Dr. Ramona Brockett: The Portrait Of A 21st. Century Lynching In Academia! – The LanceScurv Show

Dr. Ramona Brockett once again takes you where no one has gone before to share her personal trials and tribulations in academia to expose the witch hunt that looms over the heads of educators of color in America.

As I listened to Dr. Brockett it dawned on me that our professors have a great influence over the people who eagerly absorb their knowledge so to strike at those who have this positioning and ability is to severely cripple the upward ascension of an entire race.

So listen in to this cerebral treat and experience first hand what the battlefield for our minds and perceptions is like first hand from a mighty warrior Queen who is winning on the front lines!

Feel free to share your perspectives on this compelling conversation and do make sure to visit Dr. Ramona Brockett’s website at

Brockett - Lynching

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  • monique ward says:

    My God! Dr.Brockett I admire you.I am praying for your strength, and mercy. As I listened to the program I have noticed parallels to my own life. I laugh to myself. And as Dr. Brockett is such a high profile highly educated and respected person in many realms of life, I am noting that this is a common place occurance no matter where or what you do just being black is the common denominator for a major attack.

  • Teddy Jama says:

    also please read this information about being A Tenured professor. very insight myths and facts.

  • Teddy Jama says:

    this book may offer some insight on this case and other issue in higher educationExiled: Stories from Conservative and Moderate Professors Who Have Been Ridiculed, Ostracized, Marginalized, Demonized, and Frozen Out Paperback – February 6, 2013

  • Teddy Jama says:

    Dr Brockett is being blacklisted and penalized for something that she did not do. Anyone that has every been apart of a college organization knows that the adviser do not have any involvement over the financial transaction or whereabouts of a “Student Organization”. Her job was to only supervise or oversee that the students were following the guidelines of the organization properly. She is an exceptional professor and did not have any issues at the Univ of MD prior to this “so called” incident. Why is she not be labeled the victim here? It is a agenda to keep her silent because she was actually making a difference in the lives of student and the powers that be were threaten by her. This case is so “Sexist and Men are going around attacking a “Woman”. This is not right. IF she was such a terrible and unfit professor Why did it take them three years to fire her? Dr Brockett has worked extremely hard to get to where she in her field just to lose it all over $70.00? This story does not make common sense. She has a passion for teaching and has helped so many countless student throughout her tenure in teaching. She loves to help people not Destroy people. GOD will shed light on all the wrong doing that has occurred in this case. I pray that GOD protect her and continue to provided her strength through this struggle! Thank you Lance for giving her this platform and countless other who need the truth expose!!!!

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    Great to hear Dr. Brockett’s sobering voice and amazing mind yet again. She’s a literal born fighter and I appreciate everything she has given up to preserve the institution of Black intellect and genius. I did NOT KNOW the magnitude of all of this until now and it just makes all to real the idea that “the white man’s worst fear” is educated black men and women. God bless.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    This interview angered me and made me hopeful, all in the same breath. And I’m not sure which one to feel more of.

  • A Charles says:

    Good show LanceI’m surprised that black people dont understand that when they want to get rid of you for what ever reason they will do so. Its their system

  • Shamecka Nelson says:

    There’s so much to say I don’t even know where to begin. One thing that I know for certain is that they chose the wrong want to try intermediation tactics on. I’m proud to say that I had the privilege of being one of Dr. Brockett’s students. Her teaching and mannerisms thought me a lot on how to succeed under pressure when you have so many against you.

  • Mona Lisa says:

    the quote that she needs to move is fine until it happens to You. Nothing ticks me off when that is said. Its a catch all. I hate that people lie on others to try to bring another person down. People like that would sell their mother out. All for their own personal gain. I have personally experienced something very similar to this and hell no I want get over it. I cant forgive them or forget it, but I DO believe that what goes around comes around and it is certainly happening to my supervisor and to the young ladies who ousted me out by saying that I created a hostile work environment. Because you say it it does not make it true. AND now they have gotten the worse end of the stick. Sorry Dr. Brockett has to endure this type of stuff in the rotten world–especially dealing with the have and have nots.

