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Dr. Umar Johnson is a School Psychologist, Pan-Africanist, Political Scientist; Author of Psycho-Academic Holocaust Against Black Boys (3.6.13) and President of Team Pan-Afrikan/IMIPAP.

By now the news of the maggot and so called conscious stripper who attempted to put Dr. Umar on blast is out there, and the most beautiful thing about this is that his supporters are unwavering in their support of this great man!

But really what was he wrong for doing anyway?

He is a man just like any other man and why would it be considered a crime by the naysayers to do what men are made to do?

Did he rape anyone? NO!

Did he molest someone’s child? NO!

Did he force anyone to do anything against their will? NO!

Was he married at the time of the indulgence of their intimacies? NO!

Is he a religious leader who claimed that he lives a spotless life? NO!

Was there any crime committed? NO!

What a moment…..the answer to that question all depends on who you ask…….

Now if you ask the Black Feminists or most many members of the LGBT Community then you just might get a totally different assessment altogether!


Well if you speak with them off the record they will tell you that Dr. Umar is guilty of the charge of BBC Possession, in other words he is in possession of having a Big Black Cock!

…….and in a world that makes it their main priority to emasculate Black males and/or paint them as thugs, you simply cannot violate the program of the Gay Agenda and the Black Feminists by being a conscious strong and well educated Black man who is not afraid to call out the agents among us boldly and walk tall and free without someone attempting to bring you down!

But then again if Dr. Umar professed a love for the next man on a sexual level then these twisted compromised carnal strongholds in the government and mainstream media would promote him and embrace beyond all measure!

But most of us saw through the foolishness and will never stop in our unwavering support of our great brother Dr. Umar whether the powers that be like it or not!

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