Dr. Ramona Brockett: The Portrait Of A 21st. Century Lynching In Academia! – The LanceScurv Show

Dr. Ramona Brockett once again takes you where no one has gone before to share her personal trials and tribulations in academia to expose the witch hunt that looms over the heads of educators of color in America.

As I listened to Dr. Brockett it dawned on me that our professors have a great influence over the people who eagerly absorb their knowledge so to strike at those who have this positioning and ability is to severely cripple the upward ascension of an entire race.

So listen in to this cerebral treat and experience first hand what the battlefield for our minds and perceptions is like first hand from a mighty warrior Queen who is winning on the front lines!

Feel free to share your perspectives on this compelling conversation and do make sure to visit Dr. Ramona Brockett’s website at DrRamonaBrockett.com

Brockett - Lynching

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