Do Christian Preachers Prostitute The Name Of Jesus For Money, Power, Status & Sex? – The LanceScurv Show

With all of the push for prosperity, increase and abundance, has Jesus Christ gotten lost in the fray like a timid shopper with a small stature on the front-lines of an aggressive pack of Black Friday shoppers hellbent on getting all they can get in record time?

Do people attend church for the righteous fellowship that will bring a closer relationship with God or is it a Saturday night Social Club replacement with all of the carnal amenities of a sinful world all shrewdly cloaked under the paper thin false belief in a mighty God?

Stronghold Graphic

We’ve all heard about trickle down economics, but what about the very much real phenomenon of trickle down faith? It’s a real issue in our churches today because the Pastor is responsible for being the one who sets the tone for the entire congregation the same way the CEO of a profitable company sets the tone for all its employees.

So if the Pastor’s basic drive is for Money, Power & Sex then what do you think the weaker easily influenced members will have as their mission statement even if it’s not spoken out directly to them but absorbed subconsciously as they see the movements of their Pastor between the lines?

Rolls Royce Wraith

This is why every church that has wayward leadership has a stronghold that emanates from the dominant spirit of that designated spiritual head.

If the push for more money is the overriding spirit in that church then the congregation will display that and look down on those who are not in the perpetual grab for cash.

False Prophets

If the quest for power leads the head of that church then the impressionable members will be more class conscious on a worldly level and isolate those who attend without the letters of scholastic achievement or a title of corporate accomplishment behind their name.

If the Pastor is saturated with the spirit of lust and has the roving eye for his next sexual conquest in the form of that gullible woman who feels that she’s getting closer to God by giving herself sexually to a man who is supposed to represent Him, then the behavior of the congregation will be pulled into a wonton direction.

The Pastors View

So with so much going on, where does Jesus fit in and is His holy name merely the lure prostituted to attract the spiritually needy into a trap for their own profitable gain of the aforementioned carnal rewards?

The question may seem harsh but the reality is even a bigger bitter pill to swallow!

This episode of The LanceScurv Show is guaranteed to evoke some very passionate deep emotions and will cover the many aspects of the modern day Church in a swift manner. We are going in on this as always in a Bold, Raw & Uncut manner! Be prepared and know that you have been warned!

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