“Don’t Get Mad Wit’ Me!”



Lavern Baker – Tweedle Dee Dee

Ain’t that some mess that you can’t even discipline your babies no more? Now you may not think I am all that smart….and I know all I got is a fifth grade education, but I got sense enough to know that if you don’t straighten you kids out from when they are young, they ain’t ever gonna turn out any good!

Now don’t get mad wit’ me!

That’s in the Bible.

I forget what scripture it was, but Pastor was preachin’ on it last week and his words just touched me so!

See, nowadays, it’s NOT okay anymore for a parent to whip their kids backside when they step out of line ’cause you as a parent can get locked up and thrown in jail if you do…but it’s okay to let them grow UP crooked so the same jail can get them caught up from young so they can give free labor to the government!…..

You see, this came to me in a vision one Saturday night when I was up late cookin’ my  Sunday after church service dinner. God told me that if the government can get all of our young black kids locked up, they can get all this free labor to build their businesses just like back in slavery times.

So if they keep NO chances for a good education and a good life out of our poor neighborhoods, what other choice do these kids have but to do something bad to get some pocket change?

And the government can say: “We didn’t put them in there!” But you know what? They sure have a master plan for them when they DO get there! Girl!

We got to chat later on! Call me tonight ’cause I got to go, I forgot that I left some pig feet and collard greens cookin’ on the stove!…….

Johnnie May Pope, 52, a God fearing, praying Valdosta, Georgia single mother of nine very successful adult children, all whom have graduated from college with honors and who happily recall the memories of the whippings, discipline and tough love that their mother gave them to keep them straight, they feel they wouldn’t be where they are today without her strict rule with the rod.

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