In this artificially engineered worldwide pandemic it is quite clear by now that the goal behind it is not about health, it’s about control.

The vast majority of the people who inhabit the earth are more interested in things that are not important but are very much unaware of what is transpiring in the world around them. They shun responsibility that they must have for themselves and push it off on the politicians. They give their all to a man-made religion yet they never activate the seeds of greatness within to manifest a glorious life as they would desire it.

But not of the sheets are being pulled from over their eyes they can’t stick their heads in the sand anymore they have to now face the grim reality of what didn’t have to be if they took control and saw the red flags from many years ago appeared. Right now for many, it is too late for damage control as the karmic debt of their ignorance is too high of a bill to pay in such little time.

It is comparable to a car speeding to a wall at 90 miles an hour and then at the 20 foot mark away from the wall you think that you can put your foot on the brake to avoid collision. Many people do not want to hear it when those of us who are called conspiracy theorists who actually saw the walls closing in on the life that they considered one of normalcy. This thing called normal never existed, it is and was in illusionary state of mind which was nothing more than a fantasy that one can escape to.

So when I hear individuals state that they cannot wait for normal to reappear and for things to go back to the way they were I can’t help but chuckle to myself. All we can do now is to get a grip on the situation and minimize the damage to our own personal lives and for those who do not want to heed the call to action then they must suffer and do without. This is not the time to convince or waste your resources and time to enable those who previously labeled you as nothing more than a conspiracy theorist who is also a mentally unstable person.

The next big thing to hit us all over the world is what we’re seeing now as far as digital censorship. We are not allowed now to express our opinions on these social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. I’ve told people for many years that if you cared to read the fine print before signing up on these various platforms you would have realized that you have given them power over your content and with the government behind them your privacy is a thing of the past.

The World Trade Center attacks in my opinion was an inside job for the result of the world desiring to give up their privacy so that they can allow the government to find the bogeyman name Osama bin Laden. You have to understand that when you enemy seeks to change reality right up under your nose he does so incrementally and very small doses, this way you do not detect the direction in which they are seeking to take your life and the lives of the entire planet.

After we gave up our privacy right after the World Trade Center attacks, we were given social media in a more intense fashion because many of us are so paranoid to go to the shopping malls, the nightclubs or any other space where people gathered in large numbers because of the fear of a bomb or a terrorist attack. We were ready to embrace wholeheartedly the cyber world that never existed, but it was a safe haven from our point of view in a very poisoned place that we thought was good.

In actuality we jump from the pan deep into the fire because as we communicated intimately with one another on social media we were actually giving away the most intimate secrets of our lives to the delight of the powers that be. I remember hearing many people who were unaware of the union of government and social media say that they don’t want to put their business out there for law enforcement and the government to get their hands on yet they would look at me crazy when I told them they should be careful on what they say on such a public forum where privacy doesn’t exist.

Now many have found out the hard way through the alphabet boys getting information that they wouldn’t have gotten their hands on if it wasn’t for social media. Now this so-called wonderful gift of cyberspace and the social media platforms is now being something that is censored and most of us get angry that we can say or express ourselves the way we want.

But again, you have to realize that we do not only is platforms which are directly connected to the government to make the job of the FBI, CIA and all other government agencies easier.

But they never figured when mapping out this carefully constructed plan to rob us of our privacy that they would be those of us who utilize it in a positive manner to inform and inspire our people and in essence taking their sword and shopping their head off with it. Thus, we now enter the age of censorship and it’s not want to and right there. We will always communicate with each other directly but that’s not as effective as having a very popular online platform that reaches millions it is very influential and very much a threat to what the powers that be desire for us to think.

Because behind the censorship will be even more types of censorship beyond the scope of a person who is against the vaccines that are pushed by the world health organization and their minions on social media and in the government. This is bigger than a vaccine, this is bigger than a virus as it is merely a distraction from the rights that we thought we had and will soon realize we never had it all.

When doors are kicked in and when people are forced to do things that they felt were violations of their human rights they will then realize that we now live on a prison planet and unless you are ready and prepared to let go of all connections to everything that you feel is yours you will not make it.

You must realize that your status in society, the money that you have in the bank and all that you thought your life was according to the system means nothing and it only means something to you and you only. After collecting decades of data on you on social media it will be used against you, to locate you and bring you if your personal use don’t match up to what this world dictatorship wants you to think.

I must say in closing, that this is a long-term and well thought out plan that depends on your connection to all things carnal in all things material. If you can master your lower desires and control your thoughts you have a really great shot at surviving and thriving in this world that is about to be turned inside out and upside down. If you lack discipline, focus, vision, the ability to be long-suffering and to work hard you might as well give up now because those are the qualities that you will need to survive and make it to a life that others will never see.

So just like those African kings and queens that were enslaved on the plantations of this place called America we have used social media to share revolutionary thought but this time the oppressor will not allow us to speak freely for very long.

Because he well knew that those Negro spirituals that were sung right in front of him were really plans to escape the plantation and plan a deadly revolt on his stronghold over our lives.

So until we have platforms of our own we will never have the freedom in someone else’s house. So there is no need to complain about what they dictate to us to do on their platforms all we can do is hope to unify to build something of our own.

Feel free to share your perspectives on this video and on these words shared with you from the bottom of my heart. It saddens me to know that many seemingly intelligent people refuse to see the handwriting on the wall and to walk right into the hands of those who want us slaughtered.



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