Dr. Ramona Brockett On Conceptual Incarceration, Mark Cuban & The Upcoming Depression! – The LanceScurv Show

Dr. Ramona Brockett goes all in sharing her theory on Conceptual Incarceration, the prediction of an upcoming Depression as spoken by Billionaire Mark Cuban as well as the tragic situation of the 24 year old Michigan man who was killed in an eerily similar fashion to Eric Garner where he was told by his killers “I you can talk, you can breathe!”

Do not miss this high powered rapid-fire conversation from a mighty woman of excellence who has so much knowledge an rich thought provoking perspectives to share!

Please leave your thoughts and opinions on what you’ve heard in the comment area below! God bless!


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  • Tracy Thomas says:

    The enemy never wants you to know the truth about who he really is.

  • Gonob says:

    these crybaby negros are so phony, yes indeed their reputation precedes them and until the negro changes, that is the way its always gonna’ be, especially internationally.

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