Does Your Job Have The Right To Monitor Your Facebook Activity?

Tonight we will discuss the practice of employers who police their employee’s Social Media/ Facebook activity in order to influence their personal lives under the threat of a level of punishment or termination because of their breaking the ethical policies of the company.Is this just going too far?
Why is it important for a company to peer into the private lives of their employees as long as they are producing a quality performance satisfactory to the employer/employee agreement that was signed at the time that the job was accepted?
While it is accepted that whatever is posted to the various Social Media platforms becomes public, why should an employer concern themselves with what is shared during the employees private time away from the job even IF they decide to speak their mind on the touchy issues such as religion and politics that are usually a hush hush endeavor during the hours of work?I believe the creation of Social Media has taken away lots of the power that these oppressive employers have enjoyed ever since this thing called “job” has ever existed.
By that I mean there is no more privacy anymore on a modern day job, as soon as the word gets out about an unfair practice to one employee, the whole entire world will know about it as the news can travel more swift than a boss can move to do any damage control that will help him to cover himself.
Facebook Privacy
Overheard and unsubstantiated gossip will spread at the speed of light and these power hungry bosses being human, want to know who is screwing who isn’t getting along with who not always to be the peacemaker, but to use this information to their advantage so they can be better manipulators to maintain a healthy bottom line.And don’t think that bosses aren’t human and don’t get upset when they find out that you in actuality are living better than them when they know that the salary that you earn from them cannot pay for the lifestyle that you enjoy.Social Media has in fact opened up an entirely whole new dynamic to the workplace that I feel had no way of being prepared for.Overall, while the employers can snoop on their workers pages until their hearts content, the fact of the matter is that the employees are the ones who are empowered as their communications can go on privately away from the snooping eyes of an insecure power hungry boss or company.Many jobs are using Social Media as a gauge to decide whether to hire someone or not but where do we draw the line? How far should they be allowed to go and how can we know that they are not being bias anyway?

We have many areas that have gone long ignore to discuss on this show and I hope that we can come away from it informed, empowered and more aware as to what an employee has the right to do with the information on your Social Media expressions and what they CAN’T!

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