Shaman and Healer Dr. Kang speaks on the health of our people at The Everlasting Life Vegan Restaurant & Lounge. The owner of this fine establishment, Dr. Baruch, spoke as well as Mike T. and Master Herbalist Patrick Delves. It was a fabulous afternoon and evening of shared knowledge, deep conversation and overwhelming love circulated among family who knew each other previously as well as others who discovered that they were kindred spirits before they ever connected.

I have been to many cultural functions in my life where Black people have gathered to enjoy their heritage and the feeling on this day was over and above anything that I have ever experienced. In this post you will see several videos taken throughout this glorious weekend, some of them were recorded on my camcorder and several others were live-streamed in real time through my phone. You might notice a difference in audio/video quality, please bear with me on this.

Feel free to share your perspectives in the comment section below and let’s support anyone who hosts these much needed and necessary events for the Black Community. Enjoy!



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