Donald Sterling Stars In Al Sharpton’s Latest Act In The Circus Of Exploitation

Al Sharpton only fights where the money trail leads him!

Al Sharpton understands Black people’s pain and has made a career out of it.

Anytime there is some money to be made by twisting the arm of some corporate entity here he comes as though he represents us whose heads are under the guillotine of racism every day in America.

It’s that cheap ticketed Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey circus that attempts to pass itself off as the brilliantly executed acting in the Shakespearean theater.

…….and in that circus Al Sharpton is the biggest clown of them all.

But wait! Al Sharpton is also one of the greatest magicians ever to step foot on the now up for sale manufactured and government backed facade of a civil rights movement.


Because a fair amount of Black people have been falling for his tricks – hook, line and sinker – for many decades now which makes them the biggest fools for his slight of hand smoke and mirror deception.

Lions Sharpton

Sadly in the year 2014, this is how our so called civil rights leaders like Al Sharpton line up like well trained animals when it comes down to speaking truth to power especially when their is a profit to be made from their subservient demeanor while their people continue to be exploited!

How in the heck can anyone be that one to speak truth to power and be that threat to the exploitation of Black people and lay in bed with those same demonic entities in the media with their blessings if you weren’t part of the hustle?

Wake up people!

Al Sharpton is loved too much by the enemy to be someone who you can trust as a leader for a people that never got elected into that position in the first place.

The government and other dominant communities here in America love to choose our so called leaders because to do this they actually control us.

Simple as that.

But because most of the so called individuals who are in a position of influence to guide the thinking of their Black constituency as well as being in a place where they can allow the media to spotlight them for their ratings makes their movements very suspect to me big time!

Where is the grassroots movement that Al Sharpton really has?

Hollywood_Sign Sharpton

Sure, anyone can fill a hall to the brim as a speaker when there is a million cameras there to guarantee that all will be seen worldwide. It’s because Black people love to be seen and heard – that’s no secret – as well as loving to hear themselves talk.

But where is the real movement that we can see everyday in the communities when no big story is being shoved down our throats in the so called mainstream media?

Where is the bloodshed that comes when the revolutionaries stand up to put their lives on the line to stop the exploitation on the spot when dealing with their oppressors?

Somebody please tell Al Sharpton that real revolutions are not prime time events that are negotiated in a corporate boardroom to make a profit from before moving on to the next hand picked high profile highly publicized circus of a traveling roadshow.

You see, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. never had their own television shows and they damn sure didn’t need a Social Media that didn’t exist back in their day to reach the ailing and hurting people.

malcolm-x sharpton

What they did was get out amongst the downtrodden day in and day out to maintain a strong connection to their base so that when the word was given to act in a particular manner to either boycott, march or resist, the people responded because they knew that their was a sincerity from their Brother.

And this was the way it was with ALL of those who were leaders in their own right in the civil rights movements down through the years, so don’t take my mentioning only Brother Malcolm and Martin as a way of ignoring the countless contributions that were given by the huge faceless pool of people who deserve the utmost honor for their sacrifices.

But now, the civil rights movement is something that is disconnected from the people and it is something that you simply observe. You don’t get involved with it anymore because there really is no place at “their” table for you from which to bring your case.

Martin Luther King Jr. Sharpton

If you’re not lucky to have a situation that can be viewed as one that can bring the maximum number of ratings in the media outlets then you are s**t out of luck.

It’s no secret that I am privy to hearing some sworn to secrecy behind the scenes information by those who agree with my platform and what I have to say as a regular blue collar guy who toils in my lane without any visible fanfare.

And what I am here to tell you is that Al Sharpton, the NAACP as well as many other high profile civil rights organizations in the year 2014 are really out there for profit and profit alone.

Would I reveal my sources? NO! I wouldn’t break their trust that way!

I don’t snitch on those who have shared something groundbreaking with me and I don’t wear wires…….

If there wasn’t an Al Sharpton in existence, one would be created.

As a matter of fact, Al Sharpton – even though he is a living breathing individual – is a manufactured entity highly promoted to the masses as being some representative of Black people.

But I guess I was asleep or on a different planet when he was voted in and have seen no record of him being officially placed in the position of representing Black people as though we all think the same.

But Al Sharpton’s latest act in the circus of exploitation is the intended sit down that he is scheduled to have with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to talk about whether Donald Sterling will be removed permanently from the NBA and as the owner of the Clippers organization.


Also attending will be Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League and the NAACP new president elect Cornell Brooks as well as the NAACP’s currently acting president Lorraine Miller.

While Sterling has been banned from all NBA activities, he is charged by the NBA with damaging the league and all of its teams.

My thing is, you can “scare” all of the other team owners who may feel this way about Black people from being as open about what they feel in their hearts in what amounts to a modern day version of the slave plantation but you won’t STOP them from feeling that way.

And what does it matter, we weren’t put here to worry about the sickness of racism as it exists in the hearts of a hateful people anyway when there is so much work to be done in our communities from the ground up.

I think it’s a waste of time to run Donald Sterling down for what shouldn’t be a shock at this point, what we need to do is to focus on ourselves as a people and unify to shut down our support of a league that has profited from us and has a majority of players that ARE us!

PageLines- L.A.ClippersProtest.jpg

Let Donald Sterling keep his team, we should be the ones to cause him to go bankrupt when the seats are empty and void of a Black presence.

All the meeting will do is teach those who are secretly racist in power how to avoid facing the consequences of what dwells deeply in their hearts.

In other words, it ain’t changing a damn thing!

In Sharptons own words he proclaimed:

“[Owners] should know that we expect them to vote unequivocally to permanently remove him, this would be the official vote — that the civil rights community would in no way, shape or form want to see them back down off of this, including engaging whatever litigation that Sterling decides to do. Whatever it takes, by any means necessary, Sterling must go.”

“Why do we only have one black owner?”

“I think that we can’t do anything about him making money, we can do something about him holding a brand and a coveted NBA title. The humiliation and the example that he will become far outweighs the money he makes. He’s already a multimillionaire. He makes another few million, that’s not going to change his lifestyle, but if he stayed in that position it would change ours — because it would mean that racism is acceptable.”

While the words of Al Sharpton are definitely on point, my thing is, what about that forgotten situation in the ‘hood that gets no publicity and has no chance of producing the high ratings necessary to garner the attention of the big media giants?

Adam Silver Sharpton

Now I know that one man can’t do everything but why is it that anything that Al Sharpton “goes after” are only high profile high profit events that makes money for everyone up top from the networks to the pockets of these frauds that are propped up as the leaders of an entire people?

Brother Malcolm and Martin would be rolling over in their graves now if they could see what a circus and profitable business to the oppressor that the civil rights movement has become.

The saddest part about it is that most of us buy into it every time and get fooled by the same tired old tricks even though we know it’s not real.

It’s time for a real revolution. One that will truly place fear in the mind, body and soul of those who exploit and oppress us. Until then, we are our own biggest enemies and need to discipline ourselves away from the trinkets, baubles and rubies of those who rule us by our intoxication and addiction to them.

Be ready to die for what you believe in and a lot of this shit will stop on a dime!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Radical Brother,



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