Does Donald Trump Understand That This Is A Run For The Presidency & Not Some Cheap Reality Television Show?

I don’t know what’s going on in the world today. Maybe I woke up on the wrong planet where they do things a lot different in the political arena or maybe I fell on my head and didn’t remember how things are supposed to be down.

But isn’t it supposed to be that when a candidate who is running a campaign to be the President of the United States speaks about the
important issues that he will deal with if he  is successful that continuously speaking about a damn birth certificate runs the risk of
making him look inept and downright stupid?

Well I guess if he continues his rant then he will be a surefire Republican front runner in no time flat because most of that parties
ideology is based on stupidity if you really want to be truthful about it.

And I must say that I have never been a fan of politics whatsoever and will not spend my remaining days on this earth shadowing every single move and utterance of these politicians who are certified whores that will turn on you and change their allegiances and tunes in mid-flight like their promises never took place.

But for Donald Trump to continue to dominate precious airtime with his rhetoric about President Barack Obama’s birth certificate not being authentic it makes you wonder what is he really trying to say?

Is this all it takes to become a parties hope for victory in the 2012 presidential election? Well if that’s the case then ai better start
packing from now because I have often said that I do not want to spend my golden years in this faded glory of a stripped out country.

No way!

And by the way things are going today with so many of our Biblical prophesies coming to past we may not even HAVE a 2012 Presidential election at this rate!

I’ve often heard it said that President Barack Obama will win the election easily because the Republican Party CAN’T win. Sad for them indeed when here we are just less than a year away from the intense campaigning that will be going on and that can’t even find a favorite to head their own doomed and outdated party! So this is the idiot that we will have to hear from until that time? If so, I’m already through with this mess.

Being a fellow New Yorker to Donald Trump, I always thought that he was a pretty cool character. Back in the late 1980’s I would see him at ringside watching all of the big Mike Tyson fights and thought he himself was somewhat of a comeback kid when he took that financial fall to hit rock bottom only to return back just as strong as ever! I thought he “repped” that determined and aggressive New York spirit quite well when he pulled THAT rabbit out of the hat.

Yes I know, he had woman problems and was rumored to have a harem of them but not to excuse any of his moral transgressions, it would be hard to NOT have a harem aggressively running you down when you have that kind of high profile status and disposable income at your beck and call. Heck! Maybe it’s a good thing that I don’t have that kind of financial portfolio and status in society because I would have to live my life reclusively in the mountains somewhere and would probably become a Black Howard Hughes! Dang, I don’t even have that kind of money and am damn near living as a recluse right now! Lol!

Not only that, but ole Donald has his roots in the Jamaica Estates section of Queens New York. Not too far from where I was raised, so I have always felt a connection to his “swag” up until now…….

Now? He comes off like a whining little brat who can’t have his way. Maybe this is the real “id” that has driven him to the top at one time in the corporate world but this won’t get him anywhere when it comes down to dealing with the real issues that the suffering and frightened American people have to deal with day in and day out.

We don’t give a damn if the President was a Martian, just help us get some hope that we can live a normal life without these kind of stress producing events transpiring where we as the blue collar hard working (When we HAVE a job!) people of this country who NEVER complained about putting in a hard days work but expect the so called promise of this land to hold true to its word when it is our time to retire or need  assistance on a medical or financial level. No handouts. Just a fair system that takes care of us just as we have contributed to it.

Isn’t that simple enough?

Maybe The Donald has forgotten that every time he steps in front of the camera that it is not about ratings or securing that next big advertising contract but if you are going to claim that you want to be the President of the United States you are going to have to learn how to temper that bratty attitude that you have because wars are caused and lives are lost on decisions that you would have to make if you held that office one day. But in reality you wouldn’t ever have to worry about that at all because the American people can see right through the opportunistic ploy of an attention hungry narcissist who desires to turn an entire Presidential run into his own private soapbox for the purposes of private gain.

…….and THAT sounds more like a novice than someone who was supposed to be as worthy and knowledgeable to have an apprentice!

Don’t waste YOUR money or OUR time Mr. Trump, if you keep up the foolishness you are going to be shocked when you hear the words that you have learned to shout so well…….


We better say that to him now because that grown spoiled brat will have us on the brink of World War Three in NO TIME if we don’t!

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