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This is a topic of concern that many have wanted an answer for yet didn’t really know how to put into words without being misunderstood.

While we all know that there is no one official LGBT or Homosexual Agenda, as there are just as many factions and variables to that umbrella community as there are in any other, the feeling amongst many who support the more traditional ideals and concepts of community feel that they are being marginalized in the very same manner that those living the LGBT lifestyle preference have voiced for many decades.

One of the most recent and very public manifestations of this concern was the very scathing and divisive statement from Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz, when he stated to a Starbucks shareholder during their Annual Shareholders meeting this year was that “If you support traditional marriage then we don’t want your business!”

It was unbelievable to me to hear someone who has so much reach and influence in the business world spew such an inconsiderate statement that seemed to be driven by an influence beyond his usual passions for all things inclusive.

Was his arm being twisted to make a statement such as this?

Not only that but where were the cries from the LGBT community against what Mr. Shultz said because if any one community knows the feeling of being shut out it’s the LGBT community and in this case they should be the first to speak out and denounce Mr. Shultz words!

No maybe I’m wrong about this and I am sure there are some in that lifestyle that don’t feel that what he said was right but what I’m getting at is with such availability to so much information these days online why is it that one could hear a pin drop on this issue?

But then again hasn’t it always been this way in recent years when it comes to discussing gay issues if one is not gay? Whenever anyone straight really wants to say something about the LGBT community on the record or publicly, they seem to always pass the mike or take the low safe road of silence.

Why is this usually the case nowadays?

There seems to be a great fear of some type of repercussion when it comes to speaking about the LGBT community in anything less than favorable terms. Many have expressed fearing the loss of their jobs or the loss of business profits if they were even to mention how they truly felt about Lesbians and Gays. It is a well known fact that one hasn’t a clue who is really a part of that community and therefore keeps their mouth shut on any issue concerning them instead of running the risk of being blackballed in their particular area of expertise.

While all communities will be spoken badly about out of ignorance at some point or another, why is it that it seems that the LGBT community will tolerate NO disagreement to their lifestyle even in a non-hateful manner?

Is there REALLY a Gay Mafia?

We need to talk about this immediately!

I want to hear specifically from those in the LGBT community as well as everyone! Intelligent and respectful dialogue will be enforced on this show as everyone will receive lots of airtime to express their thoughts. Anonymity is guaranteed if required due to ones societal status.


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