Divided We Stand, United We Fall: Will This Be The Sad Legacy Of The Black Race?

It’s no surprise that I speak about race and how unnecessarily divided Black people are a whole lot.

To some, I speak on it far too much in a manner that eclipse my other obvious talents and abilities.

You should hear what they say to me…….

“Why don’t you tone it down a bit?”

“What happened to you in your life to make you so angry?”

“You could have gone so much further in your life if you only knew how to keep your mouth shut about certain things and play the game!”

Yes, I’ve heard it all and a whole lot more, but regardless as to how certain people have viewed my journey on this planet, I’ve always walked a different path and danced to the beat of an entirely different drummer.

…….and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You see, what some fail to realize is that everyone is not motivated by riches, power, status or popularity.

Some of us merely want to right the wrongs in our midst even if it means doing without the seductive trappings of the illusion called a comfort zone if that is required.

Sure, I love nice things. I love peace and quiet. I love getting along in a synchronized manner just like the next guy but when the least if my brethren is in pain, hungry and out of doors, doing without or facing any form of lack unnecessarily due to the exploitation of another, then it’s my duty to speak up in the manner in which I’ve been empowered until that bad situation ceases to exist.

Poverty - Divided

In other words, I love my people and I love ALL people and will never hesitate to be the catalyst for positive change.

It’s what I was put here to do and if YOU never realized it or refused to acknowledge, it’s what YOU were put here to do.

Righteousness and all things good are supposed to be present everywhere and on all levels, so when a call to action is made you are supposed to influence that situation in the best way that you are equipped to do so with the talents, abilities and positioning that God gave you.

If all of the good people of the world thought this way on a unified front, evil all things satanic would be banished literally overnight!

…….and the world would be as God intended to be as a virtual “Heaven On Earth!”

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done, On Earth As It Is In Heaven!”

But because we have compromised what little integrity that we thought we had for the worldly trappings that are so very fleeting, negativity has been given a free pass to move about the earth freely and unchallenged.

This is happening to the entire human family but allow me to address the subset of Black people in America because that is one of the perspectives that I can break down to you so clearly because of my close proximity to it.

You would think that after all we’ve been through in our journey here in America that we would treat each other with such a deep love and reverence.

Nine times out of ten this is not the case even when the surface facade tells us otherwise. While there are some sincere and loyal individuals out here in the Black community, they are far and few between with most only interacting with others having the mindset of elevating their own selfish agenda at the expense of the whole.

…….it’s the Crab Mentality at its BEST!

Crab Mentality  - Divided

This gets us as a people absolutely nowhere fast.

We who are cut from the deceptive cloth never realize that if we stand divided, we fall together, hence, the title of this blog article “Divided We Stand, United We Fall!”

When will we realize that as Black people – with so many forces coming against us – we’ve got to think of ourselves as one unit even though we will never be a monolithic people.

What do I mean by divided we stand?

Well, when many of us get to a point where we get our lives together we will become “stand offish” with those who we have come up through the ranks with in our various areas of excellence in life.

You can see it on our jobs, a person who has a coworker that also is their friend can begin to distance themselves from their buddy once they receive that promotion to become a supervisor or work in a different area to garner more bills on their paycheck.

When we feel as though we’ve “made it” many of us feel that we have to take ourselves away from those who’ve always been there for us.

It’s just another variation of the slave mentality. We feel that the next man is a threat to take away what the slave-master gave to us so in order to not to lose the token position given, we must alienate ourselves from those with “a lesser status.”

Fired - Divided

The sad part about it is that it doesn’t guarantee us any security in the home of the corporate slave-master because at the end of the day when that position is snatched away from you and given to some other empty vessel who has no character, you’ll need somewhere to go that one true friend to whom you’ve turned your nose up to as though they were inferior will be the one to embrace you into a state of reassurance.

