It’s amazing to me when we have one of our own share their knowledge and experiences on the show to have others who can’t accept the point of view that they may not agree with 100%.
It only shows me that black people the world over are not all ready to show each other respect no matter what platform they are on.

Seemingly intelligent individuals once challenged by information that might shock your subconscious mind and make them realize that there is a bigger world out here on the mental spiritual and physical level it appears as though they have to get into attack mode.

This phenomenon was quite evident on this particular episode of Denina The Titan Spirit. Why are we so quick to judge another person who looks like us when we know what many of us have had to go through in a world that hates us because of the color of our skin and the power that this skin represents.

Our enemy does not want us to come into the knowledge and awakening that would have us functioning at 100% of our spiritual physical and mental powers.
It’s old news that they must keep us dumbed down, fighting against each other, always looking for flaws in each other to keep us perpetually at each other’s necks while they make their own progress and we help them to keep us down.

So anytime we have a program where the conversation is vibrating on a higher level there will always be those who may in the past have presented themselves as intelligent individuals who have an open mind to listen to someone new yet when they sense that the vibration is a bit higher than their comprehension they must attack it in the chat room in the comment section.
It never ceases to amaze me with the timing of these attacks, as soon as possible the conversation reaches a spiritually high crescendo here come those attempting to cause chaos so that the point would never get made.

Sister Denina has been fashioned and made in a very special way and I understand this to be the truth after speaking with her in off the air conversations.

Many people are very intimidated and an individual who has such a mighty energy and is built to fight.
When you are a warrior, a fighter and one who was prepared to go to war on all levels of our existence it can be quite intimidating to many who know deep down inside that they are not where they should be in their lives.

So instead of absorbing what someone is sharing from their journey and taking the good and leaving the bad if you feel there is bad to simply move on elevated from the good they took.
When someone takes the time to share information that could possibly elevate you why is it that we can’t appreciate that person because they have been fashioned in a unique way yet that energy is right on point.

The packaging of those righteous individuals that take the time to share with us information that will elevate us will not always be made to order, will not always be what we think it should be, and will not always resonate at first because we are focused on a lower vibration and not the energy as it is presented.
I myself have been out here on these social media streets for a very very long time, this doesn’t make me better than anyone else because there are others who I feel are more elevated than I to whom I learned from every single day.
But I will say in my years of producing and multiple lanes of the online experience I have seen the majority of us as black people as intelligent as we may appear regress into nothing more than maggots crawling over each other mindlessly battling and never getting anywhere.

It’s because of this that I have stopped attempting to please those entities who show me that they are mindless and have no righteous intent to improve.
I say this in this manner because I will not waste my remaining years attempting to convince those on such a low vibration to unite and come together for the common cause of our collective elevation.


When you think of how the true revolutionaries and unsung heroes of the last several hundred years in our recorded history have gone unappreciated and unloved to not even be back by those that they fight so hard for it makes me realize that what I see today is nothing new in the black community.
So what am I supposed to do?
Am I going to abandon the mission that I feel in the deepest recesses of my heart?

Am I going to continue to be ridiculed, put down and relegated to a category to where these individuals spend lots of energy attempting to discount my personal experiences as I share them?
I say to you now that I will never stop as long as I’m breathing, as long as I have strength and a sound mind to continue on doing what I’ve been doing for so very long.
But the fact of the matter is I’m not in this for fame, attention or fortune and I think most who have been with me know that are ready.
So after proving myself in living a life that shows that I move without fear to speak our truth that has resonated with so many people not only over the last almost 21 years online but for my entire life.
There are those who see that they can get attention from wearing the dashekis, verbally plagiarizing the content of smaller channels and speaking in a charismatic way when just the other day they knew nothing about what they claim to know.
But I know my walk and I know what I have been through and I know the conviction in which I create.

This is not a fad, this is not a fleeting style but it is a living diary of what my walk has been as a black man who has had multiple experiences that are beyond countless to share with those who are younger and coming up to have to deal with the same challenges.
For those who want to ridicule anyone in our family who wants to share their journey to uplift all of us I can tell you now that I have no place for you in my life.

If you seek to come on my platform to get next to those who trust me and know me and know my character for your monetary profit don’t waste your time, please keep it moving.
From this point on we are about our upliftment as black people on a mental, spiritual, emotional and physical level. And of course of those four after mentioned levels there are the unique blending’s of each one.
There is a lot of work to be done as the damage that has been inflicted on our people for so much longer than 400+ years it will take possibly even longer for us to come back into our own to vibrate at the highest levels.

So with so little time and so much work to do I myself do not have the time to put anyone of us down in their attempts to lift us up.
And if you have that kind of time to put down a person who is sincerely trying to help no matter what the packaging of that person, no matter what the style of delivery of that person or what spicy words they might use in the message.

The rule on this platform is take what you consider to be the good and leave what you might consider to be the bad.
Our sisters and brothers are not made to order as we in our journey on this level have court scars, wounds and severe trauma to our being so if we speak in a way that you may deem offensive tried to be considerate to understand that when they do speak this way is because they’ve had to endure a trauma that they are to be applauded for surviving.
It all depends on how you look at the situation to have sympathy on our sisters and brothers to know that at the end of the day all we have is us.

There can be no communication amongst us unless we can sympathize with what the oppressor and the enemy has done to us all.
If you cannot be one to appreciate the amount, little or big, of what they bring to the table that you need to meditate, focus within and grow up before you come here.
Because here we show love to each other in an unconditional fashion that may not be the norm across many other social media platforms and that’s okay if that’s what you want to do you can go there to put others down.

But, this platform is not about that drama we can agree to disagree and use our disagreements on other philosophies as a means to grow to know if there was something in that philosophy that was good for us all to know if it is not the right way for us to go.
There is so much more that I will be saying on this topic but at the end of the day on this platform we will always show each other respect.
If you think not just know that it will be enforced strictly because our growth cannot wait any longer.

Thank you for taking the time to read this word as I will be writing so much more from this point forward.
Also thank you for your support in subscribing to this platform on all social media levels as I have committed the rest of my life to sharing what I know so that you can benefit from my life’s walk.
It is my way of saying that I love you forevermore and I would not want you to make the misjudgments that I have, I do not want you to make some of the decisions that I made that landed me into learning a hard lesson.

Consider me to be the equal of that older uncle who you can talk to about any topic at all to know that you’re gonna get a very realistic and raw response is well as advice.
Reach out to me anytime as it is my duty as a servant of my people to be there for them for no other reason other than the fact that I want to see us thrive and live a happy progressive and balanced life no matter what the turmoil we find around us we will be the winners in the end.
Much love to you all,

Your Brother,
[email protected]
407.590.0755 (WhatsApp)



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