Do You REALLY Understand…….The Value Of Life?


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Old age, from what I have witnessed does NOT devalue the sweetness of life, it is actually quite the opposite, it increases ones appreciation of life if a person understands how to really view the God given gift of their life.

You may witness an elderly woman have a bit of difficulty making each step to move about the earth, but what many do no realize is that SHE may APPRECIATE each step that she IS allowed to make more so than someone who takes their youth for granted.

Her long walks in her youth and deep meditations during her prayer time has forged a bond with her God that allows her to know how much of an immense blessing it is to tread the very same earth that she grew up in as a child. Many of her childhood friends have since passed on but the memories of their joyous frolic bring a laughter to her heart, further giving her a sense of intense gratitude as she understands the value of this sometimes frail experience called life…….

Take the time to walk with her no matter how slow she moves, you may find that what she has to share will be an answer to that rough dilemma that you are going through right now……

Don’t be too quick to feel sorry for that elderly man shuffling slowly in the park all by himself and who most likely may not see as well as you do, because the sweetness of what LITTLE eyesight that remains is FULLY utilized, and in actuality he may be feeling sorry for YOU who never take the time to absorb the beauty of a butterfly happily gliding through the garden or the beautiful glow of the sun setting behind a lake while the gentle breeze makes the reflections of the suns rays in the lake dance his soul into a state of relaxation that we may NEVER enjoy with the hectic money driven mindsets that we have in trying to gain more material trinkets.

What he has seen with his eyes over the course of many decades has given him a wisdom to behold the TRUE glory of God through his respect and value of life as he knows his Creator has been that constant thread that has held his life together in the fabric that has been his life……..

Take the time to absorb his views as he shares what he has seen over a lifetime. To “see” what he has experienced would make your life easily avoid the “potholes” that lay in our path and cause us to lose precious decades!

And while grandma may not speak as fluently as she did in HER youthful days, what little words that she can find the strength to muster contains a wisdom earned over the course of a lifetime riddled with the sweet sensation of victory, the bitter pill of defeat, the challenges that accompany the passage of eras and the lifelong issues that plague our families regardless of our worldly status! She has truly been there and done that.

And her precious priceless words speak volumes for her appreciation and value of life…….

Your life would run so much more smoothly if you take time to hear her views…….

Laying back in the hospital more than likely on his bed of transition a man grins to himself as he clutches the various hands of his family members and loved ones.

This man is about to so called “die” with a smile on his face while many of us who have been evaluated with a clean bill of health and a projected “many more years to go” by our doctors after a yearly physical can hardly muster even a false Colgate smile as God blesses us with many a day!

But why is that man who is in his last earthly moments smiling as heartily as he is as though he is a young man who just hit the lottery for 200 million dollars?

Well, aside from the fact that his loving family may not share the same facial expressions understandably at this particular junction point, all would agree that there is an extreme closeness here that is unparalleled in most families as this IS the reason why this cherished man who lay in the hospital bed is now smiling!

You see, to completely understand this peaceful picture of intertwined mutual emotions of love, you must know that it stemmed from a decision many years ago on his part to reject the overwhelmingly available hours of overtime available on job.

Now, he knew that a little here and there to reach a specific goals for a preset measure of time would have sufficed just fine, he also knew that literally to LIVE at his job, “killing” as much overtime as humanly possible would have inevitably uprooted any semblance of a connection and intimacy that he is privileged to bask in abundantly in these last few precious moments!

While providing ones family with creature comforts, gadgetry, baubles and rubies beyond their wildest expectations, the material items alone could NOT have brought them into this divine bond of collective family love that was cultivated NOT from the purchase of goods, but the “just because” downtime spent when you love your people from the heart!

Passing on to the next level can be a very delicious experience when you know that you have “touched” those who are your loved ones in a way that transcends time and space. For it is only a matter of a short time before they too shall join you in the bosom of our Lord ONLY if they do the right thing as you did!

Do not feel sorry for that crippled woman whose hearing was permanently damaged in a near fatal auto accident recently in the prime of her life. No! Don’t pity her at all! Why? Because the music in her soul that SHE hears constantly many will NEVER hear as she thanks HER Creator for another day to see the sun shine down on her! You see, while many of her faculties have been shut down making it seemingly difficult to function as others in perfect health, the unseen trade off is that SHE has stared death in the face unprepared and KNEW she would NOT end up in a happy place if she was allowed to be taken away off the face of this earth. So while you may say that she should be overjoyed to be alive after being rescued from a mangled burning vehicle just in time you are only PARTIALLY correct in that she IS happy to still be here but what YOU may not know is that SHE knows that she now has the gift of ETERNAL LIFE when once before it would have been ETERNAL DAMNATION!

While those in passing may feel sorry for her as there features wince in disbelief after every glance upon her mangled atrophied form, little do they know that SHE prays for THEM that THEY may understand that they are going nowhere fast without having God in their lives.

Take the time to really understand those who the world deems as handicapped and maybe just maybe you will come away from your experience with them feeling as though YOU are not as fortunate as they are! What good is having the blessings of good health when we use our mouths to curse, blaspheme, slander, hurt and mislead? What good is it to have a sound mind when the thoughts that dance around in our head only are plans for things unrighteous and ugly in the sight of Gods eyes? What good is it to be alive yet never know what it is to live? So many of us HAVE the fully working physical faculties but are REALLY the ones who are truly handicapped and unable to live a FULL life because of the unseen afflictions and dysfunctions that plague us in our everyday lives!

So NEVER assume that because others may not seem to be as fortunate as you are in the many categories that we deem important in this life that THEY are living any less than you are. If you scratch a little bit under the surface you might discover that THEY more so than you, understand the VALUE OF LIFE……..


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