Iconic Rapper DMX, at the time of this writing and video, is on life support at the New York Hospital in White Plains New York after suffering a heart attack brought on by a drug overdose that left him with very little brain function on April 2, 2021 at 11 p.m. He at this time is in grave condition as his family has gathered around him at this crucial time. Understand that this conversation happened at that particular time (4-3-2021) and any subsequent events were not known to the participants as things can have a way of happening so fast so please keep this in mind as you listen.

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  • LanceScurv says:


    DMX was also not loved by his mother and was looking for love. A few years ago he came out and talked about the music industry as well as the abuse that he experienced from his mother. DMX said how she would call him every name in the book, as a young boy.

    Names like your no good your not going to amount to anything, this was done to him from the age of 5 plus, so no wonder the poor guy got into drugs. You need to have a strong foundation at a young age so that your able to navigate your life much better, as you grow into manhood. I remember feeling his pain when he talked about all the name calling his mother would call him.. Don’t quote me on this but if I’m not mistaken, he said something like she called him black and ugly.

    I remember thinking that DMX was drop dead gorgeous and what was his mother’s malfunction. But then again we are living in the belly of the beast, and for their system to work and to sever them well they must make sure that we destroy ourselves and our young ones. So I’m not surprised whenever I hear negative things happening to our super stars..

    This system that’s called white supremacy or colonization is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do to us, which is to destroy us.

    And so it’s working very well in the eyes of white supremacy/fragility. For along time their caveman system of white supremacy, and the killing of Black men was looked upon as our fault. But now the world is able to see that their frequency is all wrong and that, they are designed to kill us.

    I blame the Black Moore’s for getting us into this quagmire. My son and I did our DNA, which I wouldn’t recommend anyone doing theirs. But then again even going to the doctors and having blood work done, they’ll still be able to get your DNA. Getting back to my point, my son is 9 percent European while I’m 1percent. In his 9 percent he had the Neanderthal gene.. My point her is that, the Neanderthal gene is designed to kill us melanated people whenever they see us, and the slightest thing we do will set them off.

    Now as black people we will have a little bit of Caucasus mountain Neanderthal genes. But the people with out hue/melanin are designed to kill us. Why else are we being killed whole sale, for centuries by them in all different types of scenarios. Maybe its time that we demand DNA testing for those who are killing us whole sale, and laws be changed ASAP because some people are not humans. I was watching some old footage of reselling a few weeks ago, and there was a reseller by the of mankind. This had me think 🤔, mankind and human beings. This is very interesting and one we need to investigate more.

    As human beings we we come into this world with different frequencies, my frequency allows me to appreciate nature, while other frequencies allows them to appreciate blood, gore and murder. So once again I blame the African Moors. In our DNA we are related to Ramsey’s the third, and we are Jamaican heritage.

    I’m not surprised because the so called middle east was once apart of Ethiopia. Before the Northern man came down from the Caucasus mountains and into middle and North Africa. And started to push the dark beautiful skin people towards the southern parts of Africa. Love your show and I have being following you for 3 years. Love 💘 power and light to you and your family

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