Do Your Present And Future Kids A Favor And Choose A Worthy Mate!

Kids are the glue that will keep us attached to a psycho imbalanced non productive bum of a mate if we don’t take the time to get to know them and see the well hidden dangers that lurk within.

You will always love your children but it’s painful when you are stuck to someone to whom you had these lovely children with that use that connection to bring a literal HELL to your life at every single turn you make.

But at the end of the day you really have no one else to blame but yourself!


You had all of the power in the world to make a choice but more than likely something else blurred you common sense in seeing what this person was all about in the first place!

Maybe it was lust.

To many of us go after a person as a potential spouse because they made us hot and horny and probably blew our minds in the bedroom. This is the case many times but how could you think you could create a solid relationship built around those fleeting feelings enjoyed during sex?

Many professional sexologists as I like to call them, have specialized talents that they use for their benefit to blow YOUR mind to have an exclusive access to YOUR resources and whether you want to embrace this or not it is the absolute truth!

I know of grown men who are nonproductive and living off of some poor unsuspecting woman who go downtown here in Orlando to the bus station and hang around there ALL DAY LONG trying to talk to different women in order to find their next catch!

These guys are always well dressed and smelling great. Well why wouldn’t they be? Their hard working lady makes sure that their man wears the best! This is how they creep past the defenses of most women who would just love to have a reputable man in their lives as they never realize that they are being played to the hilt.

It’s one thing to be taken for a ride by one of these clowns in the pocketbook but it’s another to totally fall for the lies and start having children with them.

And while I may present these words as though I am saying that it is the men who do this understand that you have too many scheming ass women out here too who are just as slimy!

The horror stories are endless as the cycle continues of a man or a woman who just can’t shake off being in the unwanted clutches of a former mate to whom you’ve made the bad choice of having children with.

Sure, there is the Child Support issue and how it is used as a ball and chain around your ankle to handicap you from ever living a full and productive life. No don’t take me wrong, both parents are necessary in the proper rearing of a child no matter what has transpired between them but the fact of the matter is that wouldn’t it have been so much nicer to have been together with someone that had the same values as yourself and stuck the relationship through by compromising their differences in the same manner that you would do yours for the overall good?

Stop assuming that what comes to you in a pretty package is always something good! Heck. Even the devil himself comes to us as an angel of light and so very appealing. Avoid a lifetime of disaster and stress by taking your time when you think you’ve met that special someone because to merely jump in wholeheartedly as you are bathing in your post-orgasmic bliss is the wrong thing to do because when that orgasm wears off you can find yourself knocked up and pregnant in a sorry state of affairs!

Too many of us are so eager to pop off children with “this one” and “that one” and never think about the repercussions that are sure to come when those same children have grown up to figure out that you’ve lived the life of some hot in the pants wonton out of control sex freak! How do you justify to them the lack of restraint that you possessed when you were “doing your thing” without a care in the world but now want THEM to live a holy life when you were never an example of anything that came close to the divine?

For those who’ve lived a life without and visible morals or balanced judgment, children these days too many times are circumstantial, in many cases they are the result and proof of a hot bout of lust gone bad and mere reminders of a dark period in ones life.

Now maybe you have this bum of a mate whose only motivation is to climb up on your backside and grind off another orgasm as well as getting up on every female in his midst (Your girlfriends too! And some of them are definitely with it also!) that he can get his ruthless penis inside of.

Many of us when we were younger always felt that we were just too smart to allow certain things to happen to us but when looking back over our lives we realize how naive and stupid we really were because in a moment of stolen pleasure we can subject ourselves to a lifetime of pain, embarrassment and frustration from the foolish choices that we made.

Not only that, but it is very selfish to bring children into this world without planning for them by living a life that includes them in everything long before they get here. Don’t shoot sperm first (Or let some sex crazed man with unstable nomadic tendencies shoot his load up into you!) and ask questions later when it comes to the long term drama of having to deal with the consequences of your blind lust because these are the circumstances that one can never avoid once it’s placed by your doorstep.

You need to find out everything from the beginning, even the stuff that he or she isn’t willing to tell! Get a copy of that license and get their exact social security number! And the better not move their mouth to even question you on why you are doing that! Just let them know that if a place of employment has the right to ask for their credentials and one is only required to be there for only eight hours for the day then you sure as heck can ask for more since they will be laying up in your pussy 25 hours/ 8 days a week!

Dysfunctional Family

But in all honesty as corny and dated as it may seem these aforementioned scenarios bring to mind the divine laws of God.

…….and don’t act like you don’t know where I’m going with this because you and I both know that if you played by the rules that you were taught as a child you wouldn’t be all caught up in the drama that you are now in!

If we controlled our horny asses and stayed OUT of the bedroom as well as that backseat in the car, maybe we would have spared ourselves the frustration of being connected to a knucklehead that we wish that would disappear.

Whatever happened to courting someone for a long period “just to be sure.” At least you get to know their rhythms and can evaluate for yourself to make the decision if you could deal with the streaks in his underwear that you find in the hamper until happily ever after.
Whatever happened to dating merely to sample the energies of different people in order to learn which personality traits you just absolutely abhor?

But no! We don’t do these things anymore and we are missing so much! It’s to the point where we have swallowed a couple of gallons of their crotch-sauce before even getting the opportunity to meet their family!

But since you were so caught up in the lust aspect of this modern day dating scene and laying down with a new sex partner, you couldn’t discerned the fact that you were screwing around with a person from a extremely dysfunctional home where the regular past time was to severely beat their women and kids for sport and play.

But you found out the hard way, because it’s sure easy to get in and so hard to get up. There is so much to a person that you probably wouldn’t find out for many years until the circumstances around you both stir it up. So why do we rush? Is it because we feel that there are not enough good catches in our world? Or maybe we feel that time is not on our side and we need to jump on the first thing on the menu that’s in front of us.

The problem is that there are MANY menus out here in the world with such a depth of quality people and as far as time is concerned, why jump into something so fast and piddle away the little time that you have in misery? You will realize that time goes nice and slow when you are in a dead end relationship that’s full of abuse of all kinds!

The main point is that your choices and decisions will surely come down to affect your present and unborn children in a very strong way. We never seem to take that into consideration when things seem to be all good. Never forget that the sins of the father will definitely affect the children so take your time, think before you haphazardly use your genitals and make sure that this person that you have your eye on is a kindred spirit who desires the same long term total commitment that you do!

Your children are depending on you to do the right thing.

…….and if you choose not to follow God’s divine law on how you conduct your life, then know that you are ON YOUR OWN! So do not complain when you took the free will that was given to you for granted and now face the consequences.

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