Dont Let Making A Living Prevent You From Making A Life: Find Out The ONLY Proven “Secret” Here!

There was a time in my life when I worked inhuman amounts of overtime. I haven’t do so in many years & refuse to do so. Yet, I live better than I ever have & literally yearn for nothing. Lesson? I don’t let making a living prevent me from making a life!

Many don’t get it and will never get it as they work so very hard to have the bragging rights on material goods that once are finally paid off, become more fodder to fight over at their funeral. Not that there is anything wrong at all with aspiring to possess the finer things in life, our God desires for us the best and has given us very powerful principles to follow in order to attain our goals, but when those same aspirations burn so deep that it throws the rest of your life and equilibrium out of balance, then it is NOT a good thing in any way, shape, fashion or form!

Somewhere along the way many have been mislead to believe that more money translates into having a great life. One look at the various statistics that have many of the affluent addicted to drugs, needing psychiatric help and turning loaded weapons to their heads and pulling the trigger is enough to convince me that their is more to life than having large sums money and trading off huge chunks of the same precious life for a relentless rat race in exchange for that ever elusive bundle of cash that never seems to arrive.

So what is it that is missing from the lives of those who HAVE the money that we have all been striving to have in our bank accounts and what is it that WE can have that costs us literally nothing and will make each and every day Heaven on earth as well as having a continual walk in a state of bliss?

Well for the most part we have already proven that the affluent don’t know, that’s not to say that ALL of the individuals who have attained some measure of wealth are miserable and lost, as there are many God fearing people living balanced who have followed divine principles into a life of financial security.

To be straight up and to the point, that elusive component that EVERYONE yearns for is the peace that comes from living a God centered life.

That’s it.

Plain and simple.

You see, living a God centered life is the basis and foundation from which happiness can stand strong. It is the first, the last, the everything (Remember that old Barry White song from the seventies? Lol!) and if truth be told the ONLY thing that one needs to BE truly happy. So being armed with this one precious piece of information and never forgetting it will allow you to go only but “so low” in your lifetime because your understanding will always be a little different that thinking of the “common man.”

Your priorities will be different also and this is where your strength will lie.

You will value the things most overlooked as others trample over you to work another shift while you take the time to absorb a beautiful sunset while thanking God for the gift of sight.

While others awaken beat down and tired going through the motions of slamming down cup after cup of a caffeine laced concoction of coffee loaded down with sugar in order to have the nervous soul draining energy to drag themselves through another miserable day on a job that their mindset keeps them from enjoying……..YOU will wake up gently, peacefully and luxuriously to God’s gentle whisper whether it be to the birds singing joyously or the relaxing sound of the raindrops hitting the waste can lids or window sill, thankful and excited of the prospects and possibilities of a brand new gift of a day!

See the difference?

While the aforementioned caffeine addict may have a check that possesses amounts that resemble an international calling cardphone number, they, because of their disconnect from having a God centered life will NEVER have the life that you have while they attempt to make an “illusion” of a living that they can never enjoy.

An illusion.

That’s all it could EVER be without God in their lives.

Only when the CreatOR stands at the helm of your life’s ship, guiding it in every facet with every decision made can you truly enjoy all that He has creatED!

While others curse and damn while being stuck in rush hour traffic, you will be just as calm as can be, thankful for another peaceful moment in the private space of your vehicle knowing that there is a reason for everything! (Please read my blog entitled: “The Blessing Of The Blown Tire! “)

While others are angered at the rising fuel costs that causes their daily commute to be an even more account draining endeavor, you will be thankful for yet another excuse to take that long walk or bike ride during your commute that will help you to gain those esteem boosting positive remarks from your private physician that stems from an improved level of health.

While your coworkers show up to work grumpy and obviously upset that they even had to be to work today while their “two week vacation” is still MANY months away, you show up to work enthusiastically knowing that everyday is a vacation and is made to be enjoyed every moment that you are breathing!

……..and calling in sick has become the norm rather than a rarity, most often not from any sickness but from a need to take a break from the hostile work environments that we call our jobs!

God’s joy is the ultimate shot of Prozac! It’s the pinnacle of joy even when the negative forces are at your backside trying to steal that same happiness it won’t work because your source of bliss doesn’t reside in a medicine bottle, liquor bottle, crack pipe, porn movie, someone else’s spouse or the gambling spot! Your source is the mighty hand of the King of Kings, the Alpha and the Omega, the Creator of all creation!

So as long as you stay in His midst as an obedient servant you will always know that a “mere job” can help you to make a living but it will absolutely NEVER take the place of the grace of our Father to give you a LIFE!

So stop insulting your Father as though your employer is the One who has given it all to you!

Heck, the way things are going these days with THIS ailing economy, your employer better be glad that they are still around to even BE in business in this trouble time as they need to get down on their arrogant knees to give thanks so that they don’t go out of business like so many others before them!

Just my thoughts on this often misunderstood area of our lives…….

Hope you enjoyed the mental stimulation, leave your comments, feedback and thoughts below…….

God bless…….

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