  • sagittarius8806 says:

    Dr Brockett is a wonderful professor. Its sad to see this “crab in a barrel” mentality going on ! You cannot be successful and black without someone trying to break you down, specifically someone of the same race. America is afraid of a successful black person, ESPECIALLY a black woman!Why did it take the University so long to fire her? 3 years to fire a person who did something soooo wrong? Someone please tell me that. And Upful Soul, you certainly missed the entire point , what a wonderful name you chose, theres nothing Upful about it =/!

  • Dani A says:

    Dr. Brockett is a well-known criminologist. Upful Soul, I find it interesting that you put up a pdf from 2011; did you listen to the podcast? You bring up things that were not addressed in the podcast, but yet, you claim, Dr. Brockett is complaining, and should move on with her life. Dr. Brockett is merely informing us about the injustice done to her, and hence many other Black female professionals around the country. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but your comments, show bias, and are not based on facts. It seems you have followed the case, if that is true, then you should review the judge’s opinion from 2013; which concludes the other party had no damages and that a third party, who is privy to what happened should have been brought into the case. How can someone say Dr. Brockett is at fault when all the facts have not been presented? I commend Dr. Brockett for telling us her story, and enlightening us on the uncertainty many black female professionals are facing. What is happening to Dr. Brockett is nothing less than a lynching, because the powers that be want to stop her from speaking wisdom and truth to her people.

  • Undefined says:

    Truly insightful and a message to many. Just goes to show that no matter how far you get in life there will always be someone to kick you down. Its just sad how this case started in 2010 and still going on over an email, $70 and heresy. If this situation was as serious as they portrayed it to be why did it take the university so long to fire her??? Upful Soul I’m not quite sure when the individual Jordan Brown as you referred to him was mentioned(hmmmm) but to say that Dr. Ramona Brockett is just complaining and trying to play the race card shows your true biased opinion. This woman merely just shared her life with the world voluntarily to open others eyes to show that not much has changed in society. Yes you are entitled to your own opinion but you probably should have paid close attention to the show instead of putting your personal issues into the mix. Ijs. Dr. Brockett God bless you for still having the strength and motivation to continue to go on with life and handle this sloppy mess of a case.

  • Amber Jacksmith says:

    Dr. Brockett is a great professor! It’s sad and disappointing to see that they used a black male as a puppet to lynch a black professor. Even sadder, is the fact that this is NOT the only lynching of a black professor in academia. This is happening all of the country including other school within MD.My question in this particular situation is why did they go after Dr. Brockett?? The other party in the case had no damages!! This is unfair and the facts and truth need to come out! Good Luck to Dr. Brockett. I am truly sorry for you and all the other that are victims of this modern lynching.

  • Upful Soul says:

    I thought this was going to be deep. She needs to move on with her life. She’s just complaining because white supremacy bit her in the ass. Blaming her race, gender and everybody else except herself.Here are the facts of the case: sent out emails and cc’ed several people accusing Mr Brown of theft. Her claims were investigated and it was found that no money was missing. So she did at least 2 things wrong, she emailed people that had nothing to do directly with financial discrepancy issues at the university and she made a false accusation. It was alleged that she continued making false accusations against Mr Brown even after she was told no money was missing and that she should cease to stop accusing him. Mr Brown also alleged that prior to the “email incident”, he was harassed via phone calls, emails and texts which made him feel uncomfortable around her and thus he tried to avoid her.Mr Jordan Brown was a student at the time and she was an associate professor. I would personally feel humiliated if a professor had done that to me. I just hope Mr Brown wasn’t black. It would be cool if you could get someone like Dr Gerald Horne on your show because he has some real insights.

  • Daniel Brunson says:

    Great show my brother . The lengths that they the powers that be will go to to bring down our people. This insane . Peace and blessings to you both my brother thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  • LanceScurv says:
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