Don’t Throw The Innocent Spiritual Baby Out With The Dirty Religious Bath Water!

Maybe it’s me, but doesn’t it seem like spirituality is being banished from our everyday lives in an ever increasing pace?

It appears that these days by the knee jerk reaction of our peers that one would be immediately appear to come off as strange when making any references to a supreme being who has created the universe and all in it.

It’s almost as though no one wants to even hear of a God as most appear to want to do their own thing without any accountability or restraints.

But the funny thing is that the One true God is all about giving you an abundance of life over and above the narrow choices of transgressions that we seem to be so caught up in.

Spiritual Cross

In speaking to more than a few about this issue, I’ve come to a place of understanding where many have had some really had experiences with religion and have turned away from spirituality after confusing the two believing that they’re one and the same.

They’re not.

Therefore, the “spiritual” baby has been thrown out with the “religious” bath water and I believe that this is one of the major reasons why those in our society who reject the thought of a living God are as out of control as they are.

Part of me really understands where they’re coming from because when you think of it, if you go to a restaurant to eat a nutritious meal that has absolutely no nutritional value to it after the flavor dissipates past your taste buds, you wouldn’t want to go back at all now would you?

Salmon Dish- Spiritual Meal

The food may look good, it may smell good, but if all it does is fill you up with empty calories and leaves you craving to meet your nutritional needs and doesn’t, then it is no good for you and you will seek your meals elsewhere.

Well guess what?

The modern day church has become just like that restaurant that offers you that fabulous looking plate filled with so many delectable culinary delights and choices to fit your tastes but leaves you flat.

But this is what religion has become and you have to know that this has nothing to do with spirituality.

Religion these days does more to push people away from God than the sin that will eventually lead many down the path of eternal chastisement.

Angry Smiley - In Need Of True Spiritual Wisdom

It’s because people go to church to gain something that they simply cannot acquire out in the world but walk away disappointed to see that what goes on there is no different than the hell that they are trying to get away from in the carnal world.

Let me tell you – me personally – I’ve was practically raised in the church at a time when there appeared to be more authenticity residing there because of the people who attended that had more of a strong conviction to serve God and to please Him with the path of integrity that they chose to walk while they were in this world.

Yes, there were many who may have fallen off the path but overall there were those who were the gatekeepers of the church and made sure that if you walked on up in that sanctuary that you were damn sure going to respect that place and would be called out on it in a heartbeat!

So you think that you as a women would attend a service wearing the short skirts and plunging necklines to reveal a delicious cleavage that would stir the loins of the most avid male (And sometimes female! – Let’s be real! LOL!) follower?

Voluptous Black Woman Playing Spiritual Games

Well there was that old church lady who was a self appointed usher who watch the door as well as the congregation like a Drill Sargent who was determined to maintain the order at the time of worship and gave you the only two options that one could have when dressed that way…….

…….you could either turn around and walk away to return dressed properly OR drape your exposed areas with that small blanket made just for that purpose!

That church lady was NOT dumb and wanted the world around her to know that HER house of worship was NOT going to be used as a cheap pick up spot for a hot in the ass woman who arrived to “play church” but deep down was there to entice a man on a lower level.

Because of women like the old church lady with the huge church hat, there was an order that was maintained and those who may have been saplings in the house of the Lord drew strength from this and trusted this thing called religion because of the light that reflected off of the believers that let you know that this thing was REAL!

New attendees to God’s so called house know what they’re looking at when they see the hustle being worked on the star struck sheep who will do anything that the Pastor says as the offering plate is passed around more than a spliff in the backroom of a Jamaican Reggae Dance Hall Jam full of “high as a kite” American tourists!

Collection Plate - False Spiritual Guidance

They see the obvious movements of certain key members hand picked out of the congregation that work the crowds like the street corner back up men who shrewdly encourage an “out of towner” verbally to take a shot by betting his money on a game of Three Card Monte that they know he will lose.

They can see the hustle and the hustle is the Lord and they walk away from this pyramid scheme of the spirit rejecting God when God had nothing to do with these people who prostitute His name for gain.

So to all who don’t want anything with organized religion I can say that I understand and I sympathize with you. You won’t get an argument from me trying to convince you to go back to a place that reeks with the stench of sin and hellish transgression.

What I will ask you to do is to be still for a moment and listen to that gentle voice that emanates deep from within your being.

Now be careful not to listen to your own impulsive worldly voice, but be still enough to hear beyond that one to get to that voice that has never lead you wrong at any time.

That voice is the one that will warn you not to indulge in sin, but we often ignore it being as stubborn as we are. Many of us have learned to heed its gentle call over our lives because when we didn’t we only brought more pain, heartache and suffering to ourselves.

Evil Spiritual Eye

But unlike that friend or associate who rubs our bad choices in our faces by saying that “they told us so”, our God never does this and will reach out to us with open arms each and every time unlike the greed driven church that only sees how much we can give it because of the impressive W-2 forms that we may have.

So understand that nothing is wrong for you to feel the way that you do about religion but make a point of understanding that religion and spirituality are not the same even though religion can be dressed up to appear to be the answer to your woes when actually a personal relationship with God is the only way to go.

God never asked you for your W-2 form or last years tax papers, man did.

God never shakes you down for money at every turn in your day, man does.

While man puts a price on the shallow pep talk and entertainment sessions that he calls church, God never asked you for a dime for the wisdom that He freely gives that is undeniably priceless!

Spiritual Cup Runneth Over

While man will turn his back on you when you have nothing more to give, the one true God will seek to fill your empty cups with everything because when abandoned by all you are more apt to receive His love and wisdom.

So the next time you scorn religion because of a bad experience that came from a man and not God, retreat to that which is already in you so that you’ll spend more time in the spiritual realm than drowning in a paper thin hustle that possesses a holy covering but will leave you bitter, broken and alone.

After reading this you have absolutely no excuse to NOT talk with our Father and OH what a talk that will be!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brutally Honest Brother,



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