around us in life if they were really about the mission that they claimed to support with the own blood, sweat and tears.

Mrs. Scurv – aka LilyFiyah – makes the inquiry to the general masses of Black people across the globe that if Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley and Malcolm X – and the countless other freedom fighters who are not listed here – didn’t die in vain then why are we living the low vibrational lifestyles that are so heavily promoted by these satanic media outlets to sink straight into the subconscious minds of out youth? In the present day it is almost as though these great men as well as our Sister/Warrior/Queens never existed. There is a definite engineered disconnect between Black people and what we are to do as a race of people at the present time.

We haven’t a clue and it appears to be that we want to remain clueless…….if this might be the the way of the future then those who are awakened need to pack it up and build a nation of our own in a distant land! This is how serious it has become and I for one am not going to take it passively. The others will learn only when the heat is turned up on their backside and will give them no choice but to walk the straight and narrow. The question is, will there even BE a second chance after things go south?

Please leave your perspectives in the comment area below and let us continue this very important discussion. Enjoy!

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