Don’t Throw Away That Beat Up Looking Box Until You Are Sure There’s Nothing Valuable In It!

Ladies and Gentleman!

Do you know what the title of this blog means and what I am trying to get at?

First off, both men AND women are guilty of doing just that in this blog do know that while it may seem as though I am speaking only on the ladies, I am addressing both sexes but am writing it from a man’s point of view. So do not think I’m bashing anyone!

How many of us have “thrown away” the perfect mate thinking that they were not for us or possibly a bum only to discover afterward that they were a diamond in the rough that only needed just a little more time for their potential to become reality to grow out in full bloom?

How foolish did you feel when after such a messy breakup that your former rejected mate picked up the pieces of their life regardless as to what you may have said negatively to them to go on to greatness as God placed it in them?

If you’ve never done this to anyone before then make sure that you never do! Too many of us judge a person on what level they might be on at the present time not realizing that a dormant greatness is in their midst that they could have never guessed was lurking deep within the unseen fibers of that individuals being.

But if the truth be told their are many ladies and gentlemen who don’t deserve someone as special as that anyway because they were only viewing them in a superficial light and not for the person that they truly are.

You don’t throw away the meal that is cooking in the oven merely because it was raw looking when you checked on it. It wasn’t time for it to come out yet but you in your ignorance thought it would never be the gourmet meal that it eventually came out to be!

God gave everyone a vast potential for excellence and definite talents for the mastery in multiple areas of expertise. Too many of the mates that we have chosen are the same very people who take pride in never allowing us to fulfill the potential placed inside of us.

Having the wrong mate is like placing your precious seeds in devalued soil. Soil that is void of the minerals and life giving nutrients cannot support the growth of a mighty seed. To place these seeds in this type of soul would cause it to suffer. How many of us have thrived immediately after being removed from the “wrong soil” of a relationship?

There are also too many of us who are to blame for allowing another person into our lives that will continually kill the flames of potential and growth until you settle for a life of mediocrity despite the obvious abilities that God has given you. This my friend is just as much of a sin and a moral crime if you ask me!

It must be noted that it is not only relationships that could cause all personal growth to stop, but also your connection to a hateful enemy that hides under the guise of being a friend. You can literally find yourself in a state of shock when you discover that the longtime entity that appeared to be a friend in your life was merely a double agent who played their hand at a crucial time in your life when you were ascending to the next level of development in your God given abilities! It can be a hurtful experience so in order to avoid this particular type of heartache one must always test the spirit!

I believe it is more of a crime to try to kill the spirit of one of God’s children under the guise of being in a relationship or friendship than it is to be bullheaded and “choose” our mates for ourselves.

While choosing the wrong mate is inevitable when it is not divinely delivered or before we are ready for it will bring us a personal discomfort, but it is an entirely different ballgame when we try to destroy the potential that lies deep within someone because that part of them doesn’t belong to us at all and must never be tampered with!

How do you know if that part of a person isn’t being cultivated for a divine work later on down the line in life? They might be a so called alcoholic now or a so called crackhead now but how do you know if this particular seemingly ugly and undignified part of their life isn’t merely the “training grounds” for something far bigger at a later date? Be very careful how you treat people and what you attempt to do to them, your very salvation might depend on how you’ve dealt with them!

So let us begin to see the God in one another whether we are involved with them in a relationship or not. Let us understand that we don’t have the ability to see everything that our Creator has placed deep within that person away from our natural eyesight as we must tread carefully and handle them with care because we know not what our Maker has in store for them.

I find it amusing that these fanatical holy rollers will be so quick to shout out to the world to say “touch not my anointed” to defend their predatory boy loving Bishops and coke sniffing Pastors yet they will use, abuse and stomp all over the anointed that dwell everyday in their midst without a second thought as to who they really are in the Kingdom of God! It’s a heck of a thought isn’t it?

So the bottom line is if you don’t really have someone’s best intentions in mind when taking the time to deal with them on a relationship level or a friendship level then leave them alone! Have nothing to do with them! Because to attempt to bring them down or to kill their potential will only hurt you in the long run while you observe their rise into their divine station in life having no choice but to sit there looking like a pitiful fool in the end!

It kind of reminds me of the words that I overheard while on a bus layover the other day between two elderly ladies sitting in front of their home who were in a conversation and appeared to be the officially designated neighborhood gossips:

“Child! Ain’t that the man that Shirley used to live with? Boy he is doing so good since he left her trifling ass! Remember how bad she used to treat him and how she used to tell everyone how lazy and no good he was? Well look at him now! So successful and good lookin’, and I think God blessed him with somebody who treats him like a KING! He NEVER looked so good when he was with her because of all of that aggravation that she put him through! Sometimes you can have it all, not even know it and throw it all away! It goes to show you that one woman’s garbage is another ladies TREASURE!”

…….need I say more?

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adeola adewusi
adeola adewusi
September 28, 2012 11:14 AM

I Adeola cried out to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.i know you can do it please do this for me in Jesus name i cry amen

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