But when I speak on the elevation of those Black people who happen to be considered the downtrodden and disenfranchised, it’s my hope that you understand where I’m coming from when I focus on them so much.

Those who fall under that categorical umbrella are the weak links in the chain of the human family and are in need of a divine elevation.

While there are many who live on this planet who are in the same position in maybe a different manner, these who I speak of re in my personal path therefore it is my humane duty to life them up because I believe that I can reach them better than someone who lacks the common denominators that I do with them.

So understand that I would never ignore anyone of a different race, culture or creed if I could help them in anyway if they crossed my personal path in need, but it’s almost like a person who is suffering a heart attack causing others to scream for a doctor to appear.

If I’m a doctor and not proficient in the skills necessary to help this person stay alive then what good is it?

I might be just a foot doctor and impotent in my skills to be able to help a heart attack victim.

So if I understand the special language that Black men and women speak just beyond the range of another whose understanding can’t reach as far as mine, don’t demonize me, allow me to get the job of elevation and inspiration completed because to raise any downtrodden human being is to raise the entire human family overall.

But many people simply don’t think of it that way so since we are so demonized and no one shows an interest in our collective plight, those who get blessed with an opportunity to physically make it out of the Black community never look back because they’ve fallen victim to believing the press clippings that are based in propaganda.

Those of us who are aware of the slow burn and erosion of our people MUST sound the alarm and take immediate action on a positive level to inspire by the deeds that shine brighter than mere words.

When our youth especially see that someone really does care about them enough to invest the unconditional love and time in them then they will automatically feel so much better about themselves.

Teach The Youth - Divided

So instead of the counterproductive knee-jerk reaction of running away from our challenges that await us all in our communities, we’ve got to run toward them to rectify and correct them because no one else is going to come in and do for us what we need to be doing for ourselves.

Divided we stand? No! We can’t move about the earth in this manner anymore!

We should never feel as though we have become successful when the least of us still dwells in darkness and under the shadow of despair, hopelessness and death.

Look at the world and how many houses of worship are erected to dot the landscape, yet evil, greed and all things carnal dominate the world.

There is something wrong with that picture indeed.

So in our revived mission to do for self and influence all who come into contact with us for the better, never allow anyone to make you feel bad about helping your Black Sisters and Brothers to claim that you are only racially motivated when in fact you are the best person to do so as your critics have never addressed our problems except to air our dirty laundry in the spirit of ridicule.

To uplift our people is to uplift the world!

Never forget that.

Young Black Doctor - Divided

…….because the cure to AIDS, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and all other ailments that kill us just might be buried somewhere deep in the subconscious of that young gang-banger, prostitute, or dope fiend nodding out on the corner oblivious to the madness that their drug of choice isolates them from.

As God’s fruit, we ALL have seeds within just waiting to improve the world in amazing ways!

Let’s cultivate those hidden seeds of greatness that lurk unseen in our people starting right now.

United we stand, UNITED WE FALL!

…….it’s that new mentality that will elevate beyond all expectations and one that our open enemy does NOT want to hear.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Determined Brother,



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February 24, 2015 10:14 AM

Descent is the term I meant to use

February 24, 2015 10:10 AM

You said a mouth full here. My sentiments exactly. Jealousy I don’t want the bad talk around me!!! We as a people can not unite due 2 jealousy and envy. Those who don’t go on 2 make it are envious of those who do and those who do make it look down on those who don’t. Not realizing that the folks they crossed over climbing the corporate ladder will be the same folks they have 2 pass when they come down. It really irks my spirit that we are so divided as a people and it’s killing me softly. I thought I was a lonesome dove but I see you feel the same way I do. Our people started the road to decent when we took our focus off of God. Until we get back 2 our roots of worshiping God in spirit and in truth we will continue this downward decent straight into hell. I wish we could all get on one accord. One thing about our white counterparts they will stick together whether right or wrong and we as a people could learn something from them. Blessings to these inspiring words.